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Nabox ID (Beta) Officially Launched: Identity for the Web3 World

Nabox ID, the Web3 identity system under the multi-chain wallet Nabox, has recently been officially launched.

Nabox ID functions as a user’s identity in the Web3 space, bridging their public identity information across Web2 and Web3 applications. It provides identity verification and personal data services while safeguarding user privacy and anonymity.Nabox ID utilizes public keys to link multiple accounts, verify the Web3 ID, and connect and bind with ENS, BAB token, and the user’s social accounts. Web3 applications can easily verify a user’s asset data and social behavior through the API provided by Nabox ID.

Nabox ID generation utilizes NABOX Tokens as fee, with 50% of the tokens being burned and the remaining 50% returned to the referrer. This will enhance the use cases of NABOX Tokens and empower the sustainable and positive development of the Nabox ecosystem.


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