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$2,862.39 24H Price $3,298.99

ETH Price Live Data

Ethereum today's live price is $2,962.14 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $31,152,905,872 USD. Ethereum has dropped by 8.06% in the last 24 hours. The current ranking is #2, with a live market cap of $355,660,296,966 USD, and a circulating supply of 120,068,406 ETH coins.

Market Cap
Volume (24h)
Circulating Supply
120,068,406 ETH
Fully Diluted Market Cap
$ 355,660,296,966


Fidelity Report Reveals Key Metrics to Watch for Ethereum in Coming Months

Fidelity, a major financial services provider, has released a report on Ethereum (ETH) that highlights key metrics to watch for in the coming months. The report notes that Ethereum has remained above key support levels and is currently in a neutral zone, potentially setting the stage for a bull run or sideways price action.

Bitcoin Investment Products Record First Week of Outflows Since June ETF Filing

Investment products related to Bitcoin have experienced outflows for the first time since June, when Blackrock filed for a spot Bitcoin ETF, according to a report by CoinShares. Outflows of $13 million were recorded for the week ending July 21, reversing five weeks of inflows. Short Bitcoin products also saw outflows of $5.5 million in the week. Ethereum and XRP investment products, on the other hand, recorded a combined inflow of $9.2 million over the last week, with Ethereum being the best performer. Despite this, Bitcoin remains the dominant digital asset investment product, with $558 million in inflows so far in 2023 and a total of $25.0 billion in assets under management.

Fidelity Bullish on Ethereum for Long-Term Due to Burn Rate Exceeding Issuance

Fidelity Digital Assets remains optimistic about Ethereum for the long term, despite its already impressive 50% increase in value this year. The platform is particularly positive about Ethereum's burn rate, which now exceeds issuance, resulting in a decline in net supply. Fidelity also cites an increase in active Ethereum validators and the upcoming EIP-1153 update as reasons for further upside potential. A recent survey suggests that 46% of Americans believe Ethereum could eventually surpass Bitcoin in market capitalization, and Coinshares confirms that Ethereum remains the largest holding in investors' portfolios.

Moon and Brick Subreddit Tokens Experience Surge and Subsequent Drop in Price

According to Coinshares, digital assets investment products experienced outflows of $6.5 million this week, breaking a streak of four consecutive weeks of inflows totaling $742 million. The outflows coincide with the recent market downturn that saw Bitcoin's price drop to its lowest value since June 21.

Shiba Inu Surges While Ethereum and Cardano Experience Volatility

Shiba Inu (SHIB), a meme-based cryptocurrency known for its volatility, has surprised the market with a steady and sustained growth of over 20% during a period of correction. This unexpected rally has defied the usual reputation of SHIB as a highly speculative asset.

Bitcoin Drops Below Key Support Level, Other Top Coins Follow Suit

At the start of the week, sellers hold more power than buyers. Bitcoin has dropped by 2.66% in the past 24 hours and has broken the support level at $29,508. Ethereum's rate has only dropped by 1.47%, but is also testing a support level at $1,827. Cardano and Binance Coin are both experiencing declines, with Cardano's rate testing the $0.2996 support level and Binance Coin trading in a consolidation around $235. However, Dogecoin's rate has risen by over 4% and may experience a breakout if it closes around the resistance level at $0.07756.

Vitalik Buterin Raises Privacy Concerns Over OpenAI's Worldcoin Crypto Project

Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum, has expressed concerns about Worldcoin, a new cryptocurrency project launched by OpenAI. Worldcoin aims to use a hardware device called the "Orb" to scan users' irises and create a decentralized database of identities. However, Buterin has highlighted four major risks to the project, including potential privacy breaches and security vulnerabilities. Despite these concerns, the WLD token has already achieved a fully diluted valuation of $22.5 billion and risen by 33% since launch.

Ethereum Whales Move Millions to Centralized Exchanges, Putting Pressure on ETH Price

The crypto market is currently facing a bearish trend, causing Ethereum (ETH) to struggle. Reports from Whale Alert show that Ethereum whales are moving large volumes of ETH to centralized exchanges, potentially indicating that they are exiting their positions. This could have negative implications for ETH's price as it suggests that these investors may be looking to sell their coins. Already, ETH has seen a decline in its prices and if there is not enough demand to absorb this new supply, its price could fall further.

Ethereum Price Prediction: Fed and Options Expiry in Focus

The demand for Ethereum has decreased, causing its price to drop to its lowest level since July 7th. The upcoming Federal Reserve interest rate decision and options expiry on Friday will be important factors affecting Ethereum's price this week. The Fed is expected to raise interest rates by 0.25% and then pause, as further hikes could lead to a hard landing for the American economy. Ethereum tends to show volatility ahead of options expiry, and data shows there are over 2.2 million ETH calls and 755,222 puts in the options market.

In The Past Hour, the Entire Network has Experienced a Liquidation of $90 Million

As per Coinglass data, the entire network has experienced a liquidation of 144 million US dollars in the past 24 hours, and a liquidation of 90 million US dollars in the past hour. Among them, Bitcoin liquidated 31.3 million US dollars, and Ethereum liquidated 9.6 million US dollars.

Vitalik's Post on Biometric Proof of Personhood

Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of ethereum, today published the article "What do I think about biometric proof of personhood?" to express his views on biometric proof of personhood. He says that, in principle, the concept of proof of personhood seems very valuable, and that while various implementations have their risks, so does the absence of any proof of personhood at all: a world without proof of personhood seems more likely to be a world dominated by centralized identity solutions, money, small closed communities, or some combination of the three.

Ethereum (ETH) Could Potentially Reach $2,000 Again in the Coming Month, Says Santiment

Ethereum (ETH) remains the second-largest digital asset by market capitalization, despite trading below $1,900 per unit. Santiment predicts a bullish upturn for ETH, potentially pushing it back to the coveted $2,000 territory in the coming month. Santiment suggests that Ethereum is benefiting from patient investors who see long-term potential in the asset, despite recent lackluster market performance. The analysts project a potential climb back above the $2,000 range for Ethereum in the near future, fueled by positive indicators such as low exchange balance and atypical calm within the Ethereum community.

Delayed BLUR Token Airdrop Commences for Ethereum NFT Traders

Blur, a major player in the NFT marketplace, is starting the distribution of its postponed BLUR token airdrop today to show appreciation to Ethereum NFT traders. The platform had committed to providing token rewards to traders since its launch in October.

Over $23M Stolen From Alphapo’s Hot Wallets in ETH, TRON, and BTC

According to a tweet from on-chain sleuth ZachXBT,Earlier today Alphapo hot wallets were drained for $23M+ on ETH, TRON, BTC.HypeDrop (Alphapo customer) has since had withdrawals disabled.On Ethereum the stolen funds were swapped for ETH then bridged to Avalanche and Bitcoin.

Data: In the Past Week, NFT Transaction Volume Exceeded 113 Million US Dollars, a Month-on-Month Decrease of 23%

CryptoSlam data shows that in the past week, approximately 464,900 buyers spent more than US$113.5 million on NFT, and the NFT transaction volume decreased by 23% compared with last week; the entire network NFT transaction volume was about 2.2 million, a month-on-month decrease of 1%; among them, the Ethereum chain ranked first with a transaction volume of US$72.7 million, and the Bitcoin chain ranked second with a transaction volume of US$9 million; the transaction volume ranked in the top five The top ones are Gods Unchained Cards ($4.7 million), DMarket ($4.5 million), BAYC ($4.2 million), CryptoPunks ($4.1 million), and Uncategorized Ordinals ($3.2 million).

Dimension X NFT Collection Launching on Ethereum for Corresponding RPG Game

Dimension X, a Chainwire NFT collection, has announced that it will launch on Ethereum on August 8th. The digital cards can be used in a corresponding RPG game where players can use NFT heroes to fight villains and monsters.

Crypto Markets Experience Mild Bull Activity as Bitcoin Approaches $30K

The global market cap has seen a 0.5% increase, with Bitcoin experiencing some bull activity and approaching a break back above $30K. However, Bitcoin trade volume has dropped by 31% during the same period. Ethereum has started the week slow with low volatility levels, indicating a likely bearish trend as bears push for market dominance. Dogecoin is having a good session with gains of 1.4% and increasing trading volume, while Stellar is also trading positively with increasing volatility levels. Chainlink is making slight gains, while Augur sees an 8% drop within a day of trade.

NFT Trading Volume Declines in Q2, Ethereum Dominance Temporarily Affected, Solana Takes Major Hit

The NFT market experienced a decline in trading volume of 35% from Q1 to Q2, which can be attributed to factors such as market saturation, changing investor sentiment, and regulatory uncertainties. Ethereum remained the dominant platform for NFT trading, capturing 83% of the volume in Q2, but experienced a temporary setback in May due to the rising popularity of Bitcoin Ordinals. Solana saw the most significant decline in trading volume during Q2, mainly driven by the migration of two major collections to other networks. Despite short-term fluctuations, the long-term potential of NFTs remains promising as they continue to find utility in various industries.

Crypto Analytics Firm IntoTheBlock Updates Outlook on Chainlink After Strong Recovery

Crypto analytics firm IntoTheBlock has revised its outlook on Chainlink (LINK) following the blockchain oracle's strong recovery in just one month. With LINK's more than 50% surge since June, the least number of Chainlink holders are seeing losses this year. According to IntoTheBlock, LINK has more room to run with the next likely price resistance level at $10, a more than 22% increase from its current value. However, the firm warns that LINK may dip if some investors start taking profits. Additionally, IntoTheBlock highlights that Ethereum (ETH) has seen the largest recorded amount of ETH moved onto centralized exchanges (CEXs) in the last two months, which could indicate increased selling of the second largest digital asset by market cap.

Argentinian Law School Proposes NFTs for Unique Plant Varieties on Ethereum Blockchain

Academics from the Intellectual Property Centre Law School of Austral University in Argentina have proposed a system that uses smart contracts and NFTs to enforce ownership of unique plant varieties. The system would allow farmers to register their non-fungible plant varieties with an Ethereum smart contract system, minting an ERC-721 token for each seed collected, and then sell the NFTs via MetaMask. While some critics argue that democratizing access to these assets could undermine the system, others suggest that scarcity may only make sense for digital artifacts. The author, David, is an Editor based in The Netherlands who focuses on data-driven journalism and is passionate about permissionless and decentralized networks.

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