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Fantom: The third Sonic governance proposal has been released, involving the annual destruction mechanism of S tokens

The Fantom Foundation posted on social media that the 3rd Sonic governance proposal has been released, which includes ecosystem subsidies, a new token burning mechanism, and innovative programs such as Sonic Spark and Sonic University.It is reported that over the next six years, the Sonic Foundation will allocate a portion of tokens as operating funds for Sonic Labs to manage dApps, BD partnerships, and network growth between existing and new user communities.In addition, if the community decides to control the inflation rate at 1.5% per year over the next six years, 47,625,000 tokens (3,175,000,000 x 1.5%) will be minted each year. If Sonic Labs only uses 5,000,000 tokens that year, the Sonic Foundation will burn the remaining tokens (42,625,000).


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