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Fanatics Selling Its 60% Stake in Sports NFT Firm Candy Digital

Sports apparel and memorabilia firm Fanatics is selling its 60% stake in sports-focused NFT company Candy Digital to a group led by Galaxy Digital, according to a report from CNBC, citing an internal email obtained by the network.

Fanatics’ CEO Michael Rubin wrote in the internal email that “Divesting our ownership stake at this time allowed us to ensure investors were able to recoup most of their investment via cash or additional shares in Fanatics – a favorable outcome for investors, especially in an imploding NFT market that has seen precipitous drops in both transaction volumes and prices for standalone NFTs.”


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    On June 18th, informed sources revealed that Stani Kulechov, the founder and CEO of Avara, is in contact with US venture capital firms to seek $50 million in financing for Lens Protocol. This financing will bring its valuation to $500 million. Avara's spokesperson did not confirm or deny this information and declined to comment further. When asked about the issuance of coins, Kulechov said "we haven't gotten to that point yet." The main goal at present is the upcoming launch of Lens Network, a native network built on the ZKsync technology stack. In 2023, Lens Protocol raised $15 million in financing, while its competitor Farcaster raised $150 million in financing with a valuation of $1 billion four weeks ago.
  • Layer3 Raises $15M in Series A Funding for Development of Omnichain Identity and Distribution Protocol

    Layer3, a company that has developed an omnichain identity and distribution protocol, has raised $15 million in Series A funding, bringing the total amount raised to $21.2 million. The funding round was led by ParaFi and Greenfield Capital, with participation from several other investors. Layer3 plans to use the funds to expand its operations and development efforts. The company's protocol allows for targeted and efficient distribution of tokens to users based on a variety of criteria, and has already been adopted by several crypto teams.
  • South Korea’s New Reform Party Promises Stronger Measures Against Crypto Fraud

    On June 17th, the newly established right-wing political party in South Korea, the New Reform Party, announced plans to impose heavy penalties on those involved in financial fraud and scams, particularly individuals engaged in cryptocurrency fraud, housing contract fraud, and stock market manipulation.
  • nftperp: All funds lost due to the vulnerability have been successfully recovered

    nftperp, an NFT perpetual contract trading platform, announced on X platform that all funds lost due to a vulnerability have been successfully recovered. The developers are currently prioritizing the restoration of contracts to ensure that trading and withdrawals can proceed normally. Due to some differences in marked prices and index prices, methods for securely restoring trading are being sought. For clarity, we will soon release details of what happened in the past 20 hours. Previously, nftperp stated that a serious error was found in one of its contracts (clearingHouse), and all vulnerable contracts have been suspended until further notice.
  • NEAR Foundation Establishes Nuffle Labs and Receives $13 Million in Funding

    The NEAR Foundation has established Nuffle Labs and received a funding of $13 million. The fundraising also includes external investors such as Electric Capital, Canonical Crypto, Fabric Ventures, Robot Ventures, Caladan, and Lyrik Ventures, which will promote the development and decentralization of the NEAR ecosystem. Nuffle Labs will use NEAR's products to provide data availability and fast finality.
  • Modular AI network REVOX completes strategic round of financing, with cumulative financing of US$6 million

    Modular AI network REVOX ( has announced the completion of its strategic financing round, which was participated in by several angel investors in the AI and Web3 fields, as well as institutions such as SevenX Ventures, Arweave SCP Ventures, Cointelegraph Acceleration, Skyland Ventures, Taisu Ventures, 0x Consulting, and 7upDAO.REVOX aims to build a modular AI Agent network and distributed application, providing users with fair and efficient information in the Web3 and wider fields, completely changing the way AI distributed applications are created through decentralized AI infrastructure, and becoming the preferred platform for Web3 AI developers and users.REVOX's flagship mobile applications ReadON DAO and TON application ShareON have over 4 million users and over 400,000 daily active users on the chain. Among them, over 1.25 million users have completed KYC verification through payment platforms such as Binance Pay, Lazada Pay, and Dana.In terms of revenue, REVOX has reached commercial cooperation with multiple enterprises and projects, providing digital technology services to Web3 subsidiary of Japanese social giant LINE, Japanese airline JAL, German digital marketing company adjoe, and Web3 game project Mobox and other partners.Currently, REVOX has officially launched the airdrop point application activity, and users can win airdrop points by experiencing the Web3 GPT tool
  • Cointime June 1st News Express

    1. Paradigm researcher: Uniswap postponed the vote on "UNI staking and delegation rewards" because a certain VC was putting pressure on it
  • In May, NFT sales on the Bitcoin chain were less than $200 million, the lowest level in the past 7 months

    According to cryptoslam data, the sales of Bitcoin NFTs on the chain in May were less than 200 million US dollars, about 190,067,268.88 US dollars, the lowest level in the past seven months. The total number of Bitcoin NFT transactions on the chain last month was about 150,000, with about 61,072 independent buyer addresses and 45,414 independent seller addresses. As of now, the total sales of Bitcoin NFTs on the chain has exceeded 3.95 billion US dollars.
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    Blue-chip NFT project CryptoPunks announced the launch of "Super Punk World" on X platform, which is the project's first release of 500 digital avatars inspired by the iconic CryptoPunks features and combined with Super Cool World attributes. It is reported that the series may launch auctions in the future, and more details about the collection and auction of this series will be announced soon.
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