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DeFi lending protocol Kinza Finance launches airdrop points system

On November 2nd, according to official sources, DeFi lending protocol Kinza Finance launched an airdrop points system. The system provides real-time feedback on a user's airdrop points based on the amount and duration of liquidity they deposit on the Kinza mainnet, in order to determine their eligibility for airdrop distribution of KZA tokens. As previously reported by BlockBeats, on August 4th, Binance Labs announced that it had invested in the top 4 performing projects of the 6th season of the Most Valuable Builder (MVB) program, including Kinza Finance.


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  • LayerZero’s daily transaction volume has dropped 97.5% since its peak

    On June 21st, according to Dune data information, the daily transaction volume of LayerZero has been rapidly declining since early May, currently at 12,137 transactions, a decrease of 97.56% compared to the peak in July 2023 (497,747 transactions).
  • All crypto exchanges in South Korea are jointly participating in the formulation of new self-regulatory regulations for listing and delisting coins

    On June 21st, it was announced that all virtual asset exchanges in South Korea are jointly participating in the development of a "Virtual Asset Trading Support Self-Regulation Plan," marking a significant shift in the self-regulatory model of the cryptocurrency market. The self-regulation, which was previously led by the five major Korean won market exchanges, is now expanding to include all exchanges in order to establish common self-regulatory standards. This plan is being promoted by the Korean Digital Asset Exchange Association (DAXA), with the aim of jointly developing self-regulatory guidelines for virtual asset trading through consultation. The "Virtual Asset Trading Support Review General Guidelines" published by DAXA will serve as the basis for the new plan, and opinions from various exchanges are being collected to improve it.
  • Ethereum EIP-7702 proposal faces challenges

    The EIP-7702 proposal put forward by Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has been included in the next upgrade "Pectra", but developers have not yet finalized the details. The proposal allows external owned accounts (EOAs) to temporarily act as smart contracts in a single transaction, enhancing flexibility and security.
  • LayerZero announces token economics: 38.3% allocated to the community

    On June 20th, LayerZero announced its token economics. The total amount of ZRO tokens is 1 billion, distributed as follows:
  • Delio, a South Korean crypto-finance company suspected of stealing $180 million from users, plans to transfer debt by setting up a new company

    On June 20th, it was announced that the Korean virtual asset management and lending platform, Delio, plans to establish a new company to take over all of its debts. Delio intends to sell its existing entities, including a virtual asset service provider (VASP), and use the proceeds from the sale to settle its financial obligations.
  • Australian Stock Exchange ASX is in talks with several companies about listing spot Bitcoin ETFs

    On June 20th, according to Bloomberg News, a spokesperson for the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) stated that the company is in discussions with several asset management companies who are working towards listing their spot Bitcoin (BTC) ETFs. Currently, only VanEck's spot BTC ETF has been officially launched. However, Australian-based BetaShares Holdings Pty and DigitalX Ltd. have also submitted applications for spot BTC ETFs to ASX.
  • Thirdweb announces acquisition of Web3 visualization analysis platform Blocktorch

    According to official sources, Web3 development tool platform thirdweb has announced its acquisition of Web3 visualization analysis platform Blocktorch. The specific acquisition amount has not been disclosed yet. With this acquisition, thirdweb can now provide a complete blockchain development stack. Blocktorch supports solutions for developing, monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimizing decentralized applications. It is reported that all four members of its team will also join thirdweb.
  • Sui mainnet upgraded to V1.27.2, protocol upgraded to version 49

    The Sui mainnet has now been upgraded to version V1.27.2, and the Sui protocol has been upgraded to version 49. The upgrade includes: adding a new protocol version, enabling the Move enumeration on the development network, adding support for Move enumeration values in the returned JSON-RPC results, adding support for Move enumeration values and types, and adding the ability to write Move unit tests using randomly generated raw Move types as test inputs, and disabling the accum v2 testnet cp.
  • Consensys releases MetaMask privacy statement update, clarifies that private keys are not collected, personal information is not sold, etc.

    Consensys has released an update to the MetaMask privacy statement, which includes:Clarifying which specific elements of the privacy statement are related to MetaMask and what each element means for MetaMask users. This includes increasing transparency around how IP addresses are handled when using MetaMask;Including additional background information related to Consensys' overall personal information processing activities;Clarifying the products and services within the scope of the privacy statement, removing Codefi and Quorum, and adding MetaMask Institutional, MetaMask Developer, Linea, Teku, Besu, and Phosphor.For MetaMask users, Consensys will:Not collect private keys;Not sell personal information;Not collect or retain personal information unless necessary to provide services and a good user experience;Not collect financial payment or banking information, but these services may need to submit this information to third-party providers when users use deposit or withdrawal functions.
  • DeFi TVL exceeds $95 billion again

    According to defillama data, as of May 18, 2024, the total value locked (TVL) in DeFi has once again surpassed $95 billion. It is currently reported at $95.069 billion, an increase of nearly $12 billion from the low point of $83.04 billion 35 days ago. Among the top five protocols in terms of TVL, Eigenlayer has the highest 30-day increase, with TVL rising by 19.67% to a total of $15.455 billion.