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DeFi lending protocol Kinza Finance launches airdrop points system

On November 2nd, according to official sources, DeFi lending protocol Kinza Finance launched an airdrop points system. The system provides real-time feedback on a user's airdrop points based on the amount and duration of liquidity they deposit on the Kinza mainnet, in order to determine their eligibility for airdrop distribution of KZA tokens. As previously reported by BlockBeats, on August 4th, Binance Labs announced that it had invested in the top 4 performing projects of the 6th season of the Most Valuable Builder (MVB) program, including Kinza Finance.


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  • Hong Kong has closed the application for virtual asset trading platform licenses, and a total of 22 virtual asset trading platforms are waiting for approval.

    The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission website shows that the deadline for virtual asset trading platform license applications was yesterday (29th). As of the update on February 28th, there were a total of 22 virtual asset trading platform applicants.The applicants include Bybit, OKX,,, HTX, Bullish, and others.Ammbr, BitHarbour, and Huobi HK withdrew their applications, while Meex had its application returned by the Securities and Futures Commission.In addition, virtual asset trading platforms operating in Hong Kong that did not submit license applications to the Securities and Futures Commission by yesterday (29th) must end their business in Hong Kong by May 31, 2024, at the latest.
  • Uniswap launches limit order function on the web page without GAS fees

    Uniswap Labs announced the launch of the most widely used limit order function in DeFi applications. Users can now set limit orders for any ERC-20 token on Ethereum on the Uniswap web application. Limit orders are supported by UniswapX, which utilizes on-chain and off-chain liquidity, does not require GAS fees, and can be set for any exchange size without a minimum requirement.
  • Saudi Arabia launches its first national-level “Metaverse” platform, allowing users to visit local attractions online

    According to Gulf News and other Middle East media, the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Culture recently announced the launch of the world's first national-level "metaverse" platform, which is supported by advanced "generated media intelligence" (GMI) artificial intelligence system technology.The platform also features mini electronic games and a performance center, and supports live event broadcasts such as symphony concerts. It has set up a "historical and cultural district" to encourage global audiences to explore Saudi Arabia's heritage and culture.
  • Tether Treasury newly minted 1 billion USDT, which has been authorized but not issued

    Whale Alert monitoring data shows that Tether Treasury has newly minted 1 billion USDT. Tether CEO Paolo Ardoino said that this is an authorized but unissued transaction for the Tron network to replenish 1 billion USDT inventory, which means that this amount will be used as inventory for the next issuance request and chain exchange.
  • U.S. crypto companies and industry organizations sued the SEC, claiming it “overstepped its authority” over digital assets

    US cryptocurrency company Lejilex and the Cryptocurrency Freedom Alliance of Texas (CFAT) have sued the US SEC on Wednesday, claiming that the regulatory agency has acted beyond its authority with regards to digital assets and requesting that the court rule that digital assets traded on exchanges are not securities. Lejilex stated that the SEC has exercised jurisdiction over the industry without "clear statutory authority" and that its classification of digital assets as "investment contracts" is incorrect, as they do not establish a continuing commitment between creators and purchasers. They also request that the court apply the "significant question" doctrine, which allows judges to declare administrative agency actions with "enormous economic and political significance" invalid unless authorized by Congress.
  • Optimism launches the fourth round of airdrops, and more than 10 million OP will be distributed to 23,000 addresses

    On February 21st, Optimism officially announced the launch of the fourth airdrop, distributing a total of 10,343,757.81 OP tokens to 22,998 addresses. The reward criteria are as follows:
  • pufETH is unanchored, and pufETH accounts for 96.72% of the pufETH/wstETH pool on Curve

    On February 19th, according to Curve data, the pufETH obtained by pledging stETH on PufferFinance is currently experiencing an anchoring situation, with a reported price of $2622 (equivalent to approximately 0.923 ETH). In addition, the pufETH/wstETH pool on Curve has a pufETH proportion of 96.72% and a wstETH proportion of only 3.28%. Note: It is normal for ETH tokens to experience slight anchoring due to insufficient liquidity when re-pledging, and pledged assets can be withdrawn normally after the relevant project opens withdrawals.
  • Ethereum Dencun upgrade is about to be activated on the Holesky testnet

    The Ethereum Dencun upgrade is about to be activated on the Holesky testnet in less than 12 hours from now. This is the last testnet fork before the mainnet, and the mainnet date should be determined at tomorrow's AllCoreDevs conference (all signs point to early to mid-March). EIP-4844 is coming soon.
  • DCG objects to Genesis' bankruptcy plan, saying proposed payments to customers exceed statutory amounts

    Digital Currency Group (DCG) opposes the bankruptcy plan of its subsidiary Genesis Global Capital, stating that the proposed amount to be paid to customers exceeds the statutory amount.DCG believes that Genesis should pay customers and creditors based on the value of the cryptocurrency assets in January 2023. Genesis has proposed additional payments to customers to account for the rise in asset prices, which DCG believes violates US bankruptcy law.Genesis and Gemini Trust have failed to reach a settlement with DCG. The SEC has sued Genesis and Gemini Trust for illegally selling securities to investors.
  • Solana has released the latest version v1.17.20, node operators need to update in time

    Solana Status posted a notice stating that mainnet validators should upgrade to the latest version v1.17.20 and restart according to the provided instructions.