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DeFi credit market Credix Finance secures US$60 million in credit facilities

DeFi lending market Credix Finance announced that it has secured a $60 million credit line. The loan was obtained through a partnership with an alternative investment management company in the United States that focuses on asset-based lending opportunities and manages a $3 billion investment portfolio.

Earlier, DeFi investment platform Credix completed a $11.25 million Series A financing round, with early funds from Motive Partners and ParaFi Capital jointly leading the round, and participation from Valor Capital Group, Victory Park Capital, and Ricardo Villela Marino, Chairman of Itaú Latam.


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  • DePIN developer Verida completes $5 million seed round

    Verida, a DePIN network developer, has completed a $5 million seed round of financing with a post-investment valuation of $50 million. Participating investors include O-DE Capital Partners, ChaiTech Ventures, Simurg Labs, Gate Labs, HASH CIB, Bison Capital, Amesten Capital, and Evan Cheng from Mysten Labs. The new funds will be used to develop Verida's personal data storage infrastructure, providing decentralized storage and encryption services for user personal information.
  • The Information: Stability AI receives over $100 million in funding from investment group

    Stability AI company has received funding from an investment group led by Sean Parker, with a total investment of over $100 million, but the specific amount has not been disclosed. In addition, Stability AI company also announced a CEO change, with former CEO of visual effects company Weta Digital, Prem Akkaraju, taking over the position.Previously, Stability AI reached a partnership with Render Network to use a decentralized GPU network to massively expand AI training and inference capabilities at a low cost.
  • Gudchain Completes $5 Million Funding, Mechanism Capital Leads Investment

    Gudchain completed a $5 million financing round, led by Mechanism Capital, with participation from Morningstar Ventures, Manifold, SkyVision Capital, and others.
  • Modular blockchain Particle Network raises $15 million in token round

    Particle Network raised $15 million in Series A financing, with Spartan Group and Gumi Cryptos Capital co-leading this round of financing, and SevenX Ventures, Morningstar Ventures, Flow Traders, HashKey Capital and others participating.
  • Fintech company Travel Wallet receives $10 million in funding led by Lightspeed

    South Korean fintech startup Travel Wallet has raised $10 million in a new funding round, led by Lightspeed. This marks Travel Wallet's first global venture capital funding and Lightspeed's first foray into the Korean market. CEO Hyoung-woo Kim said in a statement that Travel Wallet plans to "actively seek international expansion" with the support of Lightspeed. To this end, the company has established local subsidiaries in the United States and Japan, with expansion set to begin as early as the second half of this year.
  • Decentralized perpetual exchange ZKX completes $7.6 million in financing

    ZKX, a decentralized perpetual exchange built on Starknet and Ethereum, has successfully received a new round of strategic financing totaling $7.6 million from major investors such as Flowdesk, GCR, and DeWhales. Previous investors include Hashkey, Amber Group,, and StarkWare.
  • Web3 talent marketplace Bondex has raised over $10 million in funding, with Animoca Brands and others participating

    Web3 talent market Bondex has announced that it has completed a financing of over $10 million, with participation from Animoca Brands, Morningstar, Dext Force Ventures and iAngels. It is reported that Bondex's goal is to become a gamified version of the professional social network LinkedIn.
  • Solana Atomic SVM Layer2 Sonic Completes $12 Million Series A Funding, Bitkraft Leads Investment

    Solana's atomic SVM Layer2 Sonic has completed a $12 million Series A financing round, led by Bitkraft, with participation from Galaxy Interactive, Big Brain Holdings, Matt Sorg (Solana founding team), Nom (Bonk), and other institutions and individuals. This round of financing will be used to promote Sonic's product upgrades and ecological expansion. Sonic will soon launch a testnet incentive program, inviting users to experience its various ecological games on the testnet and have the opportunity to receive token airdrops. In early 2022, Sonic completed a $4 million seed round of financing, bringing its total financing to $16 million. Sonic's developer is Mirror World Labs. Sonic is the first SVM L2 that achieves atomic interoperability with Solana, enabling fast synchronization of its Layer2 network with Solana's mainnet state. Developers can share the mainnet's Program, state, and data without the need for duplicate contract deployment. In addition, Sonic also integrates the infrastructure for adapting to Solana game development and deployment, such as sandbox environments, customizable game development modules, and scalable data types. Combined with Solana's virtual machine (SVM) parallel execution mode and the characteristics of the localized transaction fee market, Sonic provides faster transaction speeds, lower and more stable transaction fees, and a faster and smoother on-chain gaming experience for on-chain game players.
  • Liquidity re-pledge agreement Renzo completes $17 million financing

    Liquidity re-pledge agreement Renzo announced the completion of a $17 million financing, which was divided into two rounds. The first round was led by Galaxy Ventures, and the second round was led by Nova Fund - BH Digital headquartered in Abu Dhabi. Previously, Renzo also received a $3.2 million investment from Maven11, Figment Capital, and Binance Labs. The new funds will be used to expand the project's re-pledge services, including increasing support for ERC-20 tokens.
  • This year, there have been more than 90 Bitcoin ecosystem-related financings

    There have been more than 90 financing transactions related to the Bitcoin ecosystem since 2024, setting a new record for the highest number of financing transactions in a single year in Bitcoin's history. Kyle Samani, Managing Partner at Multicoin Capital, pointed out that with the emergence of the Bitcoin Taproot upgrade and the Ordinals protocol, the Bitcoin ecosystem is experiencing a "developer renaissance". For some developers, building financial tools on Bitcoin is more attractive because it is the oldest and most secure blockchain. Multicoin Capital's investment trend is reportedly shifting from Solana to the Bitcoin ecosystem. The venture capital firm has invested in projects such as Solana Labs and StarkWare, but recently participated in the funding of the Bitcoin-native music platform Arch Network and the Bitcoin scaling network Mezo.