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Bitcoin miners’ income reached US$1.15 billion in November, and a total of approximately 102,000 ETH were destroyed on the Ethereum network

Bitcoin miner revenue increased by 30.1% to $1.15 billion in November, and Ethereum staking revenue increased by 25.7% to $158 million.

In November, the Ethereum network destroyed a total of 102,018 ETH, equivalent to approximately $204 million. Since the implementation of EIP-1559 in early August 2021, Ethereum has destroyed approximately 3.77 million ETH, equivalent to $10.51 billion.

Adjusted total on-chain transaction volume for Bitcoin and Ethereum in November increased by 29.8% to $255 billion, with Bitcoin on-chain transaction volume increasing by 21.2% and Ethereum on-chain transaction volume increasing by 43.9%.

Adjusted stablecoin on-chain transaction volume increased by 7.6% to $596.5 billion; the total supply increased by 3.7% to $120.1 billion, with USDT and USDC accounting for 74.8% and 18.7% of the market share, respectively.


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