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In the past 7 days, the transaction volume of NFT on the Bitcoin chain increased by 45.14% month-on-month

According to ChainCatcher and CryptoSlam data, the past 7 days have seen Bitcoin NFT trading volume on-chain surpass $46.14 million, ranking first with a 45.14% increase compared to the previous period.Ethereum NFT trading volume on-chain surpassed $35.6 million, ranking second with a 0.02% increase compared to the previous period; Polygon NFT trading volume on-chain surpassed $20.37 million, ranking third with a 4.88% decrease compared to the previous period.


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  • Putin: Russia must "seize the moment" to create conditions for the circulation of digital assets

    According to, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that now is the time for Russia to create the necessary environment for increasing digital assets and adopting the Russian CBDC (digital ruble). Over 30,000 transactions have already been conducted in the pilot testing phase of the digital ruble, with over 7,000 transactions constituting payments for goods and services.According to the Russian official news agency TASS, Putin said, "As they say, Russia must 'seize the moment,' timely establish a legal framework and regulations, develop infrastructure, and create conditions for the circulation of digital assets domestically and in cooperation with foreign partners."
  • BNB Chain has completed the second Sunset fork

    According to official information from BNB Chain, it has completed its second Sunset fork. The second Sunset fork will migrate the BNB beacon chain staking function to the BNB smart chain, and all assets need to be migrated from the beacon chain to the BNB smart chain. BNB Chain reminds users:1. Staked BNB: If BNB is staked, it needs to be migrated. If it is not migrated before July 14th, the staking will be automatically cancelled and returned to the user's account within 2 weeks.2. BNB and other BEP2 assets: These assets also need to be migrated from the beacon chain to the BNB smart chain. If the assets are not migrated, they will not be transferable after August 15th. If the asset migration is not completed yet, it needs to be done before July 14th.
  • Cointime July 7th News Express

    1, Ethereum L2 TVL rebounds slightly to above $39 billion
  • Jupiter Lianchuang: A new PPP mechanism needs to be invented to prove that there is a better alternative than PVP

    Meow, co-founder of Jupiter, posted on social media stating that PPP (Participant-Platform-Protocol) is very important, otherwise they will devour each other before achieving all the dreams of changing the world.Currently, incentive measures strongly favor PVP (Participant-Value-Protocol), but everyone feels worse about our industry than ever before. Now we need to invent new PPP mechanisms and use them to prove that there are better alternatives than PVP, otherwise we will just blame each other all day and say, "Yes, that's how the game is played."
  • The Information: Stability AI receives over $100 million in funding from investment group

    Stability AI company has received funding from an investment group led by Sean Parker, with a total investment of over $100 million, but the specific amount has not been disclosed. In addition, Stability AI company also announced a CEO change, with former CEO of visual effects company Weta Digital, Prem Akkaraju, taking over the position.Previously, Stability AI reached a partnership with Render Network to use a decentralized GPU network to massively expand AI training and inference capabilities at a low cost.
  • Fantom: The third Sonic governance proposal has been released, involving the annual destruction mechanism of S tokens

    The Fantom Foundation posted on social media that the 3rd Sonic governance proposal has been released, which includes ecosystem subsidies, a new token burning mechanism, and innovative programs such as Sonic Spark and Sonic University.It is reported that over the next six years, the Sonic Foundation will allocate a portion of tokens as operating funds for Sonic Labs to manage dApps, BD partnerships, and network growth between existing and new user communities.In addition, if the community decides to control the inflation rate at 1.5% per year over the next six years, 47,625,000 tokens (3,175,000,000 x 1.5%) will be minted each year. If Sonic Labs only uses 5,000,000 tokens that year, the Sonic Foundation will burn the remaining tokens (42,625,000).
  • nftperp: All funds lost due to the vulnerability have been successfully recovered

    nftperp, an NFT perpetual contract trading platform, announced on X platform that all funds lost due to a vulnerability have been successfully recovered. The developers are currently prioritizing the restoration of contracts to ensure that trading and withdrawals can proceed normally. Due to some differences in marked prices and index prices, methods for securely restoring trading are being sought. For clarity, we will soon release details of what happened in the past 20 hours. Previously, nftperp stated that a serious error was found in one of its contracts (clearingHouse), and all vulnerable contracts have been suspended until further notice.
  • Curve founder: $10 million of CRV bad debts on Curve lending platform have been fully repaid

    Curve founder Michael Egorov tweeted that he has fully repaid the $10 million bad debt caused by the UwU Lend security incident that triggered the liquidation of CRV lending positions.
  • Curve founder CRV's loan position liquidation was triggered by the UwU Lend security incident

    Michael Egorov, the founder of Curve, stated through a representative on Telegram on Friday that a vulnerability in UwU Lend caused a series of events that led to Curve's massive liquidation on Thursday. Egorov used Curve's CRV token as collateral to obtain a $100 million loan from various protocols, which began automatic liquidation on Thursday, causing the token to drop 30%, then briefly recover.Egorov said, "On April 15, UwU Lend deployed vulnerable code for the sUSDe market, which is not isolated, so the entire platform bears the risk. UwU was hacked, and as part of the cash-out operation, the hacker deposited the stolen CRV from UwU into (Llama Lend), then disappeared with the funds, leaving the debt in the system."Egorov estimates that the bad debt in the specific CRV lending pool is $10 million (already repaid 93%). Although this market is completely isolated from other lending pools, as long as the bad debt exists, CRV depositors cannot withdraw their funds. However, Egorov said that this situation may help strengthen Curve's security measures and lending mechanisms, and may provide better services to users in the coming months.
  • Cointime June 1st News Express

    1. Paradigm researcher: Uniswap postponed the vote on "UNI staking and delegation rewards" because a certain VC was putting pressure on it