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The scale of token unlocking in February may approach US$900 million, with Avalanche, Aptos and The Sandbox leading the way

According to Token Unlock data, the token unlock scale in February is expected to reach nearly $900 million. This includes:

1. Avalanche plans to unlock approximately 9.5 million tokens worth about $320 million on February 22. These tokens will be used for airdrops, strategic partnerships, and team members of the Avalanche Foundation.

2. Aptos plans to unlock 24.8 million tokens worth about $233 million on February 11, including allocations for core contributors, investors, and community and foundation plans.

3. The Sandbox will unlock 209 million tokens worth about $90 million, with some reserved for reserves and team and advisor allocations.

4. On February 29, Optimism plans to unlock 24 million OP tokens worth about $70 million for its core contributors and investors.


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