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CZ announces Giggle Academy logo and design ideas

CZ has released the Giggle Academy Logo and its design concept. He hopes that the logo can showcase youthfulness, fun, positive energy, and growth while continuing the "Binance tradition":

1. The logo features a child's face, symbolizing youthfulness.

2. The smiley face is composed of the "Gi" character (rotated counterclockwise 90 degrees), as in "Gi"ggle.

3. The curved "i" represents a wink, making it interesting and playful.

4. The "G" is a tongue sticking out of the mouth, inspired by the emoji 😋.

5. The facial contour can be that of a sunflower, symbolizing livelihood and rapid growth.

6. The facial contour is two overlapping squares. Once you see it, it's hard not to see it, expressing respect for the "Binance tradition," whose logo is more square.

7. The colors are yellow and black, also due to our "Binance tradition." Yellow is a light yellow, which is quite playful.

8. The facial contour can also be like the sun, especially in light yellow, symbolizing positive energy and contributing to overall growth.


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