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Cyvers: A suspicious transfer involving a stakingProxy contract on Polygon was discovered, and $613,000 was deposited into Tornado Cash

Cyvers' artificial intelligence system has detected a suspicious transfer involving a non-active stakingProxy contract on Polygon. The value of the transfer is $613,000 and has been bridged to ETH and deposited into Tornado Cash.


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  • Cyvers: LI.FI suspected of suspicious transactions, more than 8 million US dollars of funds affected

    According to Cyvers Alerts monitoring, the cross-chain trading aggregator LI.FI has allegedly experienced suspicious transactions, and users are advised to revoke relevant authorizations. So far, more than 8 million US dollars of user funds have been affected, most of which are stablecoins, and the attacker is converting USDC and USDT to ETH.
  • Unstoppable Domains: Official website domains have been attacked, users need to be vigilant

    Unstoppable Domains, a Web3 domain provider, announced on X platform that their official website was under attack. They advised users not to open any emails or use the website until further notice. 0xngmi, the founder of DefiLlama, also stated on X platform that this attack may be related to issues with domain provider Squarespace. Earlier reports suggested that Squarespace's problems with domain registration may have put hundreds of encrypted project domains at risk of attack.
  • SingularityNET CEO X’s account was stolen. Beware of fake links related to AGIX airdrop

    Decentralized AI platform SingularityNET stated that its CEO Ben Goertzel's X account has been hacked and reminded users to be cautious as there is currently no AGIX airdrop plan.
  • Updated list of domains at risk of attack due to Square Space: including Litecoin, Aptos Labs official website, etc.

    The founder of DefiLlama updated the list of projects facing attack risks related to domain registrar Square Space. In addition to the previously listed 103 domains, newly listed domains include,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and
  • Report: Cryptocurrency breaches cost nearly $1.4 billion this year

    According to the mid-year Web3 security report by cybersecurity company Cyvers, as centralized exchanges become the new point of attack, the total amount of stolen cryptocurrency funds this year has reached nearly $1.4 billion. In the second quarter of 2024, the total cryptocurrency losses exceeded $600 million, an increase of 100% compared to the same period last year. The report stated that the main reason for the surge in stolen funds was a 900% increase in losses from centralized exchanges.
  • CoinStats CEO: The company's AWS infrastructure was hacked, affecting 1% of total users

    Narek Gevorgyan, CEO of cryptocurrency portfolio management company CoinStats, stated on X platform that the company's AWS infrastructure was hacked, and evidence showed that the attack was carried out by an employee who downloaded malicious software. The attack mainly affected a small number of users who use CoinStats Wallet, accounting for only 1% of total users. Gevorgyan sympathizes with the victims and promises to provide support, and is currently waiting for law enforcement details to be completed before releasing a detailed report.
  • Farcana: Please do not click on any links, the team is working on resolving the vulnerability

    The blockchain gaming studio Farcana posted a statement saying that @FarcanaOfficial is the only official account. Please do not click on any links randomly, the team is working to fix the vulnerability and ensure the safety of user assets. Previously, Farcana stated that one of its FAR wallets was hacked. All CEX deposits will be frozen until the issue is resolved.
  • Rapper 50 Cent claims that his X account was hacked, and the hacker promoted cryptocurrency and defrauded about $300 million

    On June 22nd,famous rapper Curtis James Jackson III (stage name "50 Cent") claimed that his former Twitter account and website were hacked, resulting in hackers promoting a cryptocurrency scam and defrauding victims of $30 million.The hackers created a new cryptocurrency called "GUNIT" and used 50 Cent's large following (approximately 12.9 million fans) to attract more investors and drive up the price, then drained its value, causing the token price to plummet to $0.00016. On June 21st, 50 Cent posted on Instagram to his 32.8 million fans about the hack and admitted that a large amount of funds from victims had been lost from the project. "Twitter quickly locked my account. Whoever did this, got $30 million within 30 minutes," 50 Cent claimed, stating that he had no involvement with this cryptocurrency scam.
  • Security agency: USDT fake recharge incidents occurred on the TON chain, exchanges need to be careful

    Security firm Dilation Effect tweeted a reminder that attackers have recently attempted large-scale fake USDT deposits on the TON chain. Dilation Effect's on-chain monitoring system discovered a malicious address deploying a fake USDT token contract with metadata identical to official USDT, and it has been conducting fake deposit tests on major exchanges. Dilation Effect warns that many exchanges have just started supporting USDT deposits on the TON chain, and their systems may not be fully developed, making them vulnerable to fake deposit attacks. Attackers typically start with small test deposits and gradually increase the amount in an attempt to deceive larger amounts of funds. Exchanges should strengthen monitoring, especially for large TON chain USDT deposits, to prevent fake deposit incidents from affecting fund security.
  • In April, Polygon’s on-chain NFT sales exceeded US$50 million, setting the second highest record of the year

    According to Cryptoslam data, the NFT sales on Polygon chain in April exceeded 50 million US dollars, reaching 51,539,690.69 US dollars, setting the second highest monthly sales record in 2024, second only to January's sales of 112 million US dollars this year. In addition, the NFT trading volume on Polygon chain in April increased significantly to 1.5 million transactions, with nearly 90,000 independent sellers and over 33,000 independent buyers.