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Consensys releases MetaMask privacy statement update, clarifies that private keys are not collected, personal information is not sold, etc.

Consensys has released an update to the MetaMask privacy statement, which includes:Clarifying which specific elements of the privacy statement are related to MetaMask and what each element means for MetaMask users. This includes increasing transparency around how IP addresses are handled when using MetaMask;Including additional background information related to Consensys' overall personal information processing activities;Clarifying the products and services within the scope of the privacy statement, removing Codefi and Quorum, and adding MetaMask Institutional, MetaMask Developer, Linea, Teku, Besu, and Phosphor.For MetaMask users, Consensys will:Not collect private keys;Not sell personal information;Not collect or retain personal information unless necessary to provide services and a good user experience;Not collect financial payment or banking information, but these services may need to submit this information to third-party providers when users use deposit or withdrawal functions.


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