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Compound Proposal 197 passed: cUSDCv3’s ARB and WBTC supply caps will be increased

Compound has announced that Proposal 197, initiated by DeFi risk manager Gauntlet, has reached the quorum threshold and been passed. Certain Compound III parameters for cUSDCv3 on the Arbitrum chain will be adjusted, including:

1. Increasing the ARB supply limit for cUSDCv2 from 4 million to 8 million.

2. Increasing the supply limit for WBTC from 6 million to 12 million.

It is reported that the proposal will be executed within three days after it is passed. At that time, the supply utilization rate of WBTC can be reduced from 92% to 46%, and the supply utilization rate of ARB can be reduced from 100% to 50%, which will further promote the usage and growth of the Compound protocol.


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