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Cointime April 21th News Express


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  • Grayscale: Stacks Trust helps introduce DApps into the Bitcoin ecosystem and increase institutional interest

    Grayscale announced the creation of Stacks and Near trusts yesterday, marking the first time Grayscale has created a new cryptocurrency trust since 2024. Grayscale stated that Stacks will help bring smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) to the Bitcoin ecosystem, which will increase institutional interest.
  • Bill to ban Fed from issuing CBDC passes House of Representatives

    The bill to prohibit the issuance of CBDC by the Federal Reserve has been passed in the House of Representatives, as reported by Bitcoin Magazine.
  • Vitalik: For a Layer 2-centric ecosystem to succeed, it is necessary to understand and solve challenges such as coordination

    On May 23rd, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin wrote that "Layer2" and "sharding" are often described as two opposing strategies for blockchain scalability in public discussions. However, when you delve into the underlying technology, you will find a puzzle: the actual scaling methods are completely the same. Both have some form of data sharding, fraud proof or ZK-SNARK proof, and a method for solving cross-{rollup,shard} communication. The main difference is who is responsible for building and updating these parts and how much autonomy they have.
  • Former U.S. House Speaker: FIT21 Act aims to establish legal rules for the broader digital asset industry

    The US House of Representatives has passed the "FIT21" bill. Former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, stated that this Republican-led bill aims to establish legal rules for the broader digital asset industry. This is the first step towards responsible innovation and must be improved. The bill will give the Commodity Futures Trading Commission more power and funding to regulate encrypted assets under the "digital commodity" category. Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman, Gary Gensler, publicly criticized the bill in a letter released on Wednesday, stating that it puts digital asset investors at risk.
  • CryptoQuant: If the Ethereum spot ETF is not approved as scheduled, ETH may experience a major price adjustment

    On-chain analysis company CryptoQuant warns that if the pending Ethereum spot ETF encounters uncertainty, the Ethereum price may fluctuate.
  • US Congressman: If cryptocurrency becomes currency, it means tax laws will never be enforced

    US Congressman Brad Sherman (Democrat from California) stated that "the long-term goal of cryptocurrency billionaires is to create a new currency, and they have given it a good name. The literal meaning of cryptocurrency is hidden money, and if it becomes a currency, it means that we will never be able to enforce our tax laws."
  • World Economic Forum: CBDC may face decryption attacks from quantum computer systems

    World Economic Forum (WEF) recently issued a stern warning, pointing out that central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) may face decryption attacks from quantum computer systems.
  • CFTC Commissioner Summer Mersinger: The main reason for tension between the SEC and CFTC is lack of clarity

    Summer Mersinger, a commissioner of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), said in an interview with CoinDesk that "I think the question of who has the proper authority between the SEC and the CFTC is definitely an issue. In fact, Commissioner Peirce and I will speak together at the Consensus conference. We have some similar views. But this is a struggle because sometimes in the places where we are arguing, whether it is an enforcement case or other actions that we have talked about belonging to our fraud and manipulation enforcement authority, we see the SEC starting to ask questions as if it belongs to their jurisdiction. Therefore, there is definitely some tension here. The main reason for the tension is the lack of clarity."
  • Joe Lubin: US SEC approval of spot Ethereum ETF may lead to supply crunch

    Joe Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum and founder and CEO of ConsenSys, a cryptocurrency infrastructure company, said that the US Securities and Exchange Commission is finally ready to approve a spot Ethereum ETF. The resulting "gate" of demand for Ethereum could lead to supply shortages.
  • Cointime May 12 News Express

    1.The number of Bittensor subnets for the AI ​​project will increase to 64, and 1024 subnets will be achieved this year2.Trader predicts Bitcoin price will reach $350,0003.vladilena.eth redeemed 1930 weETH from Zircult, suspected of selling4.Solana’s on-chain DEX transaction volume yesterday exceeded the sum of five chains including Ethereum, BSC, and Arbitrum5.RSS3 VSL locked-in amount surged in the past two days and is close to 200 million US dollars 6.The transaction volume of Club Key on platform exceeded 1 million7.Lido has paid out more than 516,000 ETH in staking rewards, equivalent to approximately $1.51 billion8.1,000 BTC transferred from TronDAO to an unknown new wallet9.Report: Justin Sun deposited 120,000 eETH into Swell L2, worth $376 million10.1707.36 BTC have flowed out of Binance in the past 7 days