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Bitpanda Teams with Coinbase to Connect U.S. Exchange with European Banks for Crypto Services

Bitpanda, an Austrian-based crypto exchange and trading platform, has partnered with Coinbase to connect the US exchange with European banks interested in offering digital assets to their customers. The partnership will allow Coinbase to use Bitpanda Technology Solutions to connect directly with banks and fintechs. Bitpanda's COO, Lukas Enzersdorfer-Konrad, said that despite the bearish crypto market, banks in Europe are keen to offer crypto to their customers, especially now that the Markets in Crypto-Assets regulatory framework has been adopted. Bitpanda's crypto connectivity is already in place with several banks and fintech platforms.


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  • HashKey Group will launch the platform currency HSK in Q3 2024

    HashKey Group announced that the HashKey platform coin HSK will be listed in Q3 2024. HSK will be used for all core applications in the HashKey ecosystem and continuously expand external community co-construction. Before the listing, HSK will launch a community airdrop to reward ecosystem participants.
  • ChatGPT suffered another major failure two weeks later

    On June 17th at 2:00 PM EST (June 18th at 2:00 AM Beijing Time), users reported a malfunction with OpenAI's ChatGPT on DownDetector. OpenAI quickly confirmed the issue with ChatGPT and updated their status bar at 2:39 PM, stating that they were investigating the high failure rate of ChatGPT. According to reports, mobile and web versions of ChatGPT in the US and the UK were intermittently unable to respond to user queries, either for several minutes or not at all, and displayed various errors (answers). As of 5:00 PM, OpenAI updated their status bar to indicate that all systems were operational, and DownDetector showed a decrease in error reports for OpenAI. ChatGPT 3.5 and ChatGPT 4o are able to generate answers that include images.
  • Linea mainnet has bridged 652,800 ETH

    According to Dune data, the Linea mainnet has bridged 652,831 ETH with a total of 1,133,781 transactions and 515,818 interacting addresses.
  • The listing of spot ETFs has caused Coinbase's Bitcoin reserves to decline rapidly since February

    CryptoQuant disclosed on X platform that the listing of Bitcoin spot ETF caused the Bitcoin reserves of Coinbase exchange to rapidly decline since February. Data shows that on February 18, 2024, Coinbase's Bitcoin reserves were about 1,044,997 BTC, but now this indicator has decreased to 878,000 BTC, a decrease of about 167,000 BTC.
  • ZK Nation: Airdrop collection will start on June 17, and we are preparing a more systematic way to handle feedback for the community

    ZK Nation stated that airdrop distribution is extremely challenging. Complex airdrop factories operate millions of robots whose behavior patterns are indistinguishable from humans. This renders traditional activity-based airdrops useless for establishing resilient and sustainable communities.
  • The digital collection platform that refuted the rumor and ran away was collectively complained, and the price of the collection dropped from 199 yuan to 9 yuan

    A screenshot of a digital collection platform called "extremely arrogant" by netizens announcing its "runaway" has been circulating online recently. The announcement is signed by the Shenlong Shucang operating team of the digital collection platform, which loudly declares, "We're running away! There's no feast that doesn't end. This feast is only left with a mess on the ground. Smart people have already eaten enough and left the table. But you don't want to leave and instead keep tapping your bowl with chopsticks. What you'll get is a huge bill for buying into this feast." Subsequently, Shenlong Shucang released a statement denying the rumor of the platform's runaway on its app. However, complaints about the platform's suspected fundraising and false advertising have been constantly emerging. Recently, several consumers revealed that Shenlong Shucang used the joint development of digital collections with the Xi'an Ming and Qing Shadow Puppet Art Museum as "endorsement," and earned nearly 3 million yuan in one day. But after attracting consumers to buy in, they changed the creators. Moreover, the digital collections purchased by consumers on the platform quickly plummeted in price within a few days. "I only realized after buying the collection that all the prices were falling. Some items had dropped from 199 yuan to 9 yuan," the consumer said.
  • Blast announces the final distribution details of "Gold Points"

    On June 13th, Blast announced the distribution details of the fifth "Blast Gold" allocation, which is the last allocation before the airdrop on June 26th.
  • Curve founder holds 111.87 million CRV collateral and $20.6 million in debt on 4 platforms

    According to Lookonchain monitoring, Curve founder Michael Egorov is being liquidated. Michael currently holds 111.87 million CRV (worth 33.87 million US dollars) collateral and 20.6 million US dollars in debt on four platforms. According to market data, CRV is currently trading at 0.2489 US dollars, down 30.8% in 24 hours.
  • Holdstation, an account abstraction wallet on ZKSync, completes strategic round of financing, with participation from SNZ Capital and others

    Holdstation, an abstract wallet on ZKSync, announced the completion of its strategic financing round. The specific amount of financing has not been disclosed, but SNZ Capital, Summer Ventures, and EVG Ventures participated. The new funds will drive the integration of Holdstation with artificial intelligence, promoting the development of its intelligent wallet.
  • CMT Digital is raising $150 million for its fourth fund

    CMT Digital has been raising $150 million for its fourth fund for the past month. Gerald Brant is responsible for overseeing the financing and serves as the Director of Capital Formation at CMT Digital. Prior to joining CMT Digital, Gerald Brant held the same position at BlockTower Capital and Pantera Capital.