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Bitcoin Halving and ETFs Could Lead to Mainstream Adoption by 2024

Bitcoin has hit a new all-time high of $72,000, with potential macroeconomic uncertainty and upcoming elections affecting its price. The approval of 11 spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds by the U.S. SEC and the upcoming 4th Bitcoin Halving event in mid-April are two key factors contributing to its positive performance. The halving process, which reduces bitcoin's supply, is expected to have a positive impact on its price and could lead to increased mainstream adoption in 2024. While the impact of the halving on the BTC market in 2024 and beyond remains to be seen, smart traders and investors understand the importance of history repeating itself.


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  • Bitcoin Conference to Bring Star-Studded Lineup of Speakers to Hong Kong on Dawn of Historic ETFs.

    Excitement is brewing in the heart of Asia as Hong Kong regulators pave the way for a new era of innovation with the recent approval of spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs). This groundbreaking development underscores Hong Kong's commitment to becoming a regulated hub for Bitcoin. At the same time, the Bitcoin Conference is bringing the best and brightest Bitcoiners from around the world to Hong Kong for Bitcoin Asia.
  • Binance Founder Faces Potential Three-Year Prison Sentence and $50 Million Fine for Money Laundering and Sanctions Violations

    Binance founder Changpeng Zhao has been recommended a three-year prison sentence by federal prosecutors for violating federal money laundering laws and sanctions. The Department of Justice argued that this sentence would hold him accountable for his intentional criminal conduct and send a message to the world. Zhao made a "business decision" to break the law to attract users, build his company, and line his pockets, according to prosecutors. Along with the prison sentence, DOJ lawyers also requested that Zhao pay the $50 million fine he agreed to as part of a plea deal. Zhao, who is a citizen of the UAE and Canada, has been released on a $175 million bond but must remain in the U.S. until his sentencing on April 30.
  • Indonesian President: $8.6 billion laundered through cryptocurrency in 2021

    According to Golden Finance News, Indonesian President Joko Widodo stated that he has noticed signs of money laundering through cryptocurrency in 2021, amounting to $8.6 billion (IDR 139 trillion). In addition to cryptocurrencies and NFTs, the president emphasized the need to monitor other potential money laundering tools, including virtual assets, market activities, e-currencies, and AI-driven transactions. Mahendra Siregar, Chairman of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) Committee, responded to the President's directive, stating that when cryptocurrency regulation is transferred to the OJK next year, his agency will supervise these issues.
  • Hong Kong Shatin District Councillor Deng Zhaofeng: ETF allows individual investors to participate in the virtual currency market with small investments

    Hong Kong Sha Tin District Councilor Deng Zhaofeng published an article entitled "Grasping Financial Innovation Opportunities and Not Forgetting to Exclude Risks" in the A14 edition of Hong Kong Wen Wei Po, pointing out that the launch of Hong Kong's virtual currency ETF brings three opportunities to the market:
  • Fidelity: Bitcoin's medium-term outlook revised from "positive" to "neutral" due to possible increase in selling pressure

    On April 23rd, Fidelity revised their mid-term outlook on Bitcoin from "positive" to "neutral" after some indicators showed that Bitcoin is no longer considered "cheap" in the face of potential selling pressure.
  • Bitcoin ETF demand turns negative after BTC halving

    he 11 spot bitcoin ETFs approved by US regulators in January managed to attract a total of more than $13 billion in fund inflows in the months following their launch, a feat that took gold ETFs several years to achieve. However, demand for the product appears to be slowing down after several weeks of net inflows into the bitcoin ETF. By the third week of April, ETF demand had slowed to consecutive days of net outflows. Following the halving of BTC block rewards, ETF inflows have turned negative.
  • The Untold Story of ditto-b

    The story of an anonymous developer who fixed a critical flaw in Bitcoin's code.
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  • Cointime April 20th News Express

    1. Ordinals’ cumulative fee income exceeds 6,700 BTC, an increase of approximately $80 million in the past three days
  • CZ: Bitcoin halving is different from stock split, happy halving

    CZ wrote on X platform that Bitcoin halving is different from stock splitting. The fact that people are asking such questions shows that we are still in the early stages. He then attached a picture to explain his views on what might happen before and after the Bitcoin halving in 2023, and said "happy halving!"