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Bitcoin Halving: Will it Impact the Asset's Price Again? ChatGPT Weighs In

Bitcoin is set to undergo its fourth halving in less than a year, and there is already speculation about how it will affect the asset's price. The halving event occurs every 210,000 blocks and reduces the annual supply by half.

This has historically led to an increase in price due to the decrease in supply and potential increase in demand. However, ChatGPT, an AI chatbot, warns that past performance is not indicative of future results and advises investors to do thorough research before investing in any asset.


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    On June 18th, CEO of Binance, Richard Teng, stated on Bankless' YouTube channel that he expects Bitcoin to surpass $80,000 by the end of this year. Teng added that he believes 2025 will be a better year for the entire cryptocurrency industry than 2024, as the overall macroeconomic situation will be better. He explained that we may see interest rate cuts later this year, which will lead to an increase in cryptocurrency prices in 2025.
  • Citigroup raises year-end target for S&P 500 to 5,600

    Citigroup strategist has raised the year-end target for the S&P 500 index from the previous 5,100 points to 5,600 points, becoming the third Wall Street company to raise its expectations for the benchmark index since last Friday, following Goldman Sachs and Evercore ISI. Strategist Scott Chronert wrote in a client report on Monday that continued profit upgrades and profit growth expanding to non-tech stocks prompted the target to be raised. The latest forecast implies a 2% increase from Monday's level. Citigroup raised its full-year earnings per share forecast from $245 to $250.
  • South Korean court receives new evidence that Do Kwon intended to deceive investors with fake transactions

    On June 17th, according to a report from Yonhap News Agency, there is evidence to suggest that Terraform Labs founder Do Kwon and Chai CEO Daniel Shin planned to deceive Terra investors from the beginning of Terraform Labs. Conversation records between Kwon and Shin show that Kwon told Shin he could generate fake transactions that looked real. In response, Shin said, "Let's experiment on a small scale first and see how it goes." These conversation records have been submitted as evidence to the court by the prosecutor's office in the country.
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    1.37.5 million BLUR were unlocked and transferred to Coinbase Prime half an hour ago 2.The number of EIGEN tokens claimed exceeded 90 million, with nearly 190,000 addresses participating in the claim3.10 hours ago Amber Group deposited 1.2 million STRK to Binance4.Solana Sandwich Bot Arbitrages Over $30 Million in MEV in Two Months 5.US spot Bitcoin ETF still had a net inflow of 17,134 BTC in June 6.Ethereum whales bought more than 700,000 ETH in the past three weeks 7.Tether CEO: More than 300 million people around the world use USDT, and Tether is the main buyer of US Treasury bonds8.Catizen's total number of users exceeds 20 million, and it plans to donate 1% of its revenue to non-profit organizations9.Ethereum Foundation-associated addresses transferred 18,000 ETH to other addresses in the past hour10.Arthur Hayes deposited 3,000 ETH to, equivalent to $10.66 million
  • Cointime June 15th News Express

    1. Chairman of the U.S. SEC: The economic substance of a product determines whether it is a security under the Securities Act
  • CSOP: Bitcoin futures ETF asset size exceeds HK$1 billion

    Li Yilin, Senior Vice President of Sales and Product Strategy at Southern Dongying Asset Management, revealed that the mainstream investment market's acceptance of virtual asset-related products is increasing. Currently, the asset size of Southern Dongying Bitcoin Futures ETF has exceeded HKD 1 billion. In addition, the market is eagerly anticipating the listing of spot Ethereum ETF in the United States, which may drive up the prices of virtual assets. Southern Dongying has seen a continuous inflow of funds into Southern Dongying Bitcoin Futures ETF and Southern Dongying Ethereum Futures ETF.
  • Bitcoin L2 Stacks was down for nearly 9 hours yesterday due to Bitcoin reorganization and unexpected miner behavior

    Bitcoin's L2 expansion network, Stacks, experienced downtime on Friday, stopping block production for nearly 9 hours. This event was caused by Bitcoin reorganization (reorg) and "unexpected miner behavior," causing STX prices to drop 12% that day. "Unexpected miner behavior" may refer to miners not updating their software or coordinating effectively to respond to Bitcoin reorg, causing block production delays and implying technical or operational issues among miners. Stacks co-founder Muneeb Ali pointed out that the upcoming Nakamoto upgrade focuses on a new consensus mechanism aimed at eliminating the possibility of forks and reducing the impact of Bitcoin reorg. The Nakamoto upgrade was originally expected to be launched in late spring, but due to potential issues being too severe to be resolved in subsequent updates, it was postponed at the last minute and is now planned to be released in August.
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    1. Base TVL exceeds US$8 billion, setting a new record high
  • Bitcoin Miners and Exchange Reserves Drop 183,253 BTC Since January

    Data shows that within the 158 days since the beginning of this year, the amount of Bitcoin held by exchanges and miners has decreased by 183,253 BTC, worth nearly $13 billion. These funds were withdrawn from the joint wallets of miners and exchanges, with approximately 90.95% of the Bitcoin withdrawals coming from cryptocurrency exchange reserves, and about 9.05% (16,578 BTC, worth $1.17 billion) being withdrawn from the collective addresses of current Bitcoin miners.
  • Bitcoin and Stablecoins are a Threat to Weak Emerging Market Currencies

    Bitcoin is changing the world. With change comes uncertainty and, for many, anxiety. It is natural to wonder what the future will look like, and also to worry about whether this change will be for the better or the worse. We are creatures of planning, of preparation, but more than anything, of adaptation.