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Binance and Gulf Innova Secure Approval for Joint Venture Crypto Exchange in Thailand

Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, has partnered with Gulf Innova Co Ltd, a major technology firm in the Gulf region, to launch a new crypto exchange in Thailand. The joint venture, known as "Gulf Binance Co Ltd," has secured digital asset operator licenses from Thailand's Ministry of Finance and will be regulated by the country's Securities and Exchange Commission. The collaboration aims to tap into the growing demand for digital assets in Thailand and provide a reliable and secure platform for Thai investors to participate in the crypto market. The launch of the exchange comes at an opportune time as Thailand continues to embrace digital innovation and blockchain technology.


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    International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) stated in its 2024 strategy that the organization is shifting its focus to tokenization and will prioritize tokenization use cases specific to securities markets and distributed ledger technology. IOSCO aims to reach a consensus among its members on the adoption and current use cases of tokenization of securities market assets and analyze whether further policy direction is needed.
  • Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission: Beware of TCAME and BitCloud suspected of engaging in virtual asset-related fraud

    Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission issued a warning that TCAME and BitCloud claimed to provide cryptocurrency trading services, but investors reported problems with withdrawals and some investors' accounts were frozen. The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission has listed both entities on the list of suspicious virtual asset trading platforms, and the public should beware of them possibly establishing new websites with similar domain names.
  • Hong Kong is preparing to approve Bitcoin and Ethereum spot ETFs as early as next Monday

    Hong Kong is preparing to approve Bitcoin and Ethereum spot ETFs as soon as next Monday.
  • The European Central Bank kept its three key interest rates unchanged, in line with market expectations

    The European Central Bank kept the main refinancing rate unchanged at 4.50%, the deposit facility rate unchanged at 4.00%, and the marginal lending rate unchanged at 4.75%.
  • Montenegrin court again approves extradition of Do Kwon, extradition decision made by the Minister of Justice

    According to Yonhap News Agency, the Montenegrin court has once again approved the extradition of Do Kwon, and the extradition decision-making power has been handed over to Justice Minister Andrej Milovac. Andrej Milovac has repeatedly hoped for Do Kwon's extradition to the United States, so the possibility of Do Kwon's extradition to the United States has increased.Marija Rakovic, the spokesperson for the Public Relations Department of the Podgorica High Court, stated that the Montenegrin Podgorica High Court made a decision on Tuesday to agree to extradite Do Kwon, stating that the legal requirements for his extradition to South Korea and the United States have been met.Previously, the local Supreme Court rejected the decision to extradite Do Kwon to South Korea and restarted the extradition process.
  • Dubai's Virtual Assets Regulator seeks to lower compliance costs for small crypto firms

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  • South Africa has begun issuing licenses to cryptocurrency firm Luno

    South Africa has started issuing licenses to cryptocurrency companies, and Luno is one of the first companies to receive regulatory approval. It is reported that the country's regulatory agency plans to approve about 60 digital asset companies by April.
  • Paraguay reconsiders Bitcoin mining ban, considers selling excess energy from a hydroelectric power station to miners

    Paraguayan senators have suspended the progress of the ban on cryptocurrency mining and are considering selling surplus energy from the Itaipu hydroelectric power plant to miners instead of exporting it to Brazil and Argentina. Senator Lilian Samaniego confirmed that a hearing will be held on April 23 to debate the pros and cons of Bitcoin mining.Previously, senators were concerned about illegal mining farms stealing electricity and proposed a temporary ban. However, their attitudes have changed and they now support investing in infrastructure and expect to gain higher profits by selling energy to miners. Senators expect that by 2025, licensed mining farms will bring in more than $125 million in revenue for the national electricity management agency.The cost of electricity from the Itaipu hydroelectric power plant in Paraguay is low, and selling it to miners can achieve a net profit margin of 45%, with an annual income of $73 million and an additional $17 million in taxes. This move may help the electricity management agency avoid bankruptcy and create more job opportunities.
  • Suspected early Stepn investor deposited 22 million GMT to BInance, worth $6.7 million

    According to blockchain analyst @ai_9684xtpa, 12 hours ago, address 0x8b3...e62b0 deposited 22 million GMT tokens worth $6.7 million into Binance. The funds came from fixed token unlocks over the past two months. The address may belong to an early investor or contributor to Stepn and still holds 84.53 million GMT tokens worth $26.17 million.
  • More than $13 billion in funds have been used to participate in Saga staking mining, making it Binance’s largest Launchpool to date

    The Binance new coin mining project Saga posted on social media, stating that within 24 hours, there have been over 13 billion US dollars participating in staking mining, making SAGA the largest Launchpool in Binance's history.