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Beosin: The attacker at the wallet address of Fenbushi Capital partner Shen Bo has transferred the stolen 600 ETH to Tornado Cash

According to Beosin Alert monitoring on December 3rd, the attacker of the wallet address owned by Shen Bo, a partner of Distributed Capital, has transferred 600 ETH held by the address starting with 0x1D4 to Tornado Cash.

As previously reported by BlockBeats, on April 16th, Shen Bo, the founding partner of Distributed Capital, announced that his wallet address ending with 894, which is commonly used by him, was stolen on November 23rd last year, containing a total of $42 million worth of assets. Chain data shows that Spot On Chain monitored today that the Shen Bo wallet address, which sold over 550,000 LQTY, received 557,140 LQTY on November 10th last year from the wallet address ending with 894 that he announced was stolen.


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