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Astrolab Raises $500K To Launch Next-Generation Omnichain Yield Aggregator

Astrolab thrilled to announce successful $500,000 pre-seed round with leading investors Apollo Capital, Jane Street, 0xVentures, and Upside DAO. The round was further supported by a number of select angel investors and crypto OGs who share our vision for the ever-evolving and promising omnichain future.

Apollo Capital, Australia’s leading cryptocurrency investment firm, led the pre-seed round to support Astolab’s next-generation yield aggregation protocol.

Astrolab is pushing the boundaries of DeFi by leveraging cutting-edge interoperability technologies like LayerZero and DeBridge, making yield aggregation and optimization easier and more efficient than ever. This novel technology enables us to route funds to the best farming strategies available within a single gas transaction. Plus, Astrolab abstracts away the complexity of cross-chain transactions, so that users can enjoy a much safer experience. As Angliss puts it, “It operates with lower risk for the user.”

Jane Street’s venture arm, now dealing with cryptocurrencies, also joined the round. With the proliferation of blockchains and growing complexity of DeFi protocols, it made perfect sense for them to invest in a protocol that is tackling these challenges head-on. This is an exciting move for Jane Street and one that reinforces their commitment to be at the forefront of innovation in the cryptocurrency space.


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