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Dogew Mining Tutorial

Validated Project

About Dogewow

Dogew is a fork coin of Dogecoin that will always maintain POW, maintaining the workload proof consensus mechanism that will help improve the overall security, stability and decentralization of the Dogecoin network.

Four main features of Dogew:

1.  Keeping POW Forever: To maintain the Proof of Work consensus mechanism, which has been a key part of the Dogecoin network.

2.  Separating from Litecoin: To remove the binding of mining with Litecoin and to provide more flexibility in the future.

3.  Upgrading the Mining Algorithm: To upgrade to the Ethereum algorithm, which is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine and will allow more Ethereum graphics card miners to participate in the network.

4.  Addressing Contradictions: To address the escalating contradiction between a large number of retail investors and a small number of large investors, and to provide a more fair and equitable environment for all participants.

Three stages of Dogew technical solution:

1.  The first stage is the joint mining test stage, Dogecoin is merged into the Ethereum POW system and added to the EVM; (expected one month)

2.  The second stage is the ledger synchronization stage, which synchronizes the Dogecoin ledger from the Bitcoin system to the Ethereum system and conducts airdrops; (expected half a month)

3.  The third stage is the final testing stage, preparing for the official online launch. (Estimated half a month)

Dogew's future token distribution and airdrop plans

1.  Doge from the first 100 addresses on the DogeCoin blockchain will be reallocated on the forked chain, and if the exchange does not want to airdrop to users, then the Dogew forked by the exchange will also be reallocated by the DAO.

2.  Partially reallocated Dogew will be airdropped to addresses participating in the test network, which include miner and on-chain transfer transaction addresses, etc.

3.  Partially reallocated Dogew will be airdropped to ETHF's active addresses. Active addresses are miners' addresses on the ETHF chain and addresses where transfer transactions have taken place

4.  It is important to note that the above reassigned addresses do not include the address of the exchange

Dogew Development Status

On February 13, 2023, Dogewow announced on Twitter that it has entered into a partnership with SWFT Blockchain and will be able to easily use cross-chain and payment services in different blockchains in the future.

Operation Steps

All of iPollo's ETH series miners can support mining Dogew, here are the steps.

Step 1: Create an ETH Wallet

Choose a wallet that supports your security and needs.

Step2: Configure iPollo Miner

a. Update firmware to the latest version.

b. Click the "Miner Configuration" to set the "Mining Pool" and "Network"

c. Fill in the Mining Pool Information

Dogew pool addresses are provided using the mining pool: stratum+tcp://

Miner name: just use ETH wallet address

d. Confirm mining status on Network Configuration Tab

e. Click “Save & Apply” to begin mining.

Earnings can be found here


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