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Rock, LingoAI

LingoAI is on the move, let’s sway to the music with the world’s first AI Agent Tool

LingoAI is to showcase LingoPod, the World's 1st Web3.0 AI Agent at the World’s 1st

Web3 Music Festival.

LingoAI’s exclusive LingoPod is debuting as the world’s first "Web 3.0 Artificial Intelligence Agent". LingoPod, a super cool AI + DePIN intelligence earpod, meeting the audience at the premiere of the world's first Web3 Festival, on 4 May2024, in Bangkok.

Fans at the festival will be able to pre-order the LingoPod on the spot at the LingoAI booth at IMPACT EXHIBITION HALL 5-8, Bangkok, Thailand. Celebrating with stars for the world's first Web3 festival include PSY, BKPP, Henry, Liu Xianhua, Park Chanyeol, Edison Chen Koon-hei, 24KGOLDN, Gen1es, and more.

Booth Address IMPACT EXHIBITION HALL 5-8, Bangkok, Thailand

Fansland, the world's first Web3 music festival, announced a strategic partnership with LingoAI to create the world's largest Web3 music festival, better facilitate breaking the boundaries of Web3, expand the application of Web3 from the virtual world to real life, build a real large-scale application scenario, and allow more non-Web3 users to enter the world of Web3 with no difficulty. 

Fans using LingoPod can experience personalized AI agents and real-time translation services in more than 100 languages, which not only help fans from different countries of the world speaking different native languages to communicate without any difficulties but also features such as multi-language corpus mining and decentralized social network MetaLife.Social mobile mining can also help fans to earn a lot of income.  Previously, Thailand's Minister of Digital Economy and Society had used LingoPod at the Blockchain to Government Conference in Phuket to satisfactorily test conversations and interactions with Una, the founder and CEO of LingoAI. Translation is an essential need in Thailand, an international tourist country, and the Minister is looking forward to the drive that AI and blockchain will bring to the future development of Thai society.

The festival will be hosted in Bangkok, Thailand from May 4 to May 5, 2024, and is the largest Web3 music event of its kind, attracting tens of thousands of music lovers and Web3.0 practitioners. LingoAI and Fansland are showcasing LingoPod at the festival to demonstrate the latest features and application scenarios of LingoPod to a wider audience through the common language of music. 

About LingoAI:

LingoAI's pioneering MetaGraph technology protocol stack forms the backbone of LingoPod. This integration of Web3.0 and AI combines large language models (LLM) with knowledge graphs (RAG), allowing for the integration of objective facts and knowledge to counteract the generation of illusions. Through SOLID and MetaLife protocols, it achieves a deeper semantic web layer, facilitating the separation of data and applications while ensuring personalized inference in individual AI models and safeguarding user data privacy. By leveraging blockchain ledger technology and peer-to-peer communication, LingoAI realizes the vision of Web3.0 as A Web of Data, resolving issues related to data ownership and AI data scarcity.

About Fansland:

Embedded within this narrative is Fansland. AI’s vision for the future of the fan economy. By seamlessly integrating Web3 and AI technologies, Fansland.AI aims to establish the optimal DeFin (Decentralized Fans Economy Infrastructure) for global fans. This decentralized infrastructure redefines the fan economy, fostering a co-creative era for fans and their idols.


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