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Dive Into the Space of RWA With WORLDES


As technology matures and market acceptance grows, the RWA (Real World Assets) sector will expand, covering more asset types and financial products. Tokenizing RWAs will become essential in financial markets, driving global asset digitization and creating new opportunities.

RWAs will bridge real-world capital and blockchain, revitalizing traditional assets and attracting significant capital to the cryptocurrency market. The investment in WORLDES, led by Wan Bridge and supported by SIG Group, enhances its offline operational capabilities.

A Boston Consulting Group report predicts tokenized assets will reach $160 trillion by 2030, representing 10% of global GDP, a significant increase from $3.1 trillion in 2022.


WORLDES is a multidimensional real estate RWA (Real World Asset) platform that integrates blockchain, automated market maker (AMM), and generative artificial intelligence (GAI) technologies. It supports RWA liquidity yield protocols, enabling seamless mapping of physical assets to digital assets. The core objective of WORLDES is to address issues like high trading fees, transaction latency in the traditional real estate market. WORLDES brings vitality into real estate markets, providing value support for the cryptocurrency industry. The platform will reshape the traditional financial asset allocation, management, and trading models while further driving the future of investment.

WORLDES envisions close communication with regulatory authorities on asset tokenization standards, legal compliance frameworks, and payment system standards, aiming to become a leading member in standard-setting, so as to establish a global RWAR trading platform. WORLDES’s goal is to promote “easy investment and ownership of assets” by bridging physical assets with digital assets. WORLDES brings revolutionary improvements to asset liquidity, transparency, and accessibility by making assets easy to obtain, transparent, and efficient.

Major Investors and Partners

WORLDES has established strategic partnerships with top global investment institutions and companies, ensuring comprehensive advantages in technology, resources, and the market. Our strategic partners from around the world not only provide valuable resources to WORLDES but also staunch support for the market and projects. Here are some of our key strategic partners:

WanBridge Group

WanBridge, a veteran real estate player with 11 years of experience, manages assets over $1.1 billion and has distributed $100 million in rent with a 96.6% occupancy rate. In 2023, it received a $2 billion strategic investment from Welltower, a Fortune 500 company. WanBridge brings extensive real estate resources and professional management to WORLDES, ensuring high-quality projects like Pradera Oaks. Its involvement boosts market confidence and provides reliable investment protection.

SIG (ByteTradeLab)

SIG, the first-round investor in ByteDance, brings investment and technological expertise through ByteTradeLab, its WEB3 business arm. ByteTradeLab offers liquidity support, enhancing WORLDES’s trading efficiency and security. Collaborations with partners like Amber, CryptoRadish, and Moore Foundation strengthen WORLDES’s technological innovation, market expansion, and resource integration.

In addition to the aforementioned strategic partners, we have established close ecosystem partnerships with many outstanding players in the industry, including Amber, CryptoRadish, SWT, Moore Foundation, (Asia RWA Workgroup), ND Cloud, Safeheron, UWEB (University of Web3), Cloudician, iPollo, ROOS, and ETC Cooperative.

Through collaboration with these top enterprises and institutions, WORLDES has gained significant advantages in technological innovation, market expansion, and resource integration.

Solutions for Traditional Real Estate Market

WORLDES has come up with several plans targeting current pain points in the real estate market:

In traditional real estate markets, high investment thresholds, low liquidity, high transaction costs, poor transaction speed, and restrictions on cross-border investment have long plagued investors. To tackle these issues, WORLDES platform leverages blockchain, automated market maker (AMM), and generative artificial intelligence (GAI) technologies to tokenize real-world assets such as real estates through RWA scheme, providing users with innovative solutions.

  • High investment thresholds: By tokenizing real estate assets, WORLDES removes large capital requirements, allowing more people to invest.
  • Poor liquidity: Traditional markets have slow transactions and high costs. WORLDES improves liquidity with tokenization and AMM, allowing quick buying and selling.
  • High transaction costs: Smart contracts reduce costs by streamlining processes and cutting out intermediaries.
  • Unpleasant transaction speeds: AMM speeds up transactions by adjusting to market conditions, ensuring quick completions.
  • Barriers to cross-border investment: WORLDES simplifies international investments by removing currency exchange and legal complexities.

WORLDES provides a secure, efficient, and profitable digital asset management platform, transforming real estate investment.

  • Smart Contracts: Automate transactions and asset management, ensuring fairness and security while reducing human errors. Every transaction is traceable and verifiable.
  • Encryption Technology:Advanced encryption protects personal information and transaction data, ensuring privacy and security.
  • Risk Control Mechanism: Comprehensive monitoring, risk warning, and emergency response ensure platform stability and user investment security.
  • High-return Investment Opportunities: Offers diverse real estate investments, leveraging AMM and GAI to optimize strategies and improve returns, attracting significant investor interest.

WORLDES has seen several successful investment cases where investors have achieved significant returns through the platform. These stories not only demonstrate its outstanding operational capabilities but also boost investors’ confidence.

How Does WORLDES Realize RWA Tokenization?

WORLDES platform facilitates the trading of real estate and other tangible assets by tokenizing them on the blockchain. Following are the detailed steps of the tokenization process:

1. Asset Evaluation: Professionally evaluates real estate assets to determine market value, ensuring authenticity and reliability.

2. Digitalization: Converts tangible assets into digital tokens on the blockchain, enhancing liquidity and transaction convenience.

3. Blockchain Recording: Registers assets on the blockchain with transparent, immutable transaction details, ensuring security and trust.

4. Market Trading: Users can buy and sell tokens on the WORLDES platform, enabling rapid asset circulation and flexible investment opportunities.

WORLDES Core Strength

Top player in the RWA space

1. Future Largest Inflow of Funds in the Blockchain Industry: The RWA sector is gradually becoming the largest inflow of funds in the blockchain industry, and WORLDES, leveraging its first-mover advantage, has successfully drawn significant attention from funds and investors.

2. Support for Cryptocurrency Market Value: By tokenizing real-world assets such as real estate, WORLDES provides solid value support for the cryptocurrency market, enhancing market stability and attractiveness.

3. Focused on the $400 Trillion Global Real Estate RWA Market: WORLDES focuses on the global real estate market worth $400 trillion, seizing immense market opportunities and growth potential through the RWA sector.

Proficient in real assets operation

WORLDES possesses robust offline operational capabilities in real asset management, ensuring users’ profits and investment security.

1. Self-built Properties: Constructs and manages its properties, providing stable returns and reducing market risks.

2. Self-developed WBS System: Enhances efficiency and decision-making with intelligent, data-driven management, boosting investment returns and reducing costs.

3. Clear Property Rights: Ensures clear property rights for all projects, complying with laws to avoid disputes and increase transparency and security.

Technical Strength

WORLDES enhances platform security and efficiency through AMM, GAI, and ARM blockchain protocol.

1. AMM (Automated Market Maker) Mechanism: Automates market making, improving transaction efficiency and liquidity while reducing costs. Users benefit from quick, secure, and low-fee transactions.

2. Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) Advantage: Uses AI to analyze real estate data, optimizing investment decisions. Investors gain accurate market insights and advice, boosting returns.

3. ARM Blockchain Protocol Mechanism: Enhances security and transparency in a decentralized manner, ensuring a resilient and stable trading environment.

WORLDES’s Native Tokens

WORLDES addresses the issue of cryptocurrencies lacking tangible value by tokenizing real estate, offering comprehensive investment options.

The first project on the WORLDES platform is Pradera Oaks Estate, tokenized as WES. This project, valued at $20 million, tokenizes real estate on the blockchain, ensuring transparency and stability. Located in Texas, it offers a 5% annual rental income and a 10-20% total annual return. WES tokens are backed by property assets, showcasing WORLDES's strong real estate tokenization capabilities.

Native Governance Token WRA

WRA drives WORLDES's growth, allowing holders to participate in transactions, governance, and decision-making. It can be used for asset transactions and token swaps, and it rewards users who contribute to the platform. WRA enhances user engagement and platform transparency, supporting community growth.

User Experience and the Platform’s Ecosystem

WORLDES offers a user-centric ecosystem for cross-border real estate investment and management.

  • User-Friendliness: Intuitive interface with clear processes for smooth transactions and portfolio management.
  • Customer Support: 24/7 support to resolve user issues and enhance experience.
  • Efficient Real Estate Investment: Enables global real estate trading, with property tokens and automated rental payments via smart contracts.
  • Active Community Building: Engages users with updates, market reports, investment guides, and community activities, fostering a cohesive user community.

Roadmap and Fut

Following are WORLDES’s goals and blueprints:

Strategic partnership:

Collaborate with WanBridge, Welltower, and SIG-ByteTrade to boost brand awareness and resource integration.

Press Conference:

Host the WORLDES Hong Kong Press Conference and Asia-Pacific RWA Digital Summit.

Platform Spotlights:

Launch DApp beta, point system, and Pradera Oaks project for diverse investment options.

New Features Online:

Introduce limit order services, RWA mining pool, and Launchpool services to enhance functionality.

Deepen Cooperation:

Collaborate with the RWA DeFi ecosystem for global brand promotion.

Launching Exchange:

Plan to list on major cryptocurrency exchanges for improved trading depth and liquidity.

WORLDES aims to provide a secure, flexible real estate investment ecosystem, leveraging strategic partnerships and technological advancements to capture the growing RWA tokenization market, offering diverse and profitable investment opportunities.

More about WORLDES :Website | Twitter | Telegram |Discord |Medium


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