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Web3 high-quality content publishing platform UneMeta has cooperated with Bitget Wallet and is now officially connected.

Validated Project

UneMeta is an NFT incubation and trading platform focusing on high-quality content. It has currently cooperated with well-known IPs such as Hanazawa Kana, 虫プロダクション, and Kumamon to jointly issue NFTs. Bitget Wallet is a decentralized, non-custodial multi-chain wallet. Tools provide users with reliable and convenient services, and facilitate the management and viewing of assets. Currently, the two parties have formally established a cooperative relationship. Users can use the Bitget Wallet plug-in or APP to log in to the UneMeta official website to browse and trade NFTs.

In addition, the two parties also plan to carry out a number of joint activities. Users who use Bitget Wallet to participate in the activities can win extra uuu - UneMeta's platform exclusive points, which can be used to redeem high-quality NFT project whitelists and various exciting gift airdrops. Newcomers who log in for the first time can also get Kumamon NFT fragments launched by UneMeta in cooperation with the well-known IP Kumamon. It is reported that , will also be inextricably linked to UneMeta’s platform token in the future. UneMeta will also work with Bitget Wallet to explore the infinite possibilities of more high-quality content in Web3.


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