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Why Polygon x Immutable zkEVM is a Game Changer for Gaming

Validated Project

The partnership aims to elevate Web3 gaming through a secure, scalable, and enhanced EVM-compatible Layer 2 solution.

Polygon and Immutable have partnered to launch a zero-knowledge rollup-powered Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM), and it aims to take Web3 gaming to new heights. This collaboration brings together Polygon’s advanced scaling solutions and Immutable’s expertise in gaming-focused blockchain architecture, creating a more efficient development environment to equip game developers.

Polygon and Immutable team up to launch zkEVM

Polygon and Immutable work together on a new Layer-2 solution, called Immutable zkEVM, which aims to support the rapidly growing Web3 gaming sector. By leveraging Polygon’s advanced zkEVM technology with Immutable’s game-centric blockchain architecture, game developers can access highly robust development support. 

The teams plan to launch Immutable zkEVM in the coming months, with Polygon’s own zkEVM mainnet launching in beta on 27 March.

The importance of scaling solutions and zero-knowledge technology

Although Ethereum continues to dominate the blockchain space, it faces significant scaling issues, including high transaction costs and slow confirmation times. Layer-2 solutions such as Immutable X, Optimism and Arbitrum have emerged as a means to address Ethereum’s scalability challenges. They process transactions off-chain before submitting them to the Ethereum mainnet for finalization.

Zero-knowledge proofs are cryptographic methods that allow one party to prove the validity of a statement without revealing any additional information. When applied to scaling solutions like rollups, zero-knowledge technology can significantly enhance transaction privacy and reduce on-chain computational requirements. 

As a result, by utilizing zero-knowledge scaling, Ethereum’s network can maintain its security while improving its capacity and transaction processing speed.

Understanding EVM and zkEVM

Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is the core smart contract engine of the Ethereum network, enabling the execution of decentralized applications (dapps) and contracts on the platform. 

However, EVM’s compatibility with Layer-2 scaling solutions can be limited. It often requires developers to make significant changes to their code when transitioning between the mainnet and Layer-2. 

Zero-knowledge EVM (zkEVM) is a new generation of rollup technology that leverages zero-knowledge proofs to provide full EVM compatibility. This allows developers to easily port their code from mainnet to Layer-2 without making significant changes. 

It is also worth noting that EVM and zkEVM handle transactions quite differently. While the EVM processes transactions and smart contracts directly on the Ethereum mainnet, zkEVM processes them off-chain within a Layer-2 rollup. By doing so, zkEVM can significantly reduce the computational load on the Ethereum mainnet, resulting in faster and cheaper transactions.

As a result, zkEVM has the potential to greatly improve the scalability and efficiency of the Ethereum network. It opens up new opportunities for dapps, especially those that require higher throughput, such as gaming.

Revolutionizing Web3 gaming with Immutable zkEVM

Web3 gaming has emerged as a vital driving force for the mass adoption of blockchain technology. According to DappRadar’s latest BGA report, gaming is the most vibrant sector in terms of unique active wallets (UAW). In February, an average of 752,735 UAWs participated in gaming dapps each day, accounting for 45% of industry-wide activity.

Polygon and Immutable have established themselves as leaders in the Web3 gaming space, with renowned game developers such as Square Enix and Atari already building on their platforms. The introduction of Immutable zkEVM brings many benefits for game development, which will aid the mass adoption of blockchain technology through gaming. 

Here are some key advantages of zkEVM.

  • Supports custom smart contracts
  • Enables advanced gameplay mechanics
  • Enables advanced tokenomics 
  • Ethereum-level of security
  • Small gas fee per transaction with low friction for gamers

Explore trending games on Immutable and Polygon with DappRadar

As the launch of the game-changing Immutable zkEVM approaches, it’s worth taking a look at some of the most popular games currently making waves on the Immutable and Polygon platforms. 

DappRadar, as the world’s biggest dapp store, offers valuable insights into the top games on these platforms. You can simply go to our Ranking page and click on the blockchain name and Game tab at the top of the page to view the real-time game rankings.

Popular games on Polygon

Hunters On-Chain is the Web3 version of the popular mobile game Hunt Royale. The game has taken Polygon by storm. In the last 30 days, Hunters On-Chain has seen a staggering increase in user activity, recording 124,470 UAWs. The game has also seen a significant surge in transactions, with 389,360 transactions registered and a remarkable 7,528% increase.

Other popular games on Polygon include Benji Bananas, with UAW going up by 34%, and Arc8, which recorded a 95% increase in UAW.

Popular games on Immutable

Illuvium is an open-world RPG built on Immutable, featuring stunning graphics and deep gameplay mechanics. ​​The game has accumulated $729,840 in trading volume in the last 30 days.

Cross The Ages is quickly becoming a fan favorite on the Immutable platform, despite being a relatively new addition. The mobile-first trading card game is set in a dystopian world and is based on fantasy and science fiction novels. In the past month, the game has seen a 53.56% increase in UAW, with 1,010 users.

These games have already captured the attention of the gaming community. And they are poised to benefit from the enhanced scalability and performance offered by the zkEVM in the near future.

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