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Metaverse IP company Poglin announces investment from Animoca Brands

It was announced by official sources that the metaverse IP company Poglin has received investment from Animoca Brands. The investment details have not been disclosed yet. According to official sources, Poglin is committed to becoming an IP giant that covers video games, anime, comics and other fields.


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    Decrypt, the news company that covers crypto and web3, has signed a letter of intent to merge with Rug Radio, a decentralized media company for web3 creators, executives told Axios. The big picture: The merger marks the third major crypto media deal in the past month.
  • Digital asset brokerage company Nonco completed US$10 million in financing, led by Valor Capital and Hack VC

    On December 9th, digital asset brokerage company Nonco completed a $10 million seed round of financing, led by Valor Capital Group and Hack VC, with participation from Morgan Creek Digital, CMCC, Lvna Capital, Theta Capital, Bullish, Bastion Trading and Libra Capital Ventures.
    It is reported that the company was spun off from OSL Digital Limited, the American division of Hong Kong digital asset platform OSL, and is composed of the same team. OSL retains a minority stake in the new company. Since its launch in April, the company's trading volume in the Americas has reached $6 billion.
  • UK Financial Conduct Authority issues warning to cryptocurrency exchange “LYKKE”

    The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has issued a warning to the cryptocurrency exchange "LYKKE", stating that the exchange may be involved in unauthorized financial promotion activities, and is also promoting financial services or products without obtaining the necessary authorization from regulatory agencies. The UK Financial Conduct Authority also warns individuals and businesses not to cooperate with it.
  • German state-owned development bank KfW plans to issue tokenized bonds in 2024

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  • British political movement “The Other Party”: hopes to bring blockchain-powered democracy to the UK

    A political movement called "The Other Party" has been launched in the UK, aiming to bring decentralized, blockchain-based direct democracy to the country. These measures include a "governance passport" that allows citizens to actively participate in legislation and policy decisions.According to a statement, The Other Party hopes to break the traditional centralized political structure with the support of blockchain technology, paving the way for a more direct and transparent democratic process. Its mission is to eliminate the centralization of politicians and return it to the people, ensuring that every voice can be heard, every vote is important, and every decision is transparent and clean by utilizing blockchain technology.
  • Gaming Studio Gacha Monsters Raises $3M Seed Round for Immersive IP Development

    Gacha Monsters has raised $3 million in a seed round led by Animoca Brands to develop immersive intellectual property (IP) across various formats, including video games, anime, comics, physical merchandise, and Web3. The company combines original IP with established properties to bridge the gap between traditional and interactive entertainment. Its first IP, Poglin, which features a world filled with mythical creatures, is set to launch the alpha version in Q1 2024. Gacha Monsters plans to roll out Poglin into a multi-media product and has secured strategic technology partnerships with Opensea, SUI, and Open Loot, as well as integration with Arbitrum.
  • Mocaverse completed a new round of financing of US$11.88 million, with participation from OKX Ventures and others

    On December 8th, Animoca Brands' NFT series Mocaverse announced that it has completed a second round of financing of $11.88 million, with participation from Block1, OKX Ventures, Foresight Ventures, Polygon Ventures, Dapper Labs, and others. As of now, Mocaverse's total financing has reached $31.88 million, and the new funds will be used to promote Mocaverse's establishment of a digital identity and scoring system for Web3 games, culture, and entertainment.
  • Fintech startup Flow48 completes $25 million in pre-Series A funding, may provide support in "advanced fintech ecosystem"

    UAE fintech startup Flow48 announced completion of $25 million pre-A round financing, with participation from Blockchain Founders Fund, Speedinvest, Daphni, 212, Unpopular Ventures, Endeavor Catalyst, TLG and some angel investors. It is reported that this round of financing includes equity and debt financing.Flow48 provides data-driven real-time fintech solutions and helps small and medium-sized enterprises focus on ESG principles. Investors may provide support in the "advanced fintech ecosystem", with Blockchain Founders Fund's investment portfolio including Web3 API platform Uniblock, Web3 domain and TLD provider Freename, privacy protection protocol zkPas, and more.
  • UAE-based fintech Flow48 raises $25m to expand revenue-based financing in MENA SME space

    Flow48, a UAE-based fintech, has raised $25 million in Pre-Series A funding with the aim of introducing revenue-based financing (RBF) to the SME space in the MENA region. The round includes equity and debt, and investors include 212 VC, Speedinvest, Daphni, Blockchain Founders Fund, Unpopular Ventures, Endeavor Catalyst, TLG, and angel investors such as Scott Sandell from NEA. Founder Idriss Al Rifai believes that his experience of solving 'last mile' issues in the Middle East will be useful in the RBF arena, as the level of information and data in the region is different from that in the US and Europe. The MENA region is projected to grow by 5.4% in 2022, and the e-commerce market in Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Egypt is expected to grow by over 50% to $33.3 billion in the next three years, according to Bain.
  • Privy Raises $18M in Series A Funding for API Development in Consumer Crypto Products

    Privy, a New York-based company that builds APIs for developers to onboard users to consumer crypto products, has secured $18 million in Series A funding. The funding round was led by Paradigm, with participation from existing investors such as Sequoia Capital, BlueYard Capital, and Archetype. The company plans to use the funds to expand its operations and development efforts. Privy's infrastructure processes millions of transactions every month and has onboarded over one million users to onchain products across various industries. The company's SDK offers authentication flows that enable developers to onboard consumers quickly.