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$3,188.21 24H Price $3,291.15

ETH Price Live Data

Ethereum today's live price is $3,258.48 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $11,948,452,731 USD. Ethereum has climbed by 2.17% in the last 24 hours. The current ranking is #2, with a live market cap of $397,689,189,191 USD, and a circulating supply of 122,047,160 ETH coins.

Market Cap
Volume (24h)
Circulating Supply
122,047,160 ETH
Fully Diluted Market Cap
$ 397,689,189,191


Binance’s ETH pledged amount exceeds 1.1 million, surpassing Figment

According to data from, the ETH staking amount on Binance's Ethereum staking platform has exceeded 1.1 million, reaching 1,162,816 at the time of writing. This surpasses Figment and ranks after Lido (9,342,683 ETH) and Coinbase (4,374,081 ETH). Historical data shows that Figment's ETH staking amount surpassed Binance and became the third largest ETH staking platform in December last year, but the platform's ETH staking amount has now decreased to 934,592.

Strike CEO: ETH is more like stocks, while Bitcoin solves “the biggest financial problem of our time”

Jack Mallers, CEO and Co-Founder of Bitcoin payment company Strike, believes that Bitcoin has the potential to solve "the biggest financial problem in history," which is the central bank and global debt crisis. Mallers pointed out that other cryptocurrencies such as "Ethereum, Solana, and Dogecoin" should not be classified together because they cannot solve the fundamental financial problems that Bitcoin can solve. Ethereum can be seen as a "technical game," indicating that its value and utility are more in line with technical innovation and adoption, rather than as a stable financial tool, so it is more like a stock. Investing in it is like investing in stocks like Tesla, while Bitcoin is more autonomous and independent of the mainstream financial system.

Illuminating Ethereum's Order Flow Landscape

We live in a world where decentralized finance ("defi") market structure and transaction execution is constantly changing, and poorly understood by most. Among this complexity, it is easy to forget that defi's market structure today is meaningfully different from the current state of traditional finance ("tradfi"). From the roots of a permissionless, global, decentralized genesis, defi is already well along the path to addressing a number of the criticisms levied at tradfi execution, by market participants and regulators alike.

Sepolia & Holesky Dencun Announcement

Goerli blobs are here: Dencun went live on Goerli at 6:32 UTC on January 17, 2024. You can now use blobs there! Sepolia and Holesky will upgrade over the next two weeks. Dencun will activate on Sepolia at epoch 132608 (January 30th, 22:51 UTC), and on Holesky at epoch 29696 (February 7th, 11:35 UTC). Client releases in this announcement are suitable for both testnet upgrades.

Go Ethereum releases Geth v1.13.11, enables Cancun and related changes in Sepolia and Holesky

Go Ethereum, the Go language client for Ethereum, announced the release of Geth v1.13.11. Sepolia will be upgraded on January 31st and Holesky will be upgraded on February 7th. This version fixes some errors and enables the Cancun upgrade for the Sepolia and Holesky networks. Additionally, it upgrades support for EIP-4844 transactions in API methods.

Lodestar Proposals for next Electra/Cancun Fork

With the implementation of Deneb/Cancun almost complete, client teams were asked to provide suggestions on inclusions to the next Electra/Cancun hard fork. This blog post is to outline the combined consensus of Lodestar’s main contributors, inspired by the writings of Paradigm’s Reth team and commendation of this method at AllCoreDevs Execution Meeting 179.

On Block Sizes, Gas Limits and Scalability

There has been much discussion about raising Ethereum’s block gas limit recently.Some argue for bigger blocks based on Moore’s law, some based on a personal gut feeling, some are just trolling around and others are afraid that other chains like Solana will outpace Ethereum when it comes to widespread user adoption.

Client diversity on Ethereum's consensus layer

Ethereum has multiple interoperable clients developed and maintained in different languages by independent teams. This is a major achievement and can provide resilience to the network by limiting the effects of a bug or attack to only the portion of the network running the affected client. However, this strength is only realized if users distribute roughly evenly across the available clients. At present, the vast majority of Ethereum nodes run a single client, inviting unnecessary risk to the network.

Ethereum moves back above $2,200

Aaccording to OKX market data, Ethereum rebounded above $2200 and is now priced at $2216.35, with a 24-hour decline narrowing to 6.48%.

Ethereum drops below $2,200

Ethereum fell below $2200 and is now trading at $2188.48, with a 24-hour drop of 8.48%. <br>

The ETH whale with a 100% winning rate since November sold 12,715 ETH

According to on-chain analyst @ai_9684xtpa, in the past two hours, an ETH whale with a 100% win rate since November sold 12,715 ETH (worth $28.25 million) at an average price of $2,221, resulting in a loss of $2.02 million. Currently, the whale still holds 7,001 ETH and has a Maker health score of 1.12.

ETH briefly broke through $2,400 and then fell back, down 3.16% in 24H

According to the market data from Eu Yi OKX, ETH fell after a short-term breakthrough of 2400 USDT, and is now reported at 2395.74 USDT, with a 24-hour decline of 3.16%.

Ethereum recovers and briefly breaks through $2,400

According to OKX market data, Ethereum rebounded and briefly broke through $2400, currently priced at $2396, with a 24-hour decline narrowing to 3.1%.

Ethereum Foundation Engages in Major ETH Swap as Price Falls Below $2,400

The Ethereum Foundation has reportedly swapped over $1.5 million worth of ETH for DAI stablecoin, selling 700 ETH on Cow Protocol and acquiring 1.68 million DAI tokens. This move comes as the price of Ethereum dropped below $2,400 and major ETH whale activity suggests a further sell-off. In the past five hours, ETH worth $122.15 million has been dumped across various exchanges, including Binance and Coinbase. Despite a short-term bearish downturn, ETH is trading above the 50-day and 100-day EMAs, indicating a bullish sentiment in the long term.

Nethermind fixes a critical bug in Ethereum client

The development company Nethermind has fixed a severe error in the Ethereum execution client that caused block processing failure for validators. According to the company's Technical Director, Daniel Cadela, the consensus error affected software versions 1.23 to 1.25. All node operators need to update to version 1.25.2. The error was first reported by GitHub user wga22, who stated that the Nethermind execution client had an error when verifying transactions. Although this event affected a small portion of Ethereum nodes, it sparked a new discussion about the network's dependency on large clients such as Geth.

Multiple whales accumulated a total of 26,841 ETH

According to Lookonchain monitoring, whales are accumulating ETH, with a total of 26,841 ETH (US$64.5 million). Address 0x55C1 withdrew 7,779 ETH (US$18.7 million) from Binance 2 hours ago. Addresses 0xDa17 and 0x278f (possibly the same person) withdrew 8,077 ETH (US$19.4 million) from Bitfinex. Address 0x5a11 withdrew 3,228 ETH (US$7.8 million) from Binance. 6 new wallets withdrew 7,756 ETH (US$18.7 million) from Binance and Kraken.

The Ethereum Foundation converted 700 ETH into DAI and transferred it to the 0x9eE address used to fund the disbursement of funds.

As monitored by on-chain analyst Yu Jin, half an hour ago, the Ethereum Foundation sold 700 ETH at a price of $2,406 and exchanged it for 1,684,445 DAI at the address used to fund the funding withdrawal. Path: Ethereum Foundation transferred ETH → 0xbC9 address → sold for DAI at 0xd77 address → used for funding withdrawal at address (0x9eE).

Ethereum briefly fell below $2,400, down 2.85% in 24 hours

According to OKX market data, Ethereum briefly fell below $2400, currently priced at $2404, with a 24-hour decline of 2.85%.

A certain whale sold 645 ETH an hour ago and has a remaining position of 20,841 ETH.

According to Chain Analysis analyst @ai_9684xtpa that in the past six hours, an ETH whale with a win rate of 100% since November has cumulatively purchased 2580 ETH (valued at $6.26 million) with an average cost of $2425. An hour ago, the whale sold 645 ETH at an average price of $2431. Currently, the address holds a total of 20,841 ETH (valued at $50.45 million), with an average purchase cost of $2380 and a floating profit of $850,000.

A giant whale withdrew 7,779 ETH from Binance 1 hour ago

According to Spot On Chain monitoring, a whale that has gained a total profit of $14.6 million from ETH has obtained more tokens during the recent downturn. One hour ago, the whale 0x55c withdrew 7,779 ETH ($18.9 million) from Binance at a price of about $2,430, close to the local bottom. It is worth noting that the whale deposited 9 million USDT into Binance 5 days ago.

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