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$3,144.42 24H Price $3,468.74

ETH Price Live Data

Ethereum today's live price is $3,177.67 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $22,832,390,705 USD. Ethereum has dropped by 8.18% in the last 24 hours. The current ranking is #2, with a live market cap of $382,046,090,416 USD, and a circulating supply of 120,228,315 ETH coins.

Market Cap
Volume (24h)
Circulating Supply
120,228,315 ETH
Fully Diluted Market Cap
$ 382,046,090,416


The Ethereum Foundation-associated address deposited 200 ETH to Kraken a few minutes ago

blockchain analyst @ai_9684xtpa has monitored that the Ethereum Foundation's associated address 0x9d2...C43B1 deposited 200 ETH worth $740,000 to Kraken five minutes ago. This address has been dormant for six years and woke up for the first time after April 28, 2024. It received 2,000 ETH transferred by the Ethereum Foundation in 2015 and currently has 1,029 ETH remaining.

Investment fund Fasanara Capital withdrew 1,600 ETH from the exchange three hours ago

Fasanara Capital, a UK investment fund, withdrew 1600 ETH worth about $6.2 million from Bybit and Cooper three hours ago. As of now, the fund's wallet holds 5383 ETH worth about $20.16 million.

A single transaction with a transaction fee of 33.77 ETH appeared on the Ethereum chain

According to Whale Alert monitoring, at 14:15 Beijing time, there was a single transaction on the Ethereum blockchain with a transaction fee of 33.77 ETH (worth about $126,700). The on-chain labels of the two parties involved in the transaction were "jaredfromsubway.eth" and "jaredfromsubway: MEV Bot", and a complex set of operations was executed in this transaction.

Bloomberg ETF Analyst: Ethereum Lacks an “Easily Understandable” Voice to Attract Baby Boomers to ETFs

Eric Balchunas, an ETF analyst at Bloomberg, believes that Ethereum lacks an "easy-to-understand" voice to attract the millennial generation to purchase ETFs. He said, "For Ethereum, is there such a simple sentence? If so, what is it? One of the challenges facing Ethereum ETFs in entering the world of the millennial generation with a 60/40 investment portfolio is to refine its purpose/value into an easy-to-understand voice. The potential obstacle to the success of spot Ethereum ETFs is how to resonate with investors aged 60-80."

Whales betting on the ETH ecosystem have withdrawn $7.22 million worth of ETH ecosystem-related tokens from Binance in the past hour

Blockchain analyst Yu Jin has monitored that in the past hour, whales/institutions betting on the Ethereum ecosystem have continued to withdraw Ethereum ecosystem-related tokens worth $7.22 million from Binance: 256,000 UNI ($2.72 million), 12,800 AAVE ($136), 742,000 LDO ($189), and 250,000 FXS ($125).

QCP Capital: ETH options trading volume reached 185 this week, but actual price performance was disappointing

QCP Capital analysis shows that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has approved the 19b-4 form of eight spot ETH ETF issuers, including Blackrock and Fidelity. However, trading cannot begin until the S-1 form is approved. The market is expected to experience a big explosion this week, with options trading volume reaching 185. However, the price trend is disappointing, causing the front-end volatility to drop below 60. Although the trading of ETH spot ETF is only a matter of time, it may take some time. As investors take the opportunity to establish more ETH long positions, the trading platform has continued to see sustained demand for long-term ETH call options.

Ethereum 188th ACDE Meeting: Discussing Pectra Upgrade Details and Scope Changes

Christine Kim, Vice President of Galaxy Research, shared the main contents of the latest conference call by the Ethereum Core Developer (ACDE), where developers discussed and coordinated changes to the Ethereum Execution Layer (EL). This week, the main points discussed by developers include:

Will this cycle skip Ethereum?

Ryan Sean Adams is going to take the perspective of long-term Ethereum bulls, not the obviously wrong dyed in the wool Ethereum is dead haters.

A new wallet deposited 3,700 ETH received by Galaxy Digital into Coinbase 8 hours ago

According to The Data Nerd, 8 hours ago, a new wallet with the address 0x558 received 3,700 ETH (approximately $11.53 million USD) from Galaxy Digital and subsequently deposited it into Coinbase. At the same time, Galaxy Digital also deposited 1,300 ETH (approximately $4.05 million USD) into Bitstamp. The total amount of ETH deposited was 5,000 (approximately $15.58 million USD).

Ethereum on-chain DEX transaction volume yesterday was $1.491 billion

According to DeFiLlama data, the trading volume of DEX on the Ethereum blockchain on May 18 was 1.491 billion US dollars, ranking first. In addition, the trading volume of DEX on the Solana blockchain yesterday was 1.072 billion US dollars, ranking second; the trading volume of DEX on the BSC blockchain yesterday was 429.75 million US dollars, ranking third.

The total open interest of BTC options is $20.42 billion, and the open interest of ETH options is $9.23 billion.

According to Coinglass data, the nominal value of open BTC option positions on the entire network is $20.42 billion, and the nominal value of open ETH option positions is $9.23 billion.

A whale purchased 8,454.3 ETH in 18 hours through revolving loans

The whale who mainly plays with ETH's circular loan has accumulated a total of 8,454.3 ETH (26.34 million US dollars) through circular loans in the past 18 hours since last night at 10 o'clock, with an average price of about 3,079 US dollars, as monitored by on-chain analyst Yu Jin. Currently, the stablecoins he has lent out are worth 17.5 million USDT, and the loan-to-value ratio is 1.24 (his position will be liquidated when the ETH price reaches around 2,364 without increasing collateral).

The total amount of Ethereum beacon chain staked exceeds 32.6 million ETH

According to Dune data, the current total amount of ETH staked on the Ethereum beacon chain is 32,604,101, which accounts for 27.2% of the total ETH supply. Among them, the stake share of the Lido liquidity staking protocol is 28.64%.

The long position of a certain whale has grown to 5,683 ETH

According to on-chain analyst @ai_9684xtpa, the long funds of a certain whale have increased to 5,683 ETH (worth $17.56 million), with an average long price of about $3,069.

Cointime May 12 News Express

1.The number of Bittensor subnets for the AI ​​project will increase to 64, and 1024 subnets will be achieved this year2.Trader predicts Bitcoin price will reach $350,0003.vladilena.eth redeemed 1930 weETH from Zircult, suspected of selling4.Solana’s on-chain DEX transaction volume yesterday exceeded the sum of five chains including Ethereum, BSC, and Arbitrum5.RSS3 VSL locked-in amount surged in the past two days and is close to 200 million US dollars 6.The transaction volume of Club Key on platform exceeded 1 million7.Lido has paid out more than 516,000 ETH in staking rewards, equivalent to approximately $1.51 billion8.1,000 BTC transferred from TronDAO to an unknown new wallet9.Report: Justin Sun deposited 120,000 eETH into Swell L2, worth $376 million10.1707.36 BTC have flowed out of Binance in the past 7 days

ETH falls below $2,900

OKX-ETH/USDT is currently trading at $2909.11, with a 24-hour decrease of 0.65%.

Report: Justin Sun deposited 120,000 eETH into Swell L2, worth $376 million

According to a report by Kairos Research, Swell, a non-custodial collateral agreement, has a total TVL of $2.1 billion (713,000 ETH) as of the time of writing. Of this $2.1 billion, 29.57% is held in its swETH liquidity collateral token, 17.78% is held in its rswETH liquidity re-collateralization token, and the remaining 52.65% is held in its L2 deposit contract. Most of Swell's L2 deposits are composed of Swell ecosystem tokens, such as rswETH, swETH, and affiliated Pendle main tokens.

Lido has paid out more than 516,000 ETH in staking rewards, equivalent to approximately $1.51 billion

On May 12th, according to official data, the total amount of ETH collateral on the Lido liquidity collateral platform is 9,365,480 ETH, equivalent to approximately $27,425,404,621. In addition, as of now, Lido has paid out 516,716 ETH in collateral rewards, equivalent to approximately $1,513,125,041.

Huang Licheng currently holds 101 keys on

According to a screenshot displayed by "Maji Big Brother" Huang Licheng on X platform, he currently holds 101 Keys on According to the latest data from Dune Analytics, the current trading volume of is about 621,206,726 US dollars, and the transaction fee has reached 17,221.37 ETH.

The total open interest of ETH contracts is $10.61 billion

The total open position of ETH futures contracts on the entire network is 3.63 million ETH, equivalent to approximately 10.61 billion US dollars. Among them, the open position of Binance ETH contracts is 1.25 million ETH (approximately 3.64 billion US dollars), ranking first.

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