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$3,179.91 24H Price $3,290.55

ETH Price Live Data

Ethereum today's live price is $3,255.34 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $11,831,828,179 USD. Ethereum has climbed by 2.4% in the last 24 hours. The current ranking is #2, with a live market cap of $397,305,676,043 USD, and a circulating supply of 122,047,160 ETH coins.

Market Cap
Volume (24h)
Circulating Supply
122,047,160 ETH
Fully Diluted Market Cap
$ 397,305,676,043


Justin Sun has transferred approximately $60 million worth of crypto assets from Binance since December 18 last year

According to Lookonchain monitoring, Justin Sun has withdrawn $60 million worth of assets from Binance starting from December 18, 2023. The assets include: 17,433 ETH ($43 million); 68,999 AAVE ($6.7 million); 6.564 billion SHIB ($6.3 million); 61,249 LINK ($957,000); 27.16 billion FLOKI ($885,000); 1.7 million MANA ($826,000); and 100,100 BAND ($168,000).

Open interest in ETH contracts across the network dropped to $8.415 billion

Coinglass data shows that the total open position of ETH futures contracts on the entire network is 3.4035 million ETH, equivalent to $8.415 billion, with a 24-hour decrease of 3.32%.

The address associated with PulseChain pledged 2,607 ETH to Mantle 20 minutes ago, equivalent to approximately US$6.46 million.

20 minutes ago, the PulseChain related address pledged 2,607 ETH worth $6.46 million to Mantle, as monitored by @ai_9684xtpa. This part of the ETH was transferred multiple times from the PulseChain address nine months ago (April 13, 2023), with a cost basis of $1,917 and currently a floating profit of $1.45 million.

Ethereum Attestation Service EAS launches “Attestation Fellowship” builder program

Ethereum Attestation Service EAS has announced the establishment of the "Attestation Fellowship" builder program on X platform. The program lasts for 6 weeks, and selected teams can launch proof products, including knowledge tracing, reputation systems, data markets, content authenticity, voting systems, audit verification, mortgage loans, RWA verification, etc. Early founders or teams who have not yet received financing can submit applications before February 18th. About 10 teams will officially enter the program at the end of February. It is reported that the program does not provide direct investment and does not guarantee any investment from partners.

Galaxy researcher: The probability of Dencun being deployed on the Ethereum mainnet at the end of March is 60%

According to Christine Kim, a researcher at Galaxy, it is estimated that there is a 60% possibility of Dencun being deployed on the Ethereum mainnet by the end of March, given the enthusiasm of Ethereum core developers for its release after the Goerli fork this week. The possibility of the Ethereum mainnet upgrading earlier in late February is not high, at around 30%. In addition, if developers discover unexpected and serious errors during the Dencun upgrade in Sepolia or Holesky, it may still be postponed until April or later.

In 2016, the whale address that built a large-scale ETH position transferred 8,600 ETH to Coinbase.

According to the blockchain data analyst @ai_9684xtpa, a whale/institutional address that massively built up ETH in 2016 transferred 8,600 ETH (about $21.36 million) to Coinbase 20 minutes ago. If all were sold, it would earn a profit of $21.25 million. It is reported that the address transferred 172,707 ETH from Poloniex seven years ago (July-August 2016), with an average cost of $12.83. Before the transfer, it still held 47,017 tokens, with a total profit of $116 million. Since 2024, the address has accumulated 13,200 ETH worth $31.47 million by depositing to Coinbase.

$370 million in funds moved from Ethereum to other blockchains in the past month, with nearly 90% going to Sui and Solana

According to data from the Wormhole protocol, a total of $370 million in liquidity has been transferred from Ethereum to other blockchains in the past month, with nearly 90% going to Sui and Solana. Dan Reecer, the head of operations for Wormhole, believes that the outflow of funds may be driven by memecoins and airdrop speculation. Multiple Solana DeFi protocols, including Kamino, MarginFi, Parcl, and Solend, have announced their own reward systems. In addition, the incentive program within Sui's ecosystem has "driven a lot of DeFi activity," which may also explain some of the outflow of funds.

ETH breaks $2,500

OKX-ETH/USDT is currently trading at $2499.47, with a 24-hour decrease of 0.74%.

A certain whale transferred 33,602 ETH to Binance through 3 multi-signature addresses half an hour ago

According to on-chain analyst Yu Jin, on January 19th, a whale/institution transferred 33,602 ETH ($83.09 million) to Binance through 3 multi-signature addresses half an hour ago. These ETH were recently redeemed from ETH PoS staking. In addition, these 3 multi-signature addresses still hold 111,733 ETH ($276 million) in the ETH PoS staking contract.

Ethereum network gas fee drops to 21 gwei

According to Etherscan data, the current gas fee on the Ethereum network has dropped to 21 gwei.

What do I think about network states?

On July 4, Balaji Srinivasan released the first version of his long-awaited new book describing his vision for "network states": communities organized around a particular vision of how to run their own society that start off as online clubs, but then build up more and more of a presence over time and eventually become large enough to seek political autonomy or even diplomatic recognition.

Dencun Upgrade Overview

This is the first article of a series of educational posts regarding all things Dencun, EIP4844 and lower tx fees on Ethereum L2s.Here, we will discuss the Dencun Upgrade at a high level, explaining all the changes it’ll bring to Ethereum, both on its Execution Layer and its Consensus Layer.

The Ethereum Foundation Grant Provider address transfers 100 ETH to the associated address, sells it for 250,000 DAI and transfers it back to the foundation address

According to on-chain analyst @ai_9684xtpa's monitoring data, 5 minutes ago, the Ethereum Foundation Grant Provider address transferred 100 ETH to the associated address 0xd77...6c1f4, and immediately sold it for 250,000 DAI and transferred it back to the Foundation address.

About US$1.6 billion of pledged ETH was redeemed last week, the largest amount since Shanghai’s upgrade

Data released by on-chain data and research analyst Tom Wan showed that last week saw the largest-scale ETH redemption since the Shanghai upgrade, with 656,200 ETH (approximately $1.6 billion) being redeemed, with 85% of redemptions led by Figment and Celsius.

Based Rollups can reward Proposers first come first serve

Based rollups don’t need a complicated auctioning system to reward proposers if they are willing to sacrifice L2 MEV rewards

The Ethereum Foundation transferred 1,333 ETH, or used it for ecological funding

According to @ai_9684xtpa monitoring, the Ethereum Foundation transferred 1333 ETH worth 3.39 million US dollars to 5 addresses half an hour ago, which may be used for ecological funding.

In 2024, Crypto Summer Is Coming, and This One Will Be Different

Expect greater stability on Ethereum, the convergence of CBDCs and stablecoins, and progress on industrial applications of blockchain tech, says EY’s Paul Brody.

14699 ETH transferred from unknown wallet to Coinbase

According to Whale Alert monitoring, 14,699 ETH (about $37,580,713) was transferred from an unknown wallet to Coinbase.

cVault Finance deployer sold 12,000 ETH 8 hours ago, making $16 million profit

According to the analysis by on-chain analyst Yu Jin, cVault Finance's deploying address obtained 17,040 ETH through the initial allocation of project token CORE in 2020; From April to September 2021, these ETH were sold at a price of $2,718 and exchanged for 46.31 million DAI; In November to December 2022, 20 million DAI was used to buy 16,227 ETH at an average price of $1,232 at the market bottom; 8 hours ago, 12,000 ETH (worth 30.8 million US dollars) were sold at an average price of $2,568, earning a profit of 16 million US dollars.

ETH breaks through $2,700

The market shows ETH breaking through $2,700, currently reporting at $2,700.57, with a daily increase of 1.37%. The market is volatile, please be cautious of risks.

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