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$5.79 24H Price $6.27

ATOM Price Live Data

Cosmos today's live price is $5.82 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $120,659,227 USD. Cosmos has dropped by 7.29% in the last 24 hours. The current ranking is #21, with a live market cap of $2,275,537,789 USD, and a circulating supply of 390,930,671 ATOM coins.

Market Cap
Volume (24h)
Circulating Supply
390,930,671 ATOM
Fully Diluted Market Cap
$ 2,275,537,789


Cosmos Faces Resistance at Bearish Order Block, Development Activity Flattens

July 4 (Cointime) -Cosmos (ATOM) is focused on reaching the $10 psychological level, but there are concerns about its short-term capacity to exceed that level due to some out-of-sync fundamental and technical indicators. Bitcoin (BTC) is fluctuating between $29.5k and $31.4k, with $30.8k being a key resistance level for bulls.

Cosmos and Polkadot Experience Similar Growth in Development Activity, While Social Engagements Decline

June 27 (Cointime) - Both Cosmos and Polkadot have seen significant growth in development activity, with an increase in active developers on both protocols. However, social engagements and sentiment have declined for both. Despite this, stakers remain optimistic, with a significant growth in the number of stakers for CosmosHub in the last month. Polkadot has also experienced growth in activity and revenue, with a surge in daily active users. The two tokens have experienced price increases in recent weeks, but there has been a notable divergence in volume and price between the two.

Peaq and Collaborate to Introduce Multi-Chain Self-Sovereign Machine Identities for Interoperability in Web3 Space

June 26 (Cointime) - Peaq and have joined forces to introduce Self-Sovereign Machine Identities that allow for seamless data exchange and identification between vehicles, robots, and devices on Polkadot and Cosmos ecosystems. This technology has the potential to revolutionize connectivity and efficiency by facilitating decentralized data exchanges and enhancing coordination.

Venture Capitalist Doubles Down on Solana and Cosmos, Says 2024 Redemption Arc Incoming

Chris Burniske, a crypto investor and partner at venture capital firm Placeholder, remains bullish on Solana (SOL) and Cosmos (ATOM) despite recent market downturns. The US Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) listing of SOL as a security in its charges against Coinbase and Binance caused a significant drop in the altcoin markets, with SOL down 94% from its all-time high and Cosmos down over 81%.

Gateway to Cosmos 2023 Sets Stage for Prague Blockchain Week with Record Attendance

The Gateway to Cosmos 2023 conference, held in Prague from June 3-5, drew a record 600 attendees from around the world. The event featured talks, presentations, panel discussions, and workshops focused on shaping the future of Cosmos, the Internet of blockchains.

Injective, a decentralized exchange built on the Cosmos network, has reached a significant milestone of its 100th token burn

Injective, a decentralized exchange built on the Cosmos network, has reached its 100th token burn milestone. To celebrate, all auction bidders to date will be rewarded with a Ninja Pass which unlocks exclusive access to Project X and other giveaways. Injective currently has the highest token burn ratio in crypto and every week 60% of fees collected from dApps built on Injective are collected into an auction basket for INJ holders to bid on assets such as USDC, ETH and USDT.

Cosmos Integrates ICS-721 Standard to Enable Cross-Chain NFT Tracking and Transfers

Cosmos has announced the integration of a new standard for NFT interoperability, which will allow users to track and transfer NFTs across different blockchains without the need for a bridging protocol. The ICS-721 standard is an application layer inter-blockchain communication protocol that enables communication between blockchains.

Terra Classic (LUNC) Community Conquers Upgrade 2.0.1: Price Skyrockets by 3% – Is a Price Explosion Ahead?

The latest upgrade to the Terra Classic blockchain includes mandatory security updates and a minimum initial deposit for governance proposals. The successful implementation of the v2.0.1 upgrade by the Joint L1 Task Force has resulted in a positive reaction from traders, driving the LUNC price up by 3%. The next major upgrade, the Cosmwasm v1.1.0 upgrade (parity), is scheduled for May 31 and will enable projects and builders on Cosmos and Terra Luna 2.0 to resume development on the Terra Classic chain. The Terra Classic community is also discussing increasing the burn tax to 1.2% and launching a testnet for the AI upgrade called Block Entropy.

Crypto Market Analysis May 2023: COSMOS, Pepe, Bitget & Big Eyes Coin

According to a Forbes article, the cryptocurrency market has entered a new bull market cycle, following a historical pattern. In 2023, Bitcoin reached $30k and meme coins are back in action. After weighing the pros and cons of various altcoins, four coins were found to have exceptional potential for future scope, projects, and price ranges.

Best Cryptos To Buy In May 2023: Big Eyes Coin, Pepe Coin, Bitget Token And Cosmos

This article highlights four cryptocurrencies that are making waves in the fintech industry: Pepe Coin, Bitget Token, Cosmos, and Big Eyes Coin. Pepe Coin is a unique concept that merges humor and digital currencies, leveraging the popularity of internet memes to create a dynamic ecosystem.

Cosmos (ATOM) Shows Signs of Recovery Amidst Bearish Market Sentiment

Cosmos (ATOM) experienced a bearish trend on April 17, 2023, dropping the asset to a low of $10.12 from $12.88. However, the current month has seen a surge in demand for Cosmos (ATOM), leading to a remarkable price performance. The 24-hour trading volume is up by 9.04%, indicating that the market activities around ATOM are increasing. The ecosystem recently announced the adoption of its first Cosmos native shared security model by a widely known Permissionless CosmWasm platform called Neutron, which could attract more investors, traders, and institutions into the network, driving the demand for ATOM significantly over time.

Sparklo Emerges as Preferred Blockchain Network, Threatening Polkadot and Cosmos Market Share

Sparklo (SPRK) is a newcomer to the blockchain field but is rapidly gaining popularity due to its distinct features and quick growth. In comparison to Polkadot (DOT) and Cosmos (ATOM), Sparklo (SPRK) offers blockchain developers a more affordable and convenient option with lower fees and greater scalability. Additionally, investors can own a portion of the metal they invest in thanks to Sparklo’s special fractional ownership feature, enabling smaller investments and greater accessibility. On the other hand, Polkadot (DOT) has suffered multiple hacks and security breaches affecting users, raising serious concerns about its general dependability and security. Cosmos (ATOM) has also come under fire recently for its lack of decentralization and governance issues.

Cosmos Hub Governance Approves Stride’s Integration into ATOM Economic Zone to Adopt Interchain Security

The Cosmos Hub community has voted to approve the integration of Stride into the ATOM Economic Zone. Stride will provide liquid staking services within the Cosmos ecosystem. As part of the integration, Stride will contribute a portion of its revenues to ATOM stakers and adopt the Interchain Security model. The integration of Stride is expected to boost rewards for ATOM holders and enhance security for the Cosmos ecosystem. Stride's neutral focus on liquid staking services makes it a good fit within the ATOM Economic Zone and could extend synergies to the broader Interchain. The move demonstrates Cosmos Hub's commitment to fostering an innovative and secure blockchain environment.

Cosmos (ATOM) Demonstrates Resilience in Crypto Markets Amidst Fresh Updates and Adoption of Replicated Security Model

Despite a downturn in the broader cryptocurrency markets, Cosmos Hub's (ATOM) price has shown remarkable strength and resilience over the past few days. This may be due to the team behind the project announcing fresh updates, including the launch of the Replicated Security Model, which has gained adoption by a top smart contract and consumer chain platform. The Replicated Security Model provides security to smart contracts and consumer chain platforms, allowing them to focus on other application areas and services. Cosmos (ATOM) is currently trading at $11.04, with bulls pushing its price above the key resistance at $10.90.

Cosmos-Based Defi Protocol Nolus Raises 2.5M to Build the First Cross-Chain Defi Lease

Nolus, an interoperable application on Cosmos, has secured $2.5 million in pre-seed and seed funding to tackle inefficiencies in DeFi money markets. 

Dymension Launches IBC-Enabled EVM Rollup on Testnet to Enhance Cosmos Ecosystem

Blockchain scaling startup – Dymension – announced the launch of the world’s first IBC-enabled EVM rollup on testnet in collaboration with Evmos Core Teams and Celestia. The latest offering is part of Dymension’s roadmap to establish and bootstrap a new ecosystem of IBC-enabled rollups. The collaboration, on the other hand, will bring “superior” EVM blockchain access to the Cosmos ecosystem.

Developers Block Potential ‘Eight Figure’ Exploit Involving Cosmos-Based Ethermint

A vulnerability affecting the Cosmos ecosystem and Ethermint was recently discovered by Jump Crypto and blocked before it could cause significant damage. Ethermint, which enables the use of Ethereum smart contracts within the Cosmo ecosystem, was the affected network. The bug could have allowed an attacker to bypass specific smart contract functions and steal transaction fees, leading to denial of service to users. The Evmos Core Development team and the Cronos team collaborated with Jump Crypto to address the issue, including a patch to block transactions with certain messages to eliminate the attack vector. No malicious exploitation occurred, and the Cronos team awarded Jump Crypto a $25,000 bounty for their discovery. The root cause of the vulnerability was improper handling of transactional messages in Ethermint's implementation, specifically the interaction between two message types. The attacker exploited the vulnerability by embedding one message type inside another, bypassing a security feature responsible for deducting gas fees from transactions.

DeFi Migration: Why dYdX and SushiSwap Abandon Ethereum

As more crypto projects — like dYdX and SushiSwap — search for cheaper and faster DeFi alternatives, Ethereum’s getting left behind. Are we Observing the fall of the king or the specialization of networks?

Bluzelle Introduces Capella, an NFT Marketplace for Enhanced Web3 Gaming and Digital Assets on Cosmos

Bluzelle has introduced Capella, a new NFT marketplace that is designed to enhance Web3 gaming and digital asset management on the Cosmos network. Capella will allow users to buy, sell, and trade NFTs, which are unique digital assets that are verified on a blockchain. The marketplace will also provide tools for creators to mint and manage their own NFTs, which could help to democratize the creation of digital assets.

All About Cosmos, its Latest Plans for IBC, and How Ethereum Fits the Bill

Cosmos has announced its intentions to push towards building and expanding an interconnected internet of blockchains again, starting with the implementation of IBC with solidity to connect Ethereum to Cosmos. This move will enable the transfer of data, tokens, and messages to multiple blockchains through IBC, including enterprise Ethereum and all EVM-compatible blockchain networks. Onboarding Ethereum will make Cosmos and the IBC more attractive to other potential prospects, and the demand for ATOM should go up as more blockchains get connected to the Cosmos hub. However, ATOM's performance has been delivering sideways action for the last 12 days, with limited volumes and low volatility prevailing. If Cosmos proceeds and succeeds with its plans this year, it could boost ATOM's potential value. (ambcrypto)

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