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$8.65 24H Price $8.87

ATOM Price Live Data

Cosmos today's live price is $8.76 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $149,608,044 USD. Cosmos has climbed by 0.25% in the last 24 hours. The current ranking is #21, with a live market cap of $3,425,841,600 USD, and a circulating supply of 390,930,671 ATOM coins.

Market Cap
Volume (24h)
Circulating Supply
390,930,671 ATOM
Fully Diluted Market Cap
$ 3,425,841,600


Cosmos Hub Searching for Research Team To Revamp ATOM

Community members from the Cosmos Hub are looking to provide grants to researchers who are interested in helping the team revamp the blockchain’s native ATOM token.

Cosmos Interchain Session at Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2023

On April 15th, the “Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2023 — Interchain Session” proudly hosted by the Interchain Foundation and organized by Bianjie will be presented at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Circle's USDC Sees $10B Outflows Since SVB Collapse, Tether Dominance Rises

Circle-backed stablecoin USDC has seen net outflows exceed $10 billion since the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) on March 10th. USDC's market cap has fallen by over 42% to $33.2 billion from its all-time high last June, while its rival&nbsp;<a>stablecoin Tether</a>&nbsp;(USDT) has reached its most significant market share since May 2021, representing 60% of all stablecoins in circulation.

ATOM Remains Bearish, but Bulls Could Force a Breakout by?

According to the analysis, Cosmos has struggled on the price charts in the latter half of the month, but buyers have slowly clawed their way back into a position of strength. After the drop to the $10.65 level on 28 March, ATOM bulls were able to fight back the bearish malaise and succeeded in defending the $10.97-$11 support zone. However, the market structure remains bearish on the four-hour timeframe, with a series of lower highs and lower lows since breaking down beneath the $12.73 support level on 18 March. The lower high at $11.65 must be breached before the bias can turn bullish. The spot CVD has shown heavy demand behind the token, indicating that Cosmos bulls might drive the prices back above $11.5. Fibonacci retracement levels may halt the bulls, at least temporarily. (ambcrypto)

Noble Announces Bringing USDC to Cosmos

Noble and Circle have partnered to bring native USDC to the Cosmos and Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) ecosystem, a major milestone as Cosmos has never had a stablecoin fully collateralized and backed by fiat. The launch of native USDC gives over 50 IBC-enabled blockchains access through IBC, solving challenges such as liquidity fragmentation and disparate trust assumptions across different bridging protocols. Noble plans to become a gateway for digital assets that enter the IBC ecosystem and aims to offer the best user experience by providing a single canonical token with deep liquidity. Noble has also developed a packet-forwarding middleware application to streamline the transfer process. The integration will first benefit the ecosystem, and Noble aims to become a premier platform for integrating solutions for issuers of digital assets.

Circle Announces USDC Launch for Cosmos via Noble Network

USD Coin (USDC) will soon be available in the Cosmos ecosystem via the Noble network (STAKE), according to a blog post from the Noble development team. The post was shared on Twitter by USDC issuer Circle.

Circle Brings USDC Stablecoin to Cosmos, Launches on Soon

Circle also reveals that USDC is expected to launch on soon.

Circle’s USDC To Launch on Cosmos

Circle’s USDC, the second-largest stablecoin on the market, is set to launch on Cosmos.&nbsp;

Decentralized Exchange dYdX Migrates to Cosmos for Scalability and Customization

Decentralized exchange (DEX) dYdX has launched its V4 private testnet on Cosmos, with the aim of fully running on Cosmos by the end of September. The move away from Ethereum to the scalable blockchain platform comes as the capabilities of Ethereum were deemed insufficient to handle transaction volumes. dYdX allows for decentralized spot trading and trading on margin. A public testnet will be launched by the end of July. The move to Cosmos also attracted SushiSwap, which announced its migration after its acquisition of Cosmos-based trading platform Vortex Protocol last month. Other blockchain platforms were considered by the teams, but Cosmos was deemed the better option for providing customisation options for the blockchain. Founded in 2017 by Antonio Juliano, dYdX has around $341.5m in total value locked, according to DeFi Llama.&nbsp;

Noble Comes Out of Stealth To Solve Cosmos Liquidity

Token protocol Noble is coming out of stealth mode after six months of development, setting its mainnet launch for Monday.

Coinbase Moves to On-Chain Staking for Tezos, Cosmos, Solana, and Cardano

Coinbase will pause staking and unstaking beginning on March 24 and will resume those capabilities on March 29. Users will continue to earn funds during that time.

Cosmos (ATOM) Holds 18% On Weekly Chart While Major Coins Lost Profits

While top coins retraced a bearish trend and lost most of their weekly gains, Cosmos (ATOM) held on by 18.29% last week. Besides ATOM’s 1.0% price decline on March 12, it recorded successive rallies over the past seven days.&nbsp;

ATOM, SOL Remain Close to Multi-Week Highs, as Markets Consolidate Recent Gains

Cosmos climbed by as much as 5% in Wednesday’s session, as the token remained close to a multi-week high. Cryptocurrency markets consolidated recent gains in today’s session, with the global market cap down by 0.24% as of writing. Solana continued to trade above $20.00, as prices consolidated.

ADA Hits Multi-Week Low, as Red Wave Hits Crypto Markets

Cardano fell to a multi-week low on March 2, as cryptocurrency prices were mostly lower in today’s session. The global market cap has mostly declined on Thursday, and is trading 1.71% lower as of writing. Cosmos was also in the red, with prices retreating to a key price floor.

Noble Ditches Cosmos ‘Interchain Security’ To Avoid Slashing Attacks

Noble XYZ, a Cosmos-based general asset issuance chain, has paused integration with Interchain Security due to slashing concerns. Interchain Security — also known as Replicated Security — allows the Cosmos Hub to run multiple blockchains in parallel, all while using the same security attributes. Validators are able to secure different app chains through staking ATOMs, but when a validator engages in dishonest behaviour, they will be penalized, or “slashed.” (Blockworks)

New Huo Tech Web3 Voices:Cosmos 2023 Outlook Eco-trends and Opportunities

Dive deep into the #Cosmos 2023 Outlook Eco-trends and Opportunities in the 1st episode with @AngelaT0731 @alexwanng @Loki_Zeng @louisliubj.

Cosmos Interchain Foundation Allocates $40M for Ecosystem Development in 2023

According to a medium post on Feb. 20, the Interchain Foundation (ICF), a non-profit organization behind the creation of the Cosmos (ATOM) interblockchain communications (IBC) ecosystem, has committed to spending approximately $40 million in 2023 to develop its core infrastructure and applications. As a part of the Interchain Stack, which is utilized by around 50 blockchains, these include the Tendermint Core (and now CometBFT), Cosmos SDK, Cosmos Hub, and the IBC protocol.

Cosmos Ecosystem to Launch Interchain NFTs via $270K Incentivized Testnet

Interchain NFTs, powered by the ICS-721 update to the IBC protocol, will be the fourth publicly incentivized testnet for the Cosmos Hub as registration opened on Feb. 15 with a 20,000 ATOM prize pool.

Cosmos Hub To Undergo Rho Network Upgrade Today

The Hub, the central chain of the Cosmos ecosystem, is preparing for the anticipated Rho network upgrade that's set to launch today around 8 p.m. EST at a block height of 14,099,412.

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