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$5.80 24H Price $6.27

ATOM Price Live Data

Cosmos today's live price is $5.81 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $118,145,817 USD. Cosmos has dropped by 7.29% in the last 24 hours. The current ranking is #21, with a live market cap of $2,274,347,467 USD, and a circulating supply of 390,930,671 ATOM coins.

Market Cap
Volume (24h)
Circulating Supply
390,930,671 ATOM
Fully Diluted Market Cap
$ 2,274,347,467


Canto: Will submit proposal to upgrade loan market auditor implementation plan, plans to support RWA

Cosmos ecosystem public chain Canto will submit a proposal to upgrade the Canto Loan Market (CLM) auditor implementation plan. This upgrade will prepare CLM to support real-world assets (RWA).

dYdX founder: Plans to transition to Cosmos this month

dYdX founder Antonio Juliano said on the Lightspeed podcast that the transition plan to Cosmos will take place this month, at which point the platform will be "completely decentralized".

Stargate integrates with KAVA’s Cosmos-EthereumLayer 1 blockchain

The Stargate liquidity transfer protocol has integrated with KAVA's Cosmos-Ethereum Layer 1 blockchain. This integration will unlock approximately $90 million worth of Tether USDt from Kava to the Cosmos ecosystem, enabling users to experience more cost-effective and secure cross-chain transactions in Kava and Cosmos DeFi.

Cosmos Launches CometBFT v0.38 Version To Improve Latency for Inter-Chain Applications

September 21st, according to official sources, Cosmos released version CometBFT v0.38, which includes the second part of ABCI++, as well as methods such as ExtendVote and VerifyVoteExtension, which can improve the latency of inter-chain applications, advance the development of the inter-chain ecosystem by providing advanced control over the replication engine, improving performance, and unlocking new use cases.

Binance Will Support the Cosmos Network Upgrade and Will Suspend Atom Token Deposits and Withdrawals at That Time

According to an official announcement, Binance will support the Cosmos (ATOM) network upgrade. The specific schedule is as follows: Binance is expected to temporarily suspend ATOM token deposits and withdrawals at 20:00 on September 13th to support the network upgrade that will take place at Cosmos block height 16,985,500 (estimated to be at 21:00 on September 13th).

Circle Will Issue Native USDC on Cosmos via Noble

Circle will issue native USDC on Cosmos through Noble. This stablecoin can always be exchanged 1:1 for US dollars and has institutional deposit and withdrawal channels.

Cosmos new community votes to plan v12 upgrade, including enabling LSM module

Cosmos community is conducting a vote for proposal 821 to plan for the v12 upgrade. This upgrade includes the activation of the Liquid Staking Module (LSM) module, which aims to replace the existing staking, allocation, and punishment modules to improve network liquidity, unlock millions of dollars worth of ATOM tokens for supporting DeFi activities across various chains in the Cosmos ecosystem. As of now, 99.8% of the participants have approved of this new upgrade, but it has not yet reached the required number of votes.

Cosmos Community Addresses 'Accidental' Double Signature Problem on Neutron by Proposal 818

The Neutron consumer chain protected by Cosmos recently experienced a "double signature" event by two reportedly reputable validators. On the Cosmos chain itself, this would typically result in automatic fund slashing and permanent disqualification from node validation. However, since Neutron is a consumer chain protected by Cosmos through "replicated security," punishment must be implemented through a community vote on an ongoing proposal, known as Proposal 818, which is scheduled to end on August 23rd.

Cosmos Ecological Cross-chain Stablecoin Protocol Harbor Protocol Has Been Attacked

On August 19th, Harbor Protocol, a cross-chain stablecoin protocol within the Cosmos ecosystem, tweeted that it had been attacked in the past few hours. Some funds in the stablecoin minting process, as well as stOSMO, LUNA, and WMATIC vaults, were stolen. Harbor Protocol stated that it is currently calculating the losses and tracking the stolen funds.

Seda Co-Founders Discuss Importance of Oracles in Cross-Chain Bridges and Securing Value

Cosmos faced challenges in 2022, including the collapse of the Terra Luna ecosystem, tension between co-founders, and a decline in the token's value. However, projects such as dYdX and Seda continue to support the network's vision of inter-blockchain communications (IBC). Seda, which enables over 12 million data feeds across 24 networks, uses oracles to add value to IBC by providing smart contracts with external data. To ensure security, Seda emphasizes education and the use of smart price data modules, as well as setting up metrics like liquidation thresholds and collateralization ratios.

Cosmos Ecological EVM Compatible Chain Evmos Will Launch Evmos 2.0 on August 2

According to official news: Evmos, the Cosmos ecological EVM compatible chain, will launch Evmos 2.0 on August 2. Evmos 2.0 is not just a rebrand, but a major reset. Updates in this release include enabling StakeFi and IBC composability through Evmos EVM extensions, Evmos v2 token economics, creating value alignment with future Evmos SDK chains through software licensing.

Cosmos BuildersProgram announced the 2023 Q3 Cohort

According to Cosmos team, The 8 teams selected to join the Q3 cohort includes: Infrastructure, Wallets, Data, DeFi and the first  IBC bridge to Avalanche which they are Leap, Seda protocol, TFM, Landside, ARTELA Network, AMULET Finance, NIBIRU Chain, VecticsDAO.

Galxe Will Launch Native Injective L1 Integration

Injective, the Cosmos ecological smart contract platform, tweeted that Galxe will launch native Injective L1 integration.

Stride to Boost Economic Security by $2.3B with Transition to Cosmos' Interchain Security System

Stride, a liquid staking protocol based on Cosmos, is set to move from its current STRD token model to Cosmos' interchain security (ICS) system powered by ATOM tokens. The transition is expected to take place on Wednesday between 17:00 and 21:30 UTC at block height 4616678. This move will increase Stride's economic security from roughly $25 million to $2.3 billion, making the protocol more resilient to hacks. Following the transition, Stride will be secured by staked ATOM instead of STRD tokens, and Cosmos' validator set will take over block production from the existing Stride validator set. Additionally, stakers have decided to reduce STRD distributed as staking rewards by 50%, and 15% of the STRD staking rewards will be shared with Cosmos Hub.

Sei Network: can DeFi's native public chain kill it in the L1 market?

Sei Network is the first L1 blockchain project based on an order book, using Cosmos SDK and Tendermint Core technology with a built-in Central Limit Order (CLOB) module.

Kava 14 Upgrade Enables Seamless Conversion of Native Cosmos Assets to Ethereum's ERC20 Token Standard

Kava, a blockchain that combines the power of Ethereum and Cosmos, has launched the Kava 14 upgrade which allows for seamless conversion of native Cosmos assets to and from Ethereum's ERC20 token standard. Tether has chosen Kava as the gateway for issuing native USDt on Cosmos, and with the launch of Kava 14, USDt can now be minted and easily converted on Cosmos to USDt on other layer one networks.

Nebular Summit 2023 in Paris to Showcase Latest Innovations in Interchain Developer Community

The Nebular Summit, Europe's top conference for Interchain builders, is scheduled to take place in Paris on July 24th and 25th, 2023. The event will bring together leaders, engineers, investors, and founders to discuss the latest developments and contentious issues within the Interchain developer community. Despite facing challenges such as decentralized leadership and market liquidity, Cosmos is gaining momentum with recent financial and infrastructure growth, including the launch of a $150M ecosystem fund by Injective Labs.

Tether Has Listed Its Native USDT on the Kava Blockchain

Kava announced on social media that Tether's stablecoin USDT is now integrated into the Kava blockchain, and native USDT is being issued to more than 60 Cosmos application chains. Native USDT has previously run on several blockchain networks, including Ethereum, Solana, Algorand, EOS, Liquid Network, Omni, and Tron.

Tether's USDt Launches on Cosmos via Kava, Bringing Deep Stablecoin Liquidity to the DeFi Ecosystem

Tether's USDt stablecoin has been successfully launched on Cosmos via Kava, providing deep stablecoin liquidity across the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) ecosystems.

Kava 14 Opens Native Cosmos Assets to Ethereum with Internal Bridge Upgrade

Kava 14 has launched an internal bridge upgrade, making roundtrip Cosmos to Ethereum asset conversion more seamless and secure. The upgrade gives Cosmos users and EVM dApp builders a better, more secure way to transfer native Cosmos assets to and from Kava EVM. By integrating the internal bridge at the blockchain and wallet levels, Kava offers a more seamless user experience.

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