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Tesseract Capital announces a strategic investment in Unicorn Ultra (U2U).

Validated Venture

Tesseract Capital officially announced a strategic investment in the DEPIN track project Unicorn Ultra (U2U).

U2U Network is a DAG (Direct Acyclic Graph) based and EVM-compatible chain leverages Subnet technology to provide infinite scalability and perfect fit for DePIN.

With years in R&D,U2U Network’s Layer-1 leverages the innovative Helios Consensus mechanism, boasting an impressive throughput of 17,000 transactions per second (TPS) and a finality time of approximately 650 milliseconds. This high-performance framework not only ensures swift and efficient transaction processing but also maintains compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Besides that, we’ve developed U2U Subnet Technology and OstracismVM as scaling solutions, without sacrificing Speed, Reliability, and Security. DApps built on U2U Subnet will reduce their reliance on the mainnet for data availability. Operating your Subnet means possessing a module on top of a U2U Network while still maintaining decentralization, security, and consensus. Transactions executed on the subnet will affirm U2U Chain scalability, network performance, and near-zero transaction costs.

Pioneering the Subnet Technology & the DePIN Ecosystem that U2U aims to build, U2DPN emerges. U2DPN builds upon the foundational principles of DPNs to offer a secure, user-centric network that not only protects privacy but also incentivizes participation. After four weeks of Alpha launch, this product is demonstrating noteworthy figures that are uncommon in the industry: over 60,000 downloads, almost 45,000 mobility contributor nodes, and over 10 terabytes of bandwidth supplied over the U2DPN Subnet. This contributes to the bedrock of the DePIN Subnet Ecosystem as the comprehensive infrastructure support for DePIN applications laying a solid foundation for the DePIN Applications.

FChen, founder of Tesseract Capital, believes that in the U2U Network, they see a clever balance that combines the traditional core of Layer-1 blockchain with blockchain modular expansion and innovations like DEPIN. This demonstrates the team’s outstanding technical capabilities and a deep understanding of the industry’s real needs. Their focus on infrastructure and hardware requirements for scalability, reliability, and a dynamic builder community provides indispensable support for the project’s sustainable success.

More investment updates from Tesseract Capital will be announced in the near future. Stay tuned for exciting developments.

About Tesseract Capital:

TESSERACT is a blockchain investment brand established in Singapore, focusing on early-stage blockchain investment, with a focus on infrastructure, decentralized applications, Web3 tools, AI, Depin, GameFi, etc. It effectively captures market investment opportunities, actively participates in ecosystem infrastructure, and follows wealth management strategies such as effectively switching investment styles during bull and bear cycles, aiming to create positive impacts and sustainable value globally.


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