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Hivemind founder: Hivemind has plans to raise US$50 million in NFT funds

Matt Zhang, founder of Hivemind Capital Partners, said in an interview with Bloomberg that Hivemind has already spent about half of its $1.5 billion flagship fund launched in 2021, and Matt also talked about the company's plan to raise a $50 million NFT fund.

aelf mainnet upgraded to version V1.8.0

According to official sources, aelf mainnet has been upgraded to version V1.8.0. This version allows aelf to create and trade NFT and SFT in fractional form, enabling partial ownership and enhancing asset liquidity. By upgrading to v1.8.0, aelf has expanded the possibilities for creating NFT projects and can create such assets on any designated chain, whether it's a main chain or a side chain. Additionally, the new version introduces batch token trading approval to improve transaction efficiency.

Starbucks says its NFT rewards program must come to an end

Starbucks' decision to end its NFT rewards program is in line with similar moves by other major companies in the last year.
Starbucks says its NFT rewards program must come to an end

Cointime March 16th News Express

1. Starbucks terminates its Odyssey NFT program

Starbucks terminates its Odyssey NFT program

Starbucks announced the termination of its Odyssey NFT program. Starbucks launched Starbucks Odyssey in 2022 as its first foray into the Web3 world, combining the company's loyalty rewards program with NFTs to enhance the customer experience.

"MadWorld" mobile NFT shooting game studio Carbonated completes $11 million in financing, led by Com2uS

Carbonated, the mobile NFT shooting game studio behind MadWorld, announced the completion of a $11 million financing round with Com2uS, a Korean gaming giant, leading the investment. Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), Bitkraft Ventures, Cypher Capital, Blocore, Goal Ventures, and WAGMI Ventures also participated. The studio previously raised $8.5 million in 2020, with a16z and Bitkraft joining at the time.MadWorld is set to launch to the public in 2024 and is currently being tested on iOS and Android operating systems. Its founder, Travis Boatman, is a veteran of the mobile gaming industry and has held executive positions at Zynga and Electronic Arts.

NFT sales on the Bitcoin chain exceeded $47 million in the past 24 hours, an increase of 391.64%

According to CryptoSlam data, in the past 24 hours, the sales volume of Bitcoin-based NFTs was approximately 47.2598 million US dollars, an increase of 391.64%, ranking first. In addition, the sales volume of Ethereum-based NFTs was approximately 14.1424 million US dollars, ranking second; the sales volume of Solana-based NFTs was approximately 8.406 million US dollars, ranking third.

The development studio of NFT shooting game "MadWorld" completed US$11 million in Series A financing, with a16z participating in the investment

NFT shooting game "MadWorld" development studio Carbonated Inc announced the completion of a $11 million A round of financing, led by Korean gaming giant Com2uS, with participation from Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), Bitkraft Ventures, Cypher Capital, Blocore, Goal Ventures and WAGMI Ventures. MadWorld will be officially launched at some point in 2024, combining third-person competitive shooting action with territory control games based on NFT land assets. The game takes place on Earth in the post-apocalyptic era.

Pacmoon launches Aridrop 1 application, Aridrop 2 will be launched in two weeks

According to official sources, the Blast ecosystem Meme project Pacmoon has announced the launch of Aridrop 1 on the X platform, and Aridrop 2 is expected to be launched in two weeks, providing rewards for top creators on the X platform based on their display frequency. Previously, Pacmoon stated that 40% of PAC tokens will be airdropped to Blast deposit users, early access recommended users, and Blast ecosystem risk-affected users.

Cointime March 10th News Express

1.Kevin Rose is suspected of selling off his NFT holdings and has destroyed ENS domain names such as krovault.eth2.Coinbase provides five-point spot Ethereum ETF application reason to the US SEC: shares that can be classified as commodity-based trusts3.Concept coins in the gaming sector generally rose, with PIXEL rising over 40% in 24 hours4.Tokens in the AI ​​sector generally rose, with WLD, ARKM, RNDR and FET all hitting record highs5.Tether Treasury minted 2 billion USDT through 2 transactions about four hours ago6.Hedge fund tycoon Ackman says he’s considering buying Bitcoin7.Meta announces updates to WhatsApp and Messenger that will take a privacy-centric approach to building interoperable messaging services8.Jupiter: Over 200 million JUPs have been pledged, and pledgers need to actively vote to receive rewards.9.Ceres Entertainment Station: Two rounds of Ceres ARK NFT Mint have ended, and all 3333 NFTs on sale have been sold out10.Over 53 million USDC were minted in the USDC Treasury