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NFT series Rektguy founder launches Meme project "TEH EPIK DUCK"

After the founder of the NFT series Rektguy, Mando, announced the launch of the Meme project "TEH EPIK DUCK" this morning, the price rose above 0.03 US dollars, and the market value once exceeded 30 million US dollars. According to dexscreener data, the current price of the Meme coin has dropped to 0.0117 US dollars, and the market value has fallen to the range of 10 million US dollars. It is reported that TEH EPIK DUCK has been launched on Jupiter platform.

Animoca Brands’ NFT Series Mocaverse and CoinList Jointly Launch Launchpad “MocaList”

Animoca Brands' NFT series Mocaverse and CoinList jointly launched the Launchpad "MocaList" for planning and supporting the popular token issuance in the gaming and cultural fields, planning the best early access projects for Animoca Brands and Mocaverse, and incorporating millions of CoinList verified users into Mocaverse. In addition, MocaList will first launch the MOCA token and will release more features and updates in the future.

Mazda to launch Yoki Origins series NFT on Astar zkEVM

Astar Network announced on X platform that car company Mazda will launch the "Yoki Origins" series of NFTs on the Astar zkEVM powered by Polygon CDK.

eesee Launchpad will list its native token ESE

On April 5th, Eesee, a solution for NFT liquidity and a gamified marketplace for sellers, announced on X platform that Eesee Launchpad will soon launch its first token, ESE. Participating users will need to complete KYC.

Well-known collector Pranksy announced that 50 million $poops will be destroyed due to "excessive holdings"

Renowned NFT collector Pranksy announced that he has transferred 50 million $poop tokens (worth about $730,000) to a burn address. Later, when answering the community's doubts about his actions, Pranksy said, "I had too much holdings, and this is better for the token." On-chain data shows that the address still holds 25 million $poop tokens, worth about $367,000.

The market value of Pudgy Penguins rose to 129,676 ETH, ranking second in NFT market value

According to CoinGecko data, Pudgy Penguins rose 7.7% in the past 24 hours, with a floor price of 14.59 ETH, or approximately $51,955. Pudgy Penguins' market value is 129,676 ETH ($461,778,243), rising to second place in the NFT market. CryptoPunk is the largest NFT by market value, with a current floor price of 45.99 ETH ($162,140) and a stable price over the past 7 days. Its market value remains stable at 459,624 ETH, or approximately $1,620,428,286, making it the current top NFT by market value.

Doodles Lianchuang: The market will once again focus on the NFT field

Doodles co-founder poopie posted on X platform stating: "In the long run, persistence is better than attention. The team has not stopped building and the NFTs with excellent origins have not changed. Like the previous cycle, market attention will return to the NFT field. For me, my goal is to be ahead of the crowd and quietly accumulate."

Cointime March 30th News Express

1. Custodia Bank loses lawsuit against Fed over rejection of master account application

The NFT transaction volume on the Ethereum chain fell by 26.79% month-on-month in the past seven days

According to CryptoSlam data, the past 7 days saw Bitcoin blockchain NFT transaction volume of approximately $81.9 million, a week-on-week decrease of 5.72%; Ethereum network transaction volume reached $72.97 million, a week-on-week decrease of 26.79%; Solana network ($46.75 million) saw a week-on-week decrease of 13.22%.

Total NFT sales on Bitcoin chain exceed $3 billion

According to the latest data from Cryptoslam, the total sales of NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain have exceeded $3 billion, reaching $3,004,390,866 at the time of writing. The number of on-chain NFT transactions is approximately 2.379 million, with around 409,000 buyers and 348,000 sellers. Currently, Bitcoin is the fourth largest blockchain in terms of on-chain NFT sales, behind only Ethereum (approximately $43.425 billion), Solana (approximately $5.303 billion), and Ronin (approximately $4.265 billion).