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Skyark created the NFT God, which has been on sale for 36 hours, and has already earned more than 27,000 ETH.

 On January 28th, Skyark's creation NFT Tian Shen has been sold for 36 hours, and the current income has exceeded 27,250 ETH, with more than 45,000 transactions received.

Total NFT sales on Solana chain exceed $4.8 billion

According to Cryptoslam data, the total sales of NFTs on the Solana blockchain have surpassed 4.8 billion US dollars, with nearly 2 million independent buyers and approximately 1.527 million independent sellers on the blockchain. The on-chain transaction volume is approximately 3.9059 million transactions.

NFTGo releases V3 version and opens V3 Badge NFT free casting

NFTGo officially released version 3, which includes new upgrades such as an estimator, NFTFi transaction analysis, quick bulk sales, and inventory tracking. In addition, the first NFT vertical UGC community will be launched in Q2, providing a communication platform for NFT players to analyze the industry, track transaction trends, and pursue alpha.

The trading volume of the Ethereum NFT platform exceeded US$200 million last week, hitting a 29-week high

According to Dune data, the total transaction volume of the Ethereum NFT market exceeded 203 million US dollars in the past week, reaching a new high of 29 weeks.

South Korea’s Financial Supervisory Authority issues tips to prevent the spread of cryptocurrency scams

The Financial Supervisory Service of South Korea has issued a warning to prevent the spread of damage based on reports of virtual asset-related investment fraud from the Virtual Asset-related Investment Fraud Reporting Center. The financial regulatory agency is calling for caution against investment solicitations through unauthorized and unregistered (illegal) virtual asset exchanges and providing response tips.

NFT sales on the Bitcoin chain exceeded $100 million in the past seven days

According to the latest data from cryptoslam, the sales of NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain in the past 7 days have exceeded $100 million, reaching $109,426,965 at the time of writing, surpassing Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana, ranking first in the sales of NFTs on the blockchain for the past 7 days. In addition, the sales of NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain from January to present have exceeded $200 million, currently around $208 million.

GameStop will shut down its NFT market and cease operations starting February 2

Electronic game and related product retailer GameStop has decided to close its NFT market and will cease operations from February 2nd.

Crypto-Native NFT IP: A New Era For Consumer Brands

The world's most recognizable consumer intellectual property (IP) brands are incredibly valuable. Pokemon has grossed over $77 billion in lifetime revenue, while Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Star Wars and Anpanman have all crossed the $50 billion figure.
Crypto-Native NFT IP: A New Era For Consumer Brands

Twitter Removes NFT Profile Picture Feature for Paid Subscribers

Elon Musk's company, X, has shared its vision for 2024, which includes plans for peer-to-peer payments and AI-powered tools. However, the company has also quietly removed a feature that allowed paid subscribers to set NFTs as their profile pictures. This feature was originally launched in January 2022, but has now been removed from X's Premium support page. While users who had already set NFTs as their profile pictures still have them, it is unclear if X will eventually remove them as well.

Thoughts on Selling Generative Art

Through my work with Bright Moments, I’ve spoken with numerous artists about how to sell long-form generative art collections. I have now put this advice into an essay to share with a wider audience.
Thoughts on Selling Generative Art