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WeBank: 13 blockchain open source projects have been released so far

WeBank revealed in its latest activity that since 2017, WeBank has successively open-sourced its core blockchain development achievements to the world. So far, it has released 13 blockchain open-source projects. FISCO BCOS, the blockchain underlying platform led by it, has been open-sourced for 6 years. The domestic open-source alliance chain ecosystem built around it has attracted more than 5,000 institutions, over 100,000 individual members, 50 certified partners, and over 500 core contributors.

Blockchain technology company Reltime completes a funding round provided by the Norwegian Research Council

Reltime, a blockchain technology company headquartered in Oslo, Norway, has announced the completion of financing provided by the Research Council of Norway. Reltime has built a Web3 platform based on Layer 1 authoritative proof blockchain, supporting use cases such as non-custodial wallets, SuperApps, loyalty programs, payment solutions, lending services, QR codes, CBDC and digital legal currency, practical tokens, as well as customer management functions such as eKYC, identity management, SLA and reporting. The new funds will be used for its development plan to use 5G mobile phones as Layer 1 micro-transaction blockchain node validators.

China to Use Blockchain for Real-Name Verification of 1.4 Billion People, Raises Data Privacy Concerns

China's national-level blockchain initiative, the Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN), has announced that it will use blockchain technology to verify the real-name identities of China's 1.4 billion people. The initiative, called RealDID, was spearheaded by China's Ministry of Public Security with the help of BSN. The RealDID service launch will enable users to register and log in to websites anonymously using DID addresses and private keys, ensuring that business data and transactions remain disconnected from personal information. This move is likely to spark concern among data-privacy advocates, especially as China's top social media platforms mandate content creators with over 500,000 or 1 million followers to publicly display their real names or those of their financial backers.

Report: Blockchain game market size will exceed US$614.91 billion in 2030

According to a report by Fortune Business Insights, the blockchain gaming market is expected to reach $614.91 billion by 2030, with a compound annual growth rate of 21.8% during the forecast period of 2023-2030.<br>In addition, the report also revealed the leading companies in the global blockchain gaming market, including Dapper Labs Inc., Sky Mavis, Animoca Brands Corporation Limited, Illuvium, WAX, Immutable, The Sandbox, Mythical Inc., Splinterlands, and Wemade Co.

China Telecom applied for a blockchain patent to improve the overall security of the system

According to a notice from the National Intellectual Property Administration, China Telecom Limited has applied for a patent for a "blockchain-based node management method, device, equipment, and storage medium" with publication number CN117201488A, with an application date of May 2022. The patent abstract shows that this disclosure provides a blockchain-based node management method, device, equipment, and storage medium, which is related to the field of communication technology. The method includes: receiving a registration request from a first node, wherein the registration request of the first node includes role information of the first node; responding to the registration request of the first node, performing role security management on the first node according to a role security management policy, obtaining a first node identifier, role information of the first node, first credibility level information of the first node, and first permission information of the first node, wherein the first permission information of the first node is obtained based on the role information and the first credibility level information of the first node; associating the first node identifier and the first permission information and storing them on the blockchain, controlling the operations of the first node on the blockchain-based network resource sharing system according to the first permission information of the first node stored on the blockchain, thereby improving the overall security of the system.

A blockchain bill passes the House Energy and Commerce Committee

A blockchain bill called the "Deploying American Blockchains Act" has been passed by the US House Energy and Commerce Committee. The bill will direct the Department of Commerce to "enhance the competitiveness of the United States in the deployment, use, and application of blockchain technology or other distributed ledger technology." The bill has not yet been approved by the full House of Representatives. Experts say that there is currently no corresponding bill in the US Senate, which is a major drawback for most cryptocurrency legislation this year. The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives is not eager to accept any digital asset bills and is generally believed to be unlikely to change its policy. The best option for such bills may be to negotiate and merge them with other efforts into larger and more valued legislation.

a16z unveils list of trends to be excited about for crypto industry in 2024, including modular technology stacks and more

a16z crypto has released a trend list for the cryptocurrency industry in 2024, which includes: entering a new era of decentralization; resetting the future of UX user experience; the rise of modular technology stacks; the combination of artificial intelligence and blockchain; P2E (Play to earn) becoming P+E (play and earn); when artificial intelligence becomes a game maker, cryptocurrency provides guarantees; formal verification becomes more accessible; NFT becomes ubiquitous brand assets; SNARK (succinct non-interactive argument of knowledge) becomes mainstream.

Blockchain security and smart contract auditing company Hashlock announces acquisition of StealthTest

Hashlock, an Australian blockchain security and smart contract auditing company, announced the acquisition of StealthTest, which is an API-based Web3 developer platform and toolset with a private testing network. Areta (formerly Web3 Studios) is a global investment company focused on Web3 and digital asset economies, serving as the exclusive financial advisor for this transaction.<br>The decision by Hashlock to acquire StealthTest is in line with its commitment to provide enhanced privacy, security, and functionality to its clients. As part of the acquisition, Hashlock will integrate StealthTest into its existing ecosystem to create a full-stack developer suite for building, testing, auditing, and deploying on Web3.

Blockchain concept stocks strengthen, Marathon Digital rises more than 12%

The three major US stock indexes collectively opened lower, with the Dow Jones falling 0.57%, the Nasdaq falling 0.95%, and the S&amp;P 500 index falling 0.76%. Blockchain concept stocks are strong, with Marathon Digital rising more than 12%, Canaan Technology and Riot Platforms rising more than 10%, and MicroStrategy rising more than 7%. Bitcoin broke through $42,000 in intraday trading today, continuing to hit new highs since April 2022, with a total market value of $820 billion. Meta fell more than 2%, with Mark Zuckerberg selling more than 560,000 shares of Meta stock, cashing in nearly $200 million.

Blockchain technology startup Block Odyssey has received preliminary ISMS certification

Blockchain technology startup Block Odyssey announced that it has received preliminary certification for the Information Security Management System (ISMS) from the Korea Internet &amp; Security Agency (KISA). The company is preparing to apply for a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) license.