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French investment firm Serena launches new €100 million fund focused on blockchain, AI and quantum technologies

According to The Big Whale report, French investment company Serena has launched a new fund of 100 million euros, focusing on investments in the fields of blockchain, artificial intelligence, and quantum technology.

Şakir Ercan GÜL Advocates for Blockchain at TimeStamp Istanbul Investor Night

Former Deputy Minister of Treasury and Financial Inspection of Turkey, Şakir Ercan GÜL, recently addressed an esteemed gathering at 'TimeStamp Istanbul Investor Night', representing CoinTR and the Turkish populace. GÜL accentuated Turkey's enchanting natural scenery, rich historical tapestry, and vibrant multicultural scene. He emphasized the nation's dynamic stance on crypto technology and the efforts to bolster the financial market's competitiveness through blockchain since 2018. GÜL envisions blockchain as a cornerstone in Turkey's rapid digitalization, aiming to enhance financial services' efficiency and security, and paving the way for Turkey's significant stride in the digital economy. He concluded with heartfelt wishes for the guests to enjoy the Turkish hospitality and create lasting memories.

NCSoft CFO: It’s too early to introduce blockchain into games

NCSoft's CFO, Hong Won-jun, stated that it is still too early to introduce blockchain into games. We are considering the integration of blockchain into the game's economy stability, but the stability of blockchain itself has not yet been achieved, and there may be a situation where the game's stability collapses. We have never said that we will formally stop blockchain business, and have repeatedly stated that blockchain games are not P2E games.

Blockchain tokenization platform Chintai completes new round of financing led by B1

Singapore blockchain tokenization platform Chintai has completed a new round of financing, led by investment company B1, with the specific financing amount not yet disclosed. Chintai is an end-to-end blockchain platform with recognition from the Monetary Authority of Singapore as a Recognised Market Operator (RMO) and a Collective Investment Scheme (CIS) licensee to create regulated digital assets, including bonds, real estate, funds, carbon credits, and more. (Prnewswire) Earlier news stated that on November 9th, Chintai announced the opening of its Asia-Pacific headquarters in Singapore and invited financial institutions such as banks and asset management companies to participate in its Beta Institution digital asset platform plan.

Blockchain computing expansion protocol TrueBit launches verifiable computing platform Truebit Verify

On November 7th, TrueBit, a blockchain computing scaling protocol, has launched a verifiable computing platform called Truebit Verify, which brings transparency and security to key application functions outside the ledger. Web3 applications that use off-chain data, trigger operations through external APIs, move data between blockchains, or rely on AI models and other complex functions can now prove the authenticity and integrity of these "black box" operations.

dYdX Foundation: More than 1.76 million DYDX have been pledged since the launch of the dYdX chain mainnet

The dYdX Foundation announced on the X platform that since the birth of the dYdX Chain mainnet, over 75.7 million ethDYDX tokens have been bridged and over 1.76 million DYDX tokens have been staked.

SingularityNET: The native token “AGIX” staking function has been launched on the Cardano blockchain platform

SingularityNET, an artificial intelligence cryptocurrency project, announced the launch of native token "AGIX" staking on the Cardano blockchain platform. This allows holders to earn rewards from their assets. The specific staking launch will take place at the end of this month. Cardano is also the second blockchain to support SingularityNET token staking, with the previous staking already launched on the Ethereum blockchain.

Dalian Financial Court officially opens and operates: making full use of blockchain and other technologies to activate technological empowerment

The Dalian Financial Court was officially launched this week. It is reported that the Dalian Financial Court will build a nationally leading integrated financial case information platform, fully utilizing blockchain, artificial intelligence, and big data modeling technology to activate technological empowerment.

Indian spice blockchain B2B market Growcoms completes US$3.5 million in financing

Growcoms, an Indian blockchain B2B marketplace focused on the spice market, has announced the completion of a $3.5 million financing round led by JSW Ventures and Arali Ventures, with existing investor InfoEdge Ventures participating. Growcoms uses blockchain technology to ensure traceability and quality, thereby improving the efficiency of the entire value chain to fundamentally change the spice industry. The new funds will be used to strengthen its product supply and blockchain technology infrastructure.

Nanyang Commercial Bank: Has participated in cross-border credit reporting pilot work in Shenzhen relying on blockchain and other technologies

OCBC (China) Limited announced that it will explore cross-border credit cooperation between Shenzhen and Hong Kong. As the first branch of OCBC in mainland China, OCBC Shenzhen Branch has participated in the pilot work of cross-border credit initiated by local credit agencies in Shenzhen. Relying on technologies such as blockchain to ensure data security and reliability, it will create multi-dimensional overseas Hong Kong enterprise credit reports and realize the landing of the first business.