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Blockchain insurance technology company Igloo completes US$36 million in Series C pre-financing

On December 4th, blockchain insurance technology company Igloo completed a $36 million Series C pre-financing round, led by French investment company Eurazeo, with participation from Openspace Ventures and La Maison. This round of financing will be used to support next year's acquisition work and strengthen its data infrastructure. In November 2022, according to Techcrunch, blockchain insurance technology start-up Igloo received an additional $27 million investment, completing a total of $46 million in Series B financing, with participation from Insu Resilience Investment Fund II under Germany's KfW, WAM, Finnfund, La Maison, and Cathay Innovation.

TRM Labs partners with Australian crypto exchange Swyftx to combat scams

Blockchain analysis company TRM Labs has partnered with Australian cryptocurrency exchange Swyftx to combat fraud in the country. The program will be first tested globally, and Australian cryptocurrency users who activate two-factor authentication on their crypto accounts will receive AUD 10 (USD 6.6) worth of bitcoin. The launch of the campaign coincides with the Australian government's Scams Awareness Week (27 November to 1 December). The announcement states that the trial will test incentivizing crypto customers to protect their accounts and educate themselves on avoiding investment fraud.

Tencent applies for a blockchain patent that can successfully recover blocks and ensure their availability

Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. has applied for a patent for a "data processing method and related products based on blockchain network", with the publication number CN117130823A and the application date of May 2022.

Xai testnet has surpassed 60 million transactions

Game Layer3 solution XAI announced on X platform that the Xai test network has exceeded 60 million transactions, making it one of the largest test networks in the industry's history. This is just the beginning. We are excited to continue to drive the development of blockchain games forward.

Shanghai’s blockchain digital infrastructure “Pujiang Digital Chain” goes online

Shanghai city-level blockchain digital infrastructure "Pujiang Shulian" has recently gone online. Li Xiaoshan, vice president of Shanghai Data Group, introduced that Pujiang Shulian is equivalent to a network operator, which reduces the cost of data circulation and helps to solve the contradiction between data usage and data privacy protection through distributed digital identity, cross-chain, and smart contract technology. It is reported that more than 80 companies have settled in Pujiang Shulian, especially those that require multi-party data interaction for business development.

Blockchain Technology Enables Tokenized Film Investment with Bull Run Documentary

Blockchain technology is gaining popularity in the film industry as it allows for decentralized investment and faster project launches. The trend towards tokenization in entertainment is growing, with the Spanish documentary Bull Run becoming the first tokenized film in history. The film's backers were given BULL tokens, which represent the debt issued for the film and grant certain rights to the film's profits. Bull Run explores the director's personal journey with crypto trading and highlights the potential of blockchain technology to improve legacy systems. The director of Bull Run, Rubio, has shifted her perspective on cryptocurrency from viewing it as a speculative asset to understanding its potential to improve centralized systems. She now considers herself a Bitcoin believer and holder, but also acknowledges the potential dangers of cryptocurrency addiction.

Belgium plans to promote the construction of public blockchain infrastructure in Europe

On November 22, Belgium plans to accelerate the development of a European blockchain infrastructure during its term as rotating presidency of the European Council in 2024, to store and manage official documents such as driver's licenses and property certificates. The proposal was put forward by Mathieu Michel, Belgium's Secretary of State for Digitalization, with the aim of promoting European digital sovereignty.This infrastructure will reshape the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) project launched by the European Commission in 2018, renamed as "Europeum" and built as the European Digital Infrastructure Alliance (EDIC).

Fence, a blockchain debt automation management platform, completed a €1.8 million Pre-Seed round of financing

On November 21st, Fence, a blockchain debt automation management platform headquartered in Madrid, Spain, announced the completion of a €1.8 million Pre-Seed round of financing. led the investment, with participation from Crane Earth, Actyus, and a group of angel investors.

Blockchain Association supports lifting sanctions on Tornado Cash

On November 21st, the Blockchain Association provided new support for six plaintiffs who sued the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the US Department of the Treasury for sanctioning the mixer Tornado Cash. In its amicus brief submitted to the US Court of Appeals, the association argued that OFAC's decision to approve the privacy protocol was not only illegal, but also exceeded its statutory authority, and was both "arbitrary and capricious," violating the US Constitution.

North American Blockchain Summit 2023: Politicians, Policy, and Patriotism

The North American Blockchain Summit (NABS) changed its location and name in 2023, attracting hundreds of crypto and blockchain enthusiasts to Fort Worth, Texas. The event featured politicians and industry leaders discussing policy and regulation affecting the space, including longshot Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and current lawmakers such as Wyoming Senator Cynthia Lummis and Texas Senator Ted Cruz. The event had a patriotic and U.S.-centered theme, with daily events kicking off with the playing of the U.S. national anthem and exclusive fundraisers with speakers in exchange for donations. The conference came one year before the United States is set to vote for many Senators, members of the House of Representatives, local lawmakers, and the U.S. Presidency, which could affect how Congress handles digital asset legislation moving forward into 2025.