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Blockchain NORDEK launches $10 million funding program “NORDEK Finnovate”

On November 19th, NORDEK, a blockchain company, announced the launch of a $10 million grant program called "NORDEK Finnovate", which will provide strategic financing, expert guidance, and networking opportunities for NORDEK's Web3 payment projects on the blockchain.

Argentinian presidential candidate proposes using blockchain for state fiscal oversight

Argentine presidential candidate Sergio Massa has proposed using blockchain technology for national financial supervision. He suggests implementing a blockchain-based system to monitor the execution of national accounts and budgets. Massa states that this system will benefit citizens and the country by increasing transparency of expenditures and revenues through providing this data to the public. (news.bitcoin)

Two Australian universities and scientists launch the most efficient quantum security encryption algorithm "LaV" to date

Scientists from Monash University and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation in Australia have created the most efficient quantum-safe encryption algorithm to date, called "LaV". The algorithm uses end-to-end encryption to resist the powerful attacks of quantum computers, and is expected to strengthen the security of systems such as online transactions, instant messaging services, data privacy, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain. The relevant paper has been submitted to the 43rd International Cryptology Conference held in Santa Barbara, USA.

Blockchain startup Kinto completes US$5 million in financing and plans to launch Layer 2 network that complies with anti-money laundering laws

According to CoinDesk, blockchain startup Kinto announced that it has completed a $5 million financing this year, which will be used to develop an Ethereum Layer2 network based on OP Stack that complies with anti-money laundering laws. The network aims to connect financial institutions and real-world assets through DeFi.According to RootData, Kinto received $1.5 million in Pre-Seed financing from Kyber Capital Crypto earlier this year.Recently, Kinto completed another $3.5 million financing round, led by Kyber Capital Crypto, Spartan Group, and Parafi, with participation from SkyBridge Capital, Kraynos, Soft Holdings, Deep Ventures, Modular, Tane, and Robot Ventures. now officially supports the Tron network

ChainCatcher news, according to an official announcement, blockchain investment analysis platform has announced that it now officially supports the Tron network.<br>

Neofin announces partnership with Kanalabs

Golden Finance reported that Neofin, a global CeDeFi protocol company, announced a partnership with blockchain infrastructure company Kanalabs to expand its global blockchain ecosystem.

Fuzhou announces special funds to reward enterprises for blockchain industry development: planned support amount is 4.29384 million yuan

According to the notice from the Fuzhou Big Data Development Management Committee on organizing the application for special funds for the development of Fuzhou's blockchain industry in 2022, Jinse Finance reported that the "Digital Fuzhou" experts organized by the Fuzhou Big Data Commission conducted evaluations on the enterprises (institutions) applying for special funds for the development of Fuzhou's blockchain industry in 2022. After expert evaluations and research by the Fuzhou Big Data Commission, ten enterprises (institutions), including Fujian Fulian Technology Co., Ltd., were found to meet the policy conditions and were publicly announced as potential recipients of special fund rewards. It is reported that the planned support amount is 4.29384 million yuan.

The first gCOTI voting has ended

COTI network officially announced on Twitter that the first gCOTI vote has ended and the results will be announced later. Previously, COTI announced the first gCOTI vote and users could log in to the VIPER wallet to vote for options related to increasing the APY amount.

Blockchain investment hit $553 million last month

According to data from TheBlockPro, blockchain investment reached 553 million US dollars last month, involving 126 transactions. This indicates a 16% decrease in financing amount and a 20% decrease in transaction volume compared to September.

Former OCC Acting Administrator: Blockchain is a powerful solution for recording and securitizing mortgages

During the Washington Fintech Cycle, former Acting Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) Brian Brooks stated that blockchain is a powerful solution for recording and securitizing mortgage loans. He believes that blockchain can serve as the ultimate mortgage registry, reducing costs and providing tokenized mortgage-backed securities (MBS) support for a wider range of investors, ultimately improving liquidity. Brooks believes the biggest risk is adoption being slow and states, "To me, blockchain feels a lot like the emergence of smartphones, or the emergence of commercial internet, or even the emergence of CD players, which were seen as risky, and we have to overcome that."