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Blockchain Association Opposes IRS Broker Rule

The Blockchain Association, a blockchain advocacy group, opposes the broker rules proposed by the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS), stating that these regulations will impose an excessive burden on investors, cryptocurrency companies, and the IRS itself. The association cited the Paperwork Reduction Act, which states that government regulatory agencies should not impose unnecessary paperwork requirements on individuals and entities in the financial system. The letter stated that if these rules are passed, it will increase 8 billion tax forms, waste 4 billion hours of processing time, and result in an annual compliance cost of 254 billion US dollars. In contrast, the IRS earlier estimated a total compliance cost of 136 million US dollars for the new regulations. In addition, the association believes that an annual compliance cost of 245 billion US dollars is unreasonable for a market that generates a maximum tax revenue shortfall of 10 billion US dollars. In 2023, the association submitted a 39-page letter detailing its comprehensive opposition to these regulations, believing that these rules are extremely difficult to comply with for decentralized financial protocols and reflect the government's misunderstanding of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Shanghai launches the first batch of innovative blockchain application scenarios for state-owned enterprises

With data as the core element, Shanghai is accelerating the deep digital transformation of state-owned enterprises. Recently, the Shanghai State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, in conjunction with the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Data, held a work meeting on the digital transformation of state-owned enterprises in the Shanghai State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission system for 2024. At the meeting, Shanghai Data Group, in collaboration with Shanghai Stock Exchange Group, China Taiping, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Guotai Junan, Shanghai Construction Group, Bright Food Group, and Tunnel Group, officially launched the first batch of blockchain innovation application scenarios. (Xinhua News Agency)

Blockchain Asset Management announces launch of a dedicated blockchain fund for accredited investors

Blockchain Asset Management, a cryptocurrency fund with a scale of $100 million, announced the launch of an exclusive blockchain fund for qualified investors. The specific amount of funds raised by the fund has not been disclosed yet, but it is said to have reached "eight figures", which means it is in the tens of millions of dollars. In addition, the investment threshold for the new fund is $100,000, and all investors are required to meet the approved standards (annual income exceeding $200,000, net assets exceeding $1 million).

Shanghai Digital Exchange and CCB Shanghai Branch realize "blockchain + digital RMB" loan issuance

Shanghai Data Exchange announced an upgraded partnership with the Shanghai branch of Construction Bank to launch the "Digital Easy Loan" product, achieving the first loan issuance based on blockchain technology and digital RMB. This innovative initiative ensures the security of data transmission, querying, and control through blockchain, and successfully connects the data systems of both parties to jointly build a data ecosystem on the chain.

Gridless gets backing from Jack Dorsey's Blockchain to operate Bitcoin mines in Kenya, Malawi and Zambia

Gridless has received support from Jack Dorsey's Block to operate bitcoin mines in Kenya, Malawi, and Zambia. It is reported that the company already owns six mines, which are powered by renewable energy investment and are committed to achieving a wider mission of protecting and decentralizing the bitcoin network. Bitcoin miners are making renewable energy economically viable in Africa, benefiting power suppliers from selling previously discarded energy and sometimes reducing costs for customers.

Tyson has become the ambassador of Ready to Fight

Boxing legend Mike Tyson has become the brand ambassador for Ready to Fight, a blockchain-based social networking application. Tyson has described Ready to Fight as a boxing-centered social network that helps boxers and the boxing community meet their business needs.

Nervos CKB will participate in the Dubai Mining Conference Blockchain Life to promote the construction of PoW ecosystem

Nervos CKB will make an appearance at the Blockchain Life 2024 forum in Dubai from April 15th to 16th. CKB architect Jan Xie will give a keynote speech on the Bitcoin Renaissance, sharing new opportunities in the Bitcoin ecosystem and promoting the development of PoW ecology.It is reported that Blockchain Life is a top event in the global digital currency industry, bringing together cutting-edge topics in mining and industry development, attracting senior practitioners, investors, government representatives, mining pool and mining machine manufacturers, fund managers, and project leaders to participate in discussions.

Gala: Ecosystem Block Explorer Voting has started

According to official sources, Gala has launched an ecological blockchain browser voting. The voting is scheduled to start at 2:00 PM Pacific Time on April 12th (6:00 AM Beijing Time on April 13th) and end at the same time on April 19th (6:00 AM Beijing Time on April 20th).

KIP Protocol officially announced its cooperation with Open Campus to promote the integration of blockchain and artificial intelligence in the education industry

KIP Protocol, a decentralized protocol focused on AI, has announced an official partnership with the education platform Open Campus. The two parties will explore the application of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence in the education field to simplify the dissemination of educational content and monetize digital intellectual property.The key focus of this collaboration includes creating custom AI-driven educational content using KIP Protocol, establishing AI-driven Open Campus university infrastructure, monetizing intellectual property in educational spaces, and attracting early users through AMA and joint activities to build an active community around this innovative education model. The two parties will gradually launch more product details in the coming weeks.KIP Protocol is a decentralized protocol for AI app developers, model makers, and data owners, allowing AI creators to securely transact and monetize profits in Web3. KIP Genesis NFT is about to go live, and users can currently participate in the KIP Airdrop Quest activity on Galxe and TaskOn platforms to earn points and win Free Mint qualifications.

Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Secretary: Welcome Standard Chartered to establish more new institutions, new businesses and new platforms such as blockchain in Shanghai

Chen Jinong, the Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, met with Weihao Si, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Standard Chartered Bank, and Mark William D'Arcy, the Executive Director, and some members of the Board of Directors yesterday morning. Chen Jinong stated that he welcomes Standard Chartered Bank to leverage its own advantages, strengthen strategic connections, place more new institutions, businesses, and platforms such as wealth management and blockchain in Shanghai, focus on deepening pragmatic cooperation in technology finance, green finance, digital finance, and create more application scenarios, and provide comprehensive and professional service support for enterprises to go abroad.