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Blockchain security solution CredShields completes US$1 million strategic round of financing, Draper Associates participated

Blockchain security solution CredShields has announced the completion of a $1 million strategic round of financing, with participation from Draper Associates. As of now, the company's total financing has reached $1.8 million. CredShields mainly provides Web3 security services, offering solutions to protect digital assets and ensure the integrity of blockchain-based transactions. The new funds will be used to accelerate the development of its automated and simplified smart contract auditing tool, SolidityScan.

The Cyberspace Administration of China released the "China Blockchain Innovation Application Development Report and Case Collection (2023)"

Recently, the "China Blockchain Innovation Application Development Report (2023)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Report"), which was guided by the Information Development Bureau of the Central Cyberspace Administration and led by the Data and Technology Security Center of the Central Cyberspace Administration, was officially released at the National Blockchain Innovation Application Pilot Summary and Exchange Conference. The "Report" combs through the overall situation of the development of China's blockchain innovation applications in 2023 from the aspects of top-level design, technology application, standard development, and ecological construction, summarizes the main practices and effects of promoting blockchain innovation applications in key areas and representative regions, analyzes the current situation and challenges, and looks forward to future development. At the same time, the Data and Technology Security Center of the Central Cyberspace Administration has launched a collection of blockchain innovation application cases for 2023 nationwide. After preliminary review, re-examination, public announcement and other links, 66 blockchain innovation application cases (including 10 excellent cases and 56 typical cases) were selected and compiled into the "China Blockchain Innovation Application Case Collection (2023)", providing reference for in-depth promotion of blockchain innovation development in various regions and industries.

Harmony: Network outage due to node validation issues resolved

Harmony has announced that it has resolved the network interruption caused by node validation issues. On February 10th, the Harmony mainnet node got stuck, causing the network to stagnate. This problem can be traced back to an "already known block" error, indicating that there are deeper problems with block and shard state validation. After investigation, the Harmony team found that the root cause was the lack of shard state data required for block validation in snapDB. This led to expired cross-links causing validation failures, causing the network to be stuck in a loop of view changes.

PlayDapp: PLA smart contract has been suspended, request to stop trading for migration snapshot

Blockchain gaming platform PlayDapp announced on social media that the PLA smart contract has been suspended and requested a halt in trading to conduct a migration snapshot. Efforts are currently being made to protect holders' assets, and trading is requested to be stopped. Migration will soon take place based on the snapshot.

Illuvium: Plans to launch Overworld in the second quarter

According to official sources, blockchain game Illuvium plans to launch the game "Illuvium: Overworld" in the second quarter of 2024. It is reported that Illuvium will also release a new game feature, the Illuvial Hunting prototype, aimed at reshaping the user's gaming experience in Overworld.

Big Tech killed the internet — blockchains can help revive it

The early internet was a magical place because it was driven by people and their creativity. Builders knew that whatever they made, they owned — a simple promise that established the right incentives for the technology to flourish. But now, the internet is stagnating and it’s harder than ever for new apps to break through.
Big Tech killed the internet — blockchains can help revive it

Ant Group and the Shanghai Municipal Government signed a strategic cooperation agreement to participate in the construction of a blockchain industry innovation platform

Shanghai Municipal People's Government and Ant Group Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Shanghai. According to the agreement, Ant Group will increase its investment in cutting-edge technology research, actively participate in the construction of Shanghai's artificial intelligence industry ecology and blockchain industry innovation platform, and help build Shanghai's international science and technology innovation center.

The three departments established the goal of building a blockchain standard system

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Office of the Central Cybersecurity and Informatization Committee, and the National Standardization Management Committee have issued the "Guidelines for the Construction of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology Standard System" (referred to as the "Guidelines"), which clarify a series of measures to accelerate the development of key blockchain standards and promote the high-quality development of the blockchain industry. In terms of goals, the "Guidelines" propose that by 2025, a standard system supporting the development of the blockchain will be initially formed, focusing on standardization areas such as basic commonality, application, and services, and more than 30 blockchain-related standards will be formulated, basically meeting the standardization needs of the blockchain in China. By 2027, a standard system supporting the development of the blockchain will be fully formed. More than 50 blockchain-related standards will be formulated to continuously promote the development of blockchain basic commonality, key application demonstrations, and security guarantees. A batch of key application standards that support the future development of the industry will be moderately advanced, effectively guiding the development of blockchain technology and industry in China, and improving the level of technology and application services.

Bank of China applied for a blockchain-based SDK update patent to automatically monitor SDK changes and proactively send update notifications

The State Intellectual Property Office has announced that Bank of China Limited has applied for a patent for a method, device, and computer equipment for updating SDK based on blockchain, with a publication number of CN117369845A and an application date of September 2023. The patent abstract shows that the application relates to the field of Internet technology, specifically to a method, device, computer equipment, storage media, and computer program products for updating SDK based on blockchain. The server stores the description information generated when the SDK is generated on the blockchain, and when a change occurs in the SDK, determines the change information of the SDK and stores it on the blockchain. At the same time, it can also send change notification information to the client of the SDK to indicate that the local SDK needs to be updated. Since the server discovers the change in the SDK by actively monitoring it and sends a change notification to the client of the SDK when a change is detected, the entire process does not require human intervention and there is no possibility of missing a change notification.

Zhengzhou: Relying on the City Brain Blockchain Platform to support the construction of various traceability platforms

Zhengzhou Municipal People's Government issued a notice on the "Action Plan for the Construction of Zhengzhou Digital Government", which mentioned: building a full-cycle traceability platform in key areas, relying on the city's brain blockchain platform to support the construction of various traceability platforms, strengthening data interconnection and sharing, building a new traceability supervision method, and gradually establishing a comprehensive, multi-level, and three-dimensional supervision system; the section on continuously improving the business environment proposes to explore and promote the "blockchain + artificial intelligence" full-process electronic commercial registration, promote intelligent approval of the entire process and chain of enterprise registration, changes, cancellations, and provide full lifecycle services for enterprise registration, changes, cancellations, etc.; the section on innovative pilot demonstration construction proposes to accelerate the layout of future industries, and proactively lay out innovative pilots such as quantum information, blockchain, and network security.