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European crypto fund Eureka partners completes $40 million in fundraising

European encryption fund Eureka Partners has raised $40 million, with full participation from Nordic Venture Innovations AB. The funds raised by Eureka Partners will be used to accelerate its development in the blockchain and cryptocurrency fields. 

Nethermind Client v1.20.4 Is Online and Will Be Relaunched on September 28 Holesky

Blockchain tool and infrastructure developer Nethermind has announced on social media that the Nethermind client v1.20.4 has been launched. Due to the unsuccessful first launch of the Holesky network, it is scheduled to be restarted on September 28 at 12:00 UTC (8:00 PM Beijing time), with an epoch time of 1695902400.

Xiao Feng: The Next Three Years Will Be a Critical Moment for the Large-Scale Application of Blockchain

2023 Shanghai Blockchain International Week and Global Blockchain Summit hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Lab, Wanxiang Blockchain Chairman Xiao Feng delivered a welcome speech, stating that the theme of this summit is "Next Stop, Web3", which includes blockchain, the internet, metaverse, AIGC, and not only technology but also innovative business models, organizational forms, economic mechanisms, and financial models.
Xiao Feng: The Next Three Years Will Be a Critical Moment for the Large-Scale Application of Blockchain

Com2uS Group Announces Strategic Cooperation With Nefta

Global blockchain mainnet XPLA, in which Com2uS Group participated, announced a strategic partnership with Web3 infrastructure company "Nefta". Through the partnership with Nefta, "NeftaToolbox", which includes basic functions for Web3 game development, has been connected to the Xpla mainnet, creating a simple development environment. It supports various Web3 technology infrastructures, including the creation and distribution of tokens and NFTs.

Institutional Investors Recognize Long-Term Value of Blockchain Technology and Digital Assets

The recent finance and fintech news has caused uncertainty for some financial institutions and digital assets skeptics, but it has also led to a shift from blind confidence to educated optimism regarding cutting-edge financial technologies, particularly DLT. Institutional investors are increasingly recognizing the potential of blockchain technology, with a large majority believing in its potential for finance and planning to increase their allocations to the digital asset sector in the coming year.

Atari Founder: The Three Pillars of Blockchain That Can Provide Upgrades to Games Include Seamless Transfers, Smart Contracts, and Value Storage

September 15th, according to Cointelegraph, Nolan Bushnell, founder of gaming giant Atari, described in an interview the three pillars that blockchain can provide for much-needed upgrades to modern gaming, including: The first and most important value proposition is the ability to achieve seamless and secure fund transfers; The second is the practicality of smart contracts. Smart contracts are valuable not only in games, but also in all human interactions, because many of the things we do in life involve establishing relationships and setting terms for those relationships; The third is the ability to securely store the value of digital assets in the form of currency and tokens.

ZTX's Genesis Homes NFTs Sell Out and Break Records Despite Bearish Market

Despite the current bearish NFT market, ZTX's Genesis Homes NFTs achieved a record-breaking sale of its inaugural collection of 4,000 NFTs. The sale quickly sold out within hours after being posted on the OpenSea platform, showcasing investors' enthusiasm for virtual participation in the new metaverse world.

HSBC: Blockchain Bond Tokenization Platform HSBC Orion May Support Cross-Border Transactions in the Future

Mary Hui, the head of global banking business in the Asia-Pacific region of HSBC, said that the Orion platform launched by HSBC allows issuers to issue electronic bonds in Luxembourg through blockchain and can be traded in multiple currencies on the platform. It may support cross-border transactions in the future.

JPMorgan Nears New Era in Digital Finance with Blockchain-Based Deposit Token

JPMorgan is reportedly close to entering a new era of digital finance, with a deposit token built on blockchain in the final stages of development. The product will initially target corporate clients, aiming to speed up settlements and payments. Unlike stablecoins, the deposit token will be issued by a depository institution and will allow transactions with other banks. Regulatory approval is still required before the product can be rolled out.

Blockchain Settlement Platform Zeebu Completes US$25 Million Pre-Sale Round of Financing, Bankai Ventures and Others Participated in the Investment

Zeebu, an innovative settlement platform based on blockchain, announced the completion of a $25 million pre-sale round of financing, with participation from strategic investment institutions such as Bankai Ventures. Zeebu mainly focuses on the telecommunications operator industry, providing low-cost and fast on-chain token settlement transaction services, allowing customers to no longer rely on banks and other financial intermediaries to process telecom fee transactions.