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GMX has integrated Chainlink Data Streams and reduced Arbitrum on-chain transaction rates to approximately 0.015%

Decentralized derivative protocol GMX has announced the integration of Chainlink's oracle data stream service "Chainlink Data Streams" on the X platform to enhance real-time price updates on its on-chain market and achieve faster on-chain execution services. In addition, GMX has lowered the transaction fee rate on the Arbitrum chain to about 0.015%.

Uniswap front-end transaction fees exceed $1 million

Dune statistics show that Uniswap's front-end transaction fees have exceeded $1 million, reaching $1.1186 million at the time of publication. It is worth noting that the front-end transaction fee on October 24 was the highest daily level, reaching $111,155, and has been decreasing in the following days. In addition, the token that currently contributes the most to the fees is WETH, with fees reaching $299,900, accounting for nearly 30% of all fees.

Uniswap has launched automatic detection of transfer fees on Android and iOS

Uniswap Labs announced on social media that the Uniswap application has launched the automatic detection of transfer fee (FOT) function on Android and iOS, so users know clearly the fees they will pay before the exchange.

Horizen: SpookySwap has a front-end vulnerability and users are advised to revoke all wallet access to it

According to a report from the SpookySwap community, there may be vulnerabilities in the front-end interface. As a security measure, Horizen EON users are advised to revoke all wallet access permissions to SpookySwap until further notice from the Spooky team. The quickest and easiest way to revoke wallet access is through Revoke.Cash. Earlier today, DEX Trader Joe also reported possible vulnerabilities in their front-end interface and their team is currently investigating.
Horizen: SpookySwap has a front-end vulnerability and users are advised to revoke all wallet access to it

DEX Vertex: Liquidity Bootstrapping Auction will start in 1 day

The Hybrid Order Book AMM DEX Vertex announced on the X platform that the Liquidity Bootstrapping Auction will begin within 1 day. Earlier today, Vertex announced its token economics, with a total issuance of 1 billion VRTX tokens. The specific allocation ratio is as follows: - Continuous incentives: 24%; - Airdrop: 10%; - Investors: 8.8%; - Initial liquidity: 1%; - Future contributors: 5%; - Ecosystem support: 9%; - Consulting fees: 0.5%; - Protocol treasury: 11.7%; - Team: 20%.

Bancor: Arb Fast Lane will be deployed with Velocimeter automated on-chain trading strategy Graphene

DEX Velocimeter announced on X platform that Velocimeter Graphene will enable automatic on-chain trading strategies for any token pairs with complex order types. Graphene is built on the Bancor ecosystem Carbon DeFi. Graphene Phase 1 will soon launch Base, and the revenue generated from this phase will flow into the Velocimeter ecosystem. On the new chain, it will be deployed together with Velocimeter V4, which will be deeply integrated with Graphene. In addition, this phase will include a market maker incentive program, involving chains such as Mantle, Gnosis Chain, Scroll, Canto Public, Arbitrum, Fantom, Base, etc. Phase 2 is currently under development. Bancor stated that Arb Fast Lane will be deployed by Bancor and Graphene. Earlier in October, Bancor announced that its arbitrage robot Arb Fast Lane has launched a test version and has been open sourced. Arb Fast Lane allows any user to arbitrage between the Bancor ecosystem protocol and external exchanges and redirect the arbitrage profits back to the Bancor ecosystem.

The DODO community has passed the proposal to "suspend vDODO reward release and redemption fees"

On November 7th, the decentralized trading platform DODO community passed the proposal "Pause the release of DODO in the vDODO staking pool to ease inflation and enhance long-term stability." Starting from 11:59 pm on November 7, 2023 (Eastern Time), the redemption fee for vDODO will be waived. Starting from 11:59 pm on December 31, 2023 (Eastern Time), DODO will suspend the release of all DODO in the vDODO staking pool.

Solana-based exchange Jupiter will launch JUP tokens, with 40% airdropped to the community

Jupiter Exchange, a Solana-based decentralized exchange, announced the launch of JUP token. According to the team's announcement, 40% of the upcoming JUP tokens will be airdropped to the Jupiter Exchange community, with approximately 955,000 eligible users. 20% of the tokens will be distributed through token sales, and the remaining 40% will be allocated to insiders and "strategic reserves". Jupiter's anonymous co-founder Meow stated that Jupiter will consult with the community over the next two weeks before finalizing the release schedule, and added that JUP will serve as a governance token.

DeFi protocol Elixir announces its order book module is online

The decentralized algorithm protocol Elixir has announced the launch of its order book module. Users can now provide liquidity for Vertex currency pairs directly on Arbitrum and earn rewards.

SaucerSwap v2 Announcement White Paper Now Online

DEX SaucerSwap v2 has announced that the white paper is now online, and the test version of the test network will be launched within 72 hours.