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AirSwap Launches Decentralized NFT Marketplace and OTC Trading Features

AirSwap, a decentralized exchange, has launched a new NFT marketplace, OTC trading features, and voter rewards to support a broader decentralized economy. The move aligns with AirSwap's mission to bring the idea that decentralized trading is good for everyone to NFTs. <br>

70% of South Korea’s Total Cryptocurrency Trading Volume Is Concentrated on Centralized Exchanges

According to a report by blockchain analysis company Chainalysis, titled "2023 Global Virtual Asset Adoption Index/East Asia Report", which analyzes virtual asset trading in East Asia, it is reported that South Korea heavily relies on centralized exchanges, while Japan's virtual asset trading situation is different, with centralized exchanges and various types of DeFi protocols being almost evenly distributed.

The Multichain-built DEX RudyDex Released RubyBot

RubyDex just introduced RubyBot, their state-of-the-art AI Customer Service Assistant. Available 24/7 via the pink message bubble on the platform, RubyBot offers instant answers to all exchange-related queries.

Arbitrum Week 2 Odyssey Events Resume on October 16th

Arbitrum announced that the second week of the Odyssey event will resume on October 16th. The interactive tasks for this round will take place on the NFT market TofuNFT and perpetual order book DEX Aboard Exchange. If users have already completed the tasks for the second week, they do not need to perform them again after the restart on October 16th.

THORSwap Pauses Trading After Suspicious Transactions Linked to FTX Hackers

THORSwap, a decentralized exchange based on ThorChain, has temporarily halted all trading activity after suspicious transactions were detected on the platform, including funds linked to the FTX hackers who stole $600 million from FTX. The decision to pause trading was made after consultation with advisors, legal counsel, and law enforcement. Following the halt, the hacker moved around $124 million worth of ETH to trust-minimized Bitcoin (tBTC) and cross-chained it to the Bitcoin network through the Threshold Network. Over 50% of ETH sent to THORSwap Router for BTC in the last four months has been linked to illicit funds, according to on-chain detective Tay.
THORSwap Pauses Trading After Suspicious Transactions Linked to FTX Hackers

Kraken Expands into European Market with Acquisition of Netherlands-Based Coin Meester B.V.

Kraken, a US-based cryptocurrency exchange, has announced its plans to acquire Netherlands-based exchange Coin Meester B.V. (BCM), as part of its expansion into the European market. Kraken has already secured licenses to operate in Ireland, Italy, and Spain, and is now focusing on the Netherlands, known for its strong economy and adoption of cryptocurrencies. The acquisition is subject to regulatory approval from the Dutch central bank, and both companies have expressed optimism about the future of the partnership. <br>

Open Exchange Token (OX) market value fell by more than $30 million after Su Zhu’s arrest

The arrest of Su Zhu, co-founder of Open Exchange (OPNX), in Singapore triggered a sharp drop in the value of the OX token. Alphanomics reported that the news of Zhu's arrest prompted the sale of OX tokens worth about $1 million. Data shows that this sudden wave of selling, coupled with negative sentiment from the arrest, caused OX to drop to a historical low of around $0.01. Although it has slightly rebounded to $0.01462, the value of the token has still fallen by more than 80% from its historical high. In addition, the sharp drop in token value has caused its market capitalization to drop by more than $30 million. As of press time, its market value is about $57 million.

10KSwap: LP problem has been fixed and data can be displayed normally

On October 2nd, 10KSwap announced on X platform that the LP issue has been fixed and data can be displayed normally. Previously, the data loss issue was caused by some API malfunctions. According to feedback from a community user, the DEX 10KSwap on Starknet had an issue where LP could not be displayed and users were unable to retrieve LP.
10KSwap: LP problem has been fixed and data can be displayed normally

10KSwap Mod: Please wait patiently for the technical team to fix it

10KSwap Mod replied on Discord regarding the LP display issue, stating "there is currently no technical upgrade in progress, please be patient while the technical team handles the problem." After investigation, users had reported the LP issue as early as 9am on October 1st, and 10KSwap Mod had replied multiple times, but did not provide further explanation on the specific reasons and solutions.

There is a problem that LP cannot be displayed on 10KSwap on Starknet, and there is no official response yet.

According to feedback from a community user, there is an issue with LP display on DEX 10KSwap on Starknet, and there has been no response from official Discord channels. According to other community users, users can try to withdraw LP through contracts or other protocols.