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Linear Finance: Will Reopen the Protocol and Fully Restore the Mining Pool, Will Launch a New Website and Brand

On October 23rd, Linear Finance, a DeFi protocol that was previously attacked, announced that it will soon reopen its protocol Linear 2.0 and complete the recovery of its mining pool. It will also launch a new website and brand, as well as an order book DEX and multi-collateral staking service. Additionally, Linear Finance stated that it will introduce artificial intelligence.

Report: UK’s $252.1 billion crypto trading volume is dominated by DEX and NFT activity

According to a report by Chainalysis, CNWE (Central and Northern Western Europe) has solidified its position as a global leader in the cryptocurrency industry, with the UK emerging as a dominant force in the region. The UK leads the way in trading activity in the region, with a total cryptocurrency trading volume of $252.1 billion in the past year, ranking third globally behind the United States and India. The report shows that DeFi services account for the largest share of cryptocurrency activity in the UK, representing 54.8% of total trading volume. NFT transactions are included in the report's definition of DeFi, with NFT platforms and decentralized exchanges (DEX) playing a key role in UK cryptocurrency activity. Platforms such as OpenSea, Sorare, and Uniswap are the preferred choices for UK cryptocurrency users.

DEX Helix launches unlisted token futures trading and will support TIA trading

Helix, a DEX on Injective, has launched off-market futures trading for unreleased tokens. The market will support futures trading for TIA before it goes online. 

L7 DEX token LSD is listed on Gate

On October 17th, according to official sources, the decentralized perpetual contract trading platform L7 DEX's native token LSD will be listed on Gate at 19:00 today, with the trading pair of USDT/LSD available. L7 DEX aims to create a more efficient and fair trading environment by using the innovative "PvP-AMM" protocol and proprietary trading tools that operate on a "peer-to-peer" basis to improve the trading experience and reduce trading costs.

Coinbase VP: Taxation on DeFi will be 'extremely challenging'

Lawrence Zlatkin, the tax vice president of cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, said that the proposal by the US Department of the Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for tax reporting requirements on cryptocurrency brokers is ultimately unrealistic. When discussing the new rules proposed by the Biden administration earlier this year, Zlatkin stated that collecting information from decentralized exchange (DEX) users would be "extremely challenging". In addition, tracking the gains and losses of traders and investors should not specifically target DEX.

Uniswap Labs to Impose 0.15% Fee on ETH, USDC and Other Token Trades

Uniswap Labs, the company behind decentralized crypto exchange Uniswap, will begin charging a 0.15% fee on trades involving certain tokens starting on Tuesday. The fee will only apply to trades executed through Uniswap Labs' frontend and is separate from the existing "protocol fee" managed by governance voters. Uniswap Labs stated that the new fee is intended to fund their operations and is one of the lowest in the industry. The fee will not apply to stablecoin swaps or trades between ether and wrapped ether.

Sui Network: The Cumulative Transaction Volume of DEX Protocol Cetus Protocol Exceeded US$500 Million

Sui Network disclosed data on social media, showing that the decentralized trading platform and centralized liquidity protocol Cetus Protocol, which focuses on the Move ecosystem (including Sui and Aptos), had a cumulative transaction volume of over $520 million in the third quarter, with a total user base of over 861,000, a total lock-up volume of over $13 million, and a peak daily trading volume of $8 million.

Latin America favors CEX over DEX

According to a recent report by blockchain analysis company Chainalysis, Latin America is more inclined towards centralized exchanges (CEX) rather than decentralized exchanges (DEX) compared to other regions in the world. The report highlights that Latin America has the world's seventh largest cryptocurrency economy, lagging behind the Middle East and North America (MENA), East Asia, and Eastern Europe. However, it notes that cryptocurrency users in Latin America strongly support the use of CEX. Additionally, in some countries in the region, cryptocurrency activity divided by platform type is significantly biased towards CEX compared to the global average. However, in Venezuela, the preference for CEX is significantly higher, reaching 92.5%, while the preference for DEX is much lower at 5.6%.

Uniswap Launches Closed Beta Android Version of Mobile App for Decentralized Crypto Exchange

Uniswap has launched a closed beta Android version of its mobile app. Previously only available on PC and iOS mobile devices, the new Android beta app allows users to select coins on different chains without switching networks and automatically detects which network a coin is on. The wallet also routes Ethereum transactions through a private pool to avoid front-running and sandwich attacks, and automatically detects most coins that have built-in transfer fees. Uniswap plans to release the app's open-source code in the coming weeks and offers an email waitlist for early adopters.

Decentralized derivatives trading platform joins Sei ecosystem

Decentralized derivative trading platform has announced its addition to the Sei ecosystem.