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OKX DEX is suspected to have been hacked and the proxy address has been removed

On December 13th, according to Twitter user @eno_eth, community member @axe_ping claimed that wallet funds were stolen and a large amount of funds were transferred to a hacker address starting with 0x1f14. All stolen wallets were authorized by OKX DEX, and 1 hour ago OKX removed the proxy address that was attacked by the hacker. Currently, SlowMist team is tracking and analyzing the situation.

Matcha, a DEX aggregator built by 0x, launches cross-chain Swaps feature

Matcha, a DEX aggregator launched by 0x, announced the launch of cross-chain Swaps function, supporting cross-chain Swaps using aggregated liquidity on over 100 DEXs across 7 supported networks.

Multi-chain DEX ApeBond: Token migration will end on December 12 and ABOND distribution will begin

Multi-chain DEX ApeBond (formerly known as ApeSwap) announced on X platform that token migration will end in 10 days and ABOND distribution will begin. All work and utility will be transferred to the new token. If migration fails before 20:00 on December 12th, it will result in financial loss. Users are advised to migrate as soon as possible.

Aerodrome: The current agreement funds are safe and the contract will not be affected

DEX Aerodrome on Base has stated on social media that our front-end is currently under threat. Please do not interact with Aerodrome for the time being. The team is investigating and once there is news, we will communicate more here. Currently, the protocol funds are safe and the contract is not affected; please ensure that you are accessing our decentralized front-end and have checked all permissions granted in the past few hours.

SwapGPT’s on-chain order book and hybrid DEX aggregator launched on Aptos mainnet

SwapGPT announced that its on-chain order book and mixed DEX aggregator have been launched on the Aptos mainnet.

Trader Joe's: Epoch 17 ends December 1

Avalanche's ecosystem DEX Trader Joe released a tweet stating that Epoch 17 will end on December 1st. There is still plenty of time to provide liquidity, earn fees, and get ranked on the leaderboard to unlock rewards such as $ARB.
Trader Joe's: Epoch 17 ends December 1

Cryptocurrency exchange Zipmex has stopped trading in Thailand

According to a statement posted on its Facebook page by the cryptocurrency exchange Zipmex, Zipmex Thailand has stopped new deposits and trades on its exchange in compliance with the regulations of the Thailand Securities and Exchange Commission. The exchange clarified that withdrawals will be processed normally until January 31, 2024, and customers will need to contact the exchange's customer support team for assistance with withdrawals. The reason for the exchange's suspension is that Zipmex Thailand is suspected of abusing digital asset custody services and directing customers to the Singaporean exchange Zipmex Pte, resulting in a conflict of interest and facing punishment from the Thai Securities and Exchange Commission.

KyberSwap may have been attacked and a total of approximately $47 million was stolen

DEX aggregator and liquidity platform KyberSwap has experienced abnormally large withdrawals on multiple chains, suspected to be a victim of an attack, with a total stolen amount of approximately $47 million.

Pancakeswap Implements New Voting System for Governance Token Holders

Pancakeswap, the third-largest decentralized exchange in terms of total value locked, has introduced a new voting system called "Gauges." This system enables governance token holders to vote for additional rewards to be distributed to specific pools. The exchange has also replaced its vCAKE metric with a new metric called "veCAKE." To gain the ability to vote, CAKE holders must lock their tokens into a smart contract for a set period, and the longer they lock their tokens, the more voting power they receive. The exchange has eliminated its syrup pool reward system and will now only give additional fees to users who have veCAKE.

GMX has integrated Chainlink Data Streams and reduced Arbitrum on-chain transaction rates to approximately 0.015%

Decentralized derivative protocol GMX has announced the integration of Chainlink's oracle data stream service "Chainlink Data Streams" on the X platform to enhance real-time price updates on its on-chain market and achieve faster on-chain execution services. In addition, GMX has lowered the transaction fee rate on the Arbitrum chain to about 0.015%.