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Binance Labs Makes a Strategic Investment in Hardware Wallet Maker NGRAVE to Boost Crypto Self-Custody

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Binance Labs has made a strategic investment in hardware wallet maker NGRAVE and will lead its upcoming Series A round. NGRAVE offers the first complete solution for self-custody, consisting of a connectionless and highest security certified (EAL7) hardware wallet, ZERO, and an encrypted and recoverable key backup, GRAPHENE.

Binance Labs, the venture capital arm and accelerator of Binance, has made a strategic investment and will be leading the upcoming Series A round of NGRAVE, a blockchain and digital asset security provider specialized in user-friendly, maximum security solutions for crypto users, from creating keys to advanced key recovery.

Founded in Belgium in 2018, NGRAVE has developed a 3-tier security suite made of ZERO, the connectionless touch-screen hardware wallet, LIQUID the mobile app that connects users real-time to the blockchain, and GRAPHENE, the stainless steel encrypted and recoverable backup that ensures users never lose their keys. For the first time, crypto investors can enjoy a truly end-to-end and easy to use self-custody solution from key generation to back-up recovery.

About Binance Labs

As the venture capital arm and accelerator of Binance, Binance Labs is on the continued lookout for the next big Web3 innovation. Since 2018, Binance Labs has invested in more than 200 projects from 25 countries. It has also incubated more than 50 projects that are native to Web3 through the Binance Labs Incubation Program, including Polygon, Perpetual Protocol and Dune Analytics. As of August 2022, Binance Labs is the largest crypto VC in the industry by Asset Under Management (AuM) of $7.5 billion with a Multiple on Invested Capital (MOIC) of 21.0x.


NGRAVE is a digital asset security provider offering user-friendly maximum security solutions for blockchain and crypto use cases. Its flagship product — crypto hardware wallet “NGRAVE ZERO” — is the only financial product in the world that features the highest security certification: EAL7. NGRAVE is partnered with the world’s top tier in nano- and chip technology, cryptography and hardware security, and counts among its advisors several blockchain pioneers such as Jean-Jacques Quisquater, famous cryptography professor and second reference of the bitcoin paper.


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