Arweave Weekly Highlight:Week 37

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Web3 is booming, and Arweave is becoming a popular infrastructure choice for developers. PermaDAO is a community where everyone can contribute to the Arweave ecosystem. It's a place to propose and tackle tasks related to Arweave, with the support and feedback of the entire community. Join PermaDAO and help shape Web3!

Author: Kyle @ Contributor of PermaDAO

Translator: John Khor @ Contributor of PermaDAO

Reviewer: yifan XU @ Contributor of PermaDAO

Arweave data for last week: The mainnet processed a total of 19,352,193 transactions and achieved 579 GB of storage in a single week!

The storage cost for this week is 0.799 AR/GB, with an increase of 702 on-chain addresses!

PermaDAO distributed a total of 1,602.79 $AR as contribution incentives last week!


Weekly News Summary

🔥 MetaMask now supports logging into Arweave wallets!

🔥 Arweave Day in Asia 2023 concluded successfully!

🔥 ReadON establishes a partnership with GeniiData.

🔥 ReadON establishes a partnership with CassavaNetwork.

🔥 Warp Contracts announces the launch of Warp Syncer.

🔥 RedStone announces integration with the Gravita protocol.

🔥 RedStone integrates Stader, providing price data sources for $ETHx.

🔥 RedStone founder Marcin participates in the DappCon23 event and delivers a speech.

🔥 Web3Arabs releases a new course on building the WeaveDB database.

🔥 Permaweb Cookbook is now available in Mandarin.

🔥 WeaveDB announces the launch of the ultimate decentralized social network, Jots.

🔥 PermaDAO becomes a community partner of Builder Nights HK.

🔥 The Arweave India community hosts its first "Arweave Intro" event.

🔥 WeaveDB won the top prize at the Arriba X in Singapore Pitch Contest.

🔥 In the fifth round of the RedStone Expedition, RedStone collaborates with Interest Protocol.

🔥 The initial stage of the AR.IO network testnet witnessed over 100 nodes join the Gateway Address Registry (GAR).


Project Updates

1. RedStone founder Marcin participated in and delivered a speech at the DappCon23.

  • The DappCon23 is a developer conference focused on Ethereum infrastructure and Dapps.
  • The speech topic was "EVM vs SmartWeave: How EVM Chains Interact with Arweave."

2. Permaweb Cookbook is now available in Mandarin.

  • Permaweb Cookbook is a developer resource library that provides fundamental concepts and reference examples for building applications on Permaweb.
  • PermaDAO is partnering with them to handle the translation work for the Chinese version.

3. WeaveDB announces the launch of the ultimate decentralized social network, Jots.

  • Jots is still in the private alpha testing phase of WeaveDB.
  • It is now possible to register using an EVM wallet to join the waiting list: [Jots Social](

4. Warp Contracts announces the launch of Warp Syncer.

  • Warp Syncer is a synchronizer designed to connect Arweave L1 and L2 transactions, enhancing the efficiency and security of SmartWeave contracts.
  • It stores L1 and L2 transactions in the Warp database, which is serviced by Warp gateways.
  • Warp Syncer provides a unified binary with multiple command options. By assigning a unique sorting key for each contract transaction, Warp Syncer ensures consistent transaction order, enabling seamless collaboration between L1 and L2.

5. Arweave India community hosted its first "Arweave Intro" event.

  • The event had over 60 attendees, with 30 of them staying for a developer meeting.
  • The event utilized the latest features of Arweave Hub (link in the profiles), including direct email registration and list management in profiles.

6. MetaMask now supports logging into Arweave wallets!

  • Arweave wallets can now be accessed through MetaMask, providing millions of MetaMask users with seamless access to the Arweave network.
  • Users can find the Arweave wallet on the Snaps Directory and install it instantly when interacting with dApps integrated with the Arweave wallet.
  • The Arweave Wallet Snap also offers the initial version of a comprehensive dApp, making decentralized asset management more intuitive.

7. WeaveDB won the top prize at the Arriba X in Singapore Pitch Contest.

  • The Arriba X in Singapore Pitch Contest is an affiliated event of Singapore Token2049, themed "Grounded in Japan, Seeking Global Success in Web3 Projects," with 35 teams participating.

8. Arweave Day in Asia 2023 concluded successfully!

  • After nearly two months of preparation, the 2023 Arweave Day in Asia event, hosted by PermaDAO has concluded successfully.
  • Arweave builders gathered at the historic Old Parliament House in Singapore for intellectual exchange. The event included project demo presentations, panel discussions, and audience Q&A sessions.

9. Tate announces three new initiatives for Community Labs.

  • While Community Labs has previously focused on tools and infrastructure, they are now shifting attention to addressing consumer needs.
  • The three new initiatives are stablecoins, a platform for splitting and tokenizing real estate, and an incentive-based, decentralized source code control platform.

10. KYVE Mainnet has been running for six months, achieving numerous milestones.

  • The Mainnet has seen three data pools go live, with over 200 validators participating and 3.8 million transactions, 99.7% of which are valid.
  • The KYVE development team introduced the KSYNC tool, and governance and forums have been growing, with 20 discussion threads and 13 passed votes.

11. The initial stage of the [AR.IO]( network testnet witnessed over 100 nodes join the Gateway Address Registry (GAR).

  • Over 100 nodes have joined the Gateway Address Registry, making the Arweave Permaweb more resilient than ever before.
  • The second goal of the testnet phase is to establish the discoverability of gateways.


Project Collaborations & Integrations

1. ReadON Partners with CassavaNetwork.

  • Cassava Network is a tokenized rewards platform dedicated to improving the lives of people in Africa and globally through the widespread adoption of blockchain and Web3 technologies.

2. RedStone Announces Integration with Gravita Protocol.

  • Gravita is a CDP stablecoin protocol that allows users to borrow funds by collateralizing assets generated from various yield forms.

3. PermaDAO Becomes a Community Partner of Builder Nights HK.

  • Builder Nights HK is an event organized by MetaMask, Fuel Labs, Linea, [](, Biconomy, AltLayer, and 4337Mafia, where discussions revolve around Web3 wallets, account abstractions, and infrastructure topics.

4. ReadON Partners with GeniiData.

  • GeniiData is a platform that offers powerful trading tools, providing traders with comprehensive real-time market data.

5. RedStone Integrates Stader to Provide Price Data Source for $ETHx.

  • Stader is a multi-chain non-custodial liquidity staking protocol, and its liquidity staking token ETHx has been on the mainnet for 60 days.

6. In the Fifth Round of RedStone Expedition, RedStone Collaborates with Interest Protocol.

  • RedStone Expedition is a collaborative event that engages the community to complete tasks and earn rewards.
  • The partner for the second round of this event is Interest Protocol, a DeFi protocol on the SUI chain offering features like trading, yield farming, and lending. Users can earn exclusive OAT (On-chain Achievement Token) by completing tasks.


Ecosystem Education

1. Bundlr's Article - Why Should You Care About Provenance?

  • Weak provenance damages the integrity of food’s supply chain, which led to a multinational crisis of trust in the authenticity of the entire food industry.
  • With the advancement in AI, the proliferation of fake content like deepfakes and fake news makes provenance even more crucial for tracing which content is AI-generated.
  • Bundlr is a solution that offers robust provenance features to categorize and authorize content, protecting the rights of creators and users.

2. Web3Arabs Has Released a New Course on Building the WeaveDB Database.

  • Web3Arabs is the largest Web3 Arabic educational platform.

3. Weavers Has Released a Tutorial Video on How to Drop Atomic Assets to the BazAR Marketplace.

  • Weavers is a community of developers and creative professionals in the Arweave ecosystem.
  • You can learn how to mint your atomic asset collections on the BazAR marketplace in just 50 seconds by visiting

4. Bundlr Introduces a Tutorial Course on Building and Deploying NFTs on Solana.

  • Learn to build and deploy NFTs on Solana using Metaplex in just 30 minutes.
  • Metaplex is an open protocol and toolkit on Solana for NFT creators and developers.



1. ArDrive Post: Can You Store Private Data on the Blockchain?

  • The advantages of blockchain-hosted websites include decentralized storage, increased security, greater ownership, and control, as well as cost reduction. However, they also face challenges related to complexity, user experience, and development.
  • ArDrive offers a solution, providing permanent data storage that is cost-effective, and durable.

2. Only Arweave Tweet: Arweave is the ultimate place for cross-chain friendliness.

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