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Polyhedra Network CSO: The zero-knowledge proof solution Virgo++ only takes 8 seconds to generate proof, which can effectively prevent data leakage

Eric Vreeland, CSO of Polyhedra Network, a Web3 interoperability infrastructure, gave a speech on "Zero-knowledge, zero limits" at Oak Grove Crypto 2024 on April 5th. He mainly introduced Polyhedra's innovative technology and the potential for zero-knowledge proofs in the field of interoperability.Eric Vreeland mentioned that zero-knowledge technology greatly improves proof efficiency. The zero-knowledge proof solution Virgo++ launched by Polyhedra generates proof in 8 seconds, while generating proof on Ethereum only takes 10-15 seconds. The entire process will be very smooth, helping users control risks and avoid data leakage. Polyhedra has developed the entire data architecture and data analysis since the protocol, building a very good bridge, reducing intermediate information, and helping data to transfer with high quality, helping to establish a good blockchain ecosystem.It is reported that Oak Grove Crypto 2024 was initiated by Oak Grove Ventures and jointly hosted by Polyhedra, Alchemy Pay, Ritual, and ChainCatcher. It aims to bring together elite professionals in the Web3 field to jointly explore and look forward to the development trend of the industry in the next five years. The event is expected to attract 500 to 1000 industry elites, including innovation leaders, technical experts, and industry investors, who will have in-depth discussions on hot topics such as AI, DePIN, games, encrypted payments, and Bitcoin infrastructure.

Mystiko.Network Community Sale Completed, Total $11.25 Million in XZK Sold

On April 5th, according to official sources, the Web3 basic layer Mystiko.Network has sold out in the XZK community sale on CoinList, with a total of 75,000,000 XZK coins sold, worth $11.25 million. In addition, over $22.87 million was submitted for participation, with an oversubscription of 300% in the first sale, and a total of 20,260 users participated, making it the largest public sale on CoinList in recent years.

An introduction to Composable Culture, what it is and why it matters

The current landscape of emerging technologies like blockchain, web3, ai-related solutions and others is paving the way for what I see as the rise of composable culture (or modular culture as one of my peers said1). While I have been hinting the concept in my writings before, an explanation of why an there should be an umbrella term, what are it’s characteristics and advantages is needed.
An introduction to Composable Culture, what it is and why it matters

Framing the Future of the Internet

Farcaster’s Very Small Apps Are a Very Big Deal
Framing the Future of the Internet

GoPlus co-founder Mike confirmed to attend the "Web3 Insight Summit" and deliver a keynote speech

GoPlus Security co-founder Mike will attend the "Web3 Insight Summit" conference and give a keynote speech. GoPlus Security aims to create Web3 security infrastructure by providing open, permissionless, and user-driven security services.The first "Web3 Insight Summit" will be held on April 5th at 13:30 at the Renaissance Hong Kong Harbour View Hotel. It is expected to attract more than 500 to 800 innovative and wealthy people from inside and outside the industry to engage in in-depth discussions on topics such as mainstream institutional entry, ZK, modularization, and the Bitcoin ecosystem.It is reported that the "Web3 Insight Summit" is hosted by ChainCatcher and is committed to gathering the most thoughtful and innovative Web3 senior professionals from around the world to provide more constructive thinking for the industry, present more industry insights, and help Web3 move towards the mainstream.

Mirror World Launches First Gaming Rollup on Solana

Mirror World, a leading web3 application development platform, has made a significant breakthrough in decentralized gaming ecosystems by introducing the first gaming rollup on Solana. This achievement is made possible by Mirror World's robust engine, Sonic, which enables developers to deploy game engines or virtual machines of their preference on the Solana blockchain using Mirror World's SDK. The architecture of Sonic is powered by HyperGrid, an innovative technology that empowers gaming platforms to establish their decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregators and on-ramp for Solana. Mirror World's commitment to nurturing the Web3 gaming ecosystem is highlighted by the company's offering of integrated tools for payment and settlement infrastructure and user engagement tools crucial for developing successful Web3 games.

The Safe Case: How AI and Smart Accounts will Revolutionize Crypto

Web3’s first billion users may not only be humans, but AI agents, signalling a nascent but growing "agent economy"—an onchain economy run solely by AI agents that is turning the crypto-AI dream team into a reality.
The Safe Case: How AI and Smart Accounts will Revolutionize Crypto

Head of Malaysia of Shenzhen Innovation Institute: STAR TECH WEB3 incubator was officially established

According to official sources, on the afternoon of March 25th, CiCi, the person in charge of Shenzhen Innovation Academy in Malaysia, announced at the first Asia Digital Economy Innovation and Development Lighthouse Summit that the STAR TECH WEB3 incubator has officially been established. CiCi introduced the support that the incubator can provide, including technology, venues, funding, and more. Kuala Lumpur currently has relatively free regulatory policies for the WEB3 industry. After comprehensive inspections in multiple locations, Shenzhen Innovation Academy has decided to establish a base in the EQ Building in the center of Kuala Lumpur, and use Kuala Lumpur as a base to layout the WEB3 financial market in Asia and even the world, inviting everyone to join in co-creation.

Web3 racing game R Games completed a strategic round of financing, with participation from BMW Capital and others

Web3 racing game R Games has announced the completion of its strategic round of financing. Oddiyana Ventures, Fundland Capital, Qu Ventures, BMW Capital, Ferrum Network, and LABS Group participated, with the specific amount currently undisclosed. R Games will introduce digital rewards such as cryptocurrency and NFTs into the racing game, and the new funding will drive its plans to accelerate the integration of augmented reality and virtual reality.

AI-powered game brings ‘Waifus’ to life with plans for AR/VR experience

Loneliness is a growing economy, and this Web3 game aims to introduce AI-powered digital companions to stabilize it.
AI-powered game brings ‘Waifus’ to life with plans for AR/VR experience