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Mythical Games Shifts from Ethereum to Polkadot for New Web3 Gaming Ecosystem

Mythical Games is moving from Ethereum to Polkadot to launch its new web3 gaming ecosystem, called 'Mythos'. On Mythos, gaming partners can create their own chains and build a connected gaming ecosystem in Web3. Despite their success on Ethereum, Mythical is switching to Polkadot due to its superior speed and scalability capabilities. The move is accompanied by Polkadot's upcoming "2.0" upgrade and the debut of NFL Rivals, the first blockchain game licensed by the NFL and co-created by Mythical. The partnership with Polkadot streamlines custom chain creation for gaming partners and supports compatibility with established web2 gaming norms.

XVC Tech: Has made a strategic investment in TradeTogether, Singapore's leading Web3 wealth management company

XVC Tech, a venture capital firm founded by the team behind XDC Network, has announced a strategic investment in TradeTogether, a leading Web3 wealth management company based in Singapore.It is reported that Ritesh Kakkad, co-founder of XVC Tech, stated that TradeTogether's high regard for compliance will attract more institutions to adopt it, and enhance XDC Network's applications in private credit, trade finance and other fields. The Bitcoin Advantage Fund launched by TradeTogether can provide investors with a better bitcoin investment experience than traditional ETFs, while also offering transparent tokenized bond and Web3 accounts receivable financing solutions for high net worth individuals and financial institutions.

Mystiko.Network: V1 Mainnet Transaction Volume Exceeds $150 Million in April

Data disclosed by Mystiko.Network on the X platform shows that its V1 mainnet has seen a significant increase in multiple indicators since April 1. From April 1-18, the total ZK transactions reached about 354,000, an increase of 79%; the transaction volume reached 152 million US dollars, an increase of 25%; and the number of independent wallets reached 69,000, an increase of 41%.

Web3 Funding Sees Slight Increase in Q1 2024, but Venture Dollars Still Down Year-Over-Year

Web3 funding experienced a slight increase in Q1 2024 compared to Q4 2023, which is the first rise since Q4 2021. However, venture dollars are still down year-over-year and far from the highs seen in 2021-22. Startups in the crypto and blockchain sectors raised almost $1.9 billion in Q1, a 58% increase from Q4 2023, but a 17% decrease from the same quarter in 2023. Despite the challenges faced by Web3, such as a pullback in venture funding and cryptocurrency difficulties, there is potential for growth with the rise in crypto prices and the approval of Bitcoin ETFs. Monad Labs, a layer-1 blockchain compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine, recently secured a $225 million funding round led by Paradigm, marking the biggest Web3 funding round of the year so far. This could be a sign of more large-scale funding to come, as investor interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain startups remains strong, according to first quarter data analyzed by Crunchbase. The support of Fidelity and the upcoming Bitcoin halving event may also contribute to further growth and attract new venture investments in the crypto industry.

Web3 social simulation game Today completes $5 million seed round of financing

It was announced that Web3 social simulation game Today has completed a $5 million seed round of financing, with Sfermion and Big Brain Holdings leading the investment. GSR, Collab+Currency, Lingfeng Innovation Fund, Compute Ventures, Builder Capital, Tommy Tran, Metavest Capital, 32 Bit Ventures, Dingaling, Grail, and Spirit DAO also participated in the investment. It is reported that this round of financing will be used to further develop its intelligent NPC and no-code creator tools based on generative AI.

OKX President Hong: We will adhere to localization to integrate into the Hong Kong Web3 ecosystem and make contributions

On April 6th, OKX President Hong was invited to attend the main forum of "2024 Hong Kong Web3 Carnival" and delivered a keynote speech on the theme of "Responsible Innovation". Hong stated that as a centralized platform, we will continue to adopt advanced technology to ensure transparency with users, partners, regulatory agencies, and major stakeholders, and to make it our important responsibility. One of our key global strategies is to ensure that we are transparent, responsible, and provide relevant permissions to our customers and stakeholders, in order to better serve and build in the local area. Hong Kong is a location of strategic importance to us, and we are honored to be a part of the Hong Kong Web3 ecosystem. We are also honored to work with many partners, stakeholders, and legislators to build the Hong Kong Web3 ecosystem. We will adhere to localization to integrate into the Hong Kong Web3 ecosystem and make contributions, so that we can make long-term investments and maintain compliance.

Chairman of TON Foundation: Aim to get 30% of Telegram users onboard Web3 by 2028

Steve Yun, Chairman of the TON Foundation, and John Hyman, Chief Investment Officer of Telegram APP, delivered a keynote speech on "Cryptographic Transformation within the Telegram Ecosystem". Steve Yun stated that Web3 faces challenges such as complex user experience, lack of simple onboarding methods, no viral marketing, and no distribution channels in large-scale adoption. TON has partially addressed these issues by integrating wallets, MiniApps, easy onboarding mechanisms, and Telegram ads within Telegram.

Wanxiang Group Chairman: The "1995 Moment" of Blockchain Application is Coming

Vice Chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Wanxiang Group, Lu Weiding, gave a speech at the opening ceremony of the Web3 Carnival in Hong Kong, stating that this year's second Web3 Carnival will continue the effect of last year. According to incomplete statistics, in addition to the main venue activities, there have been more than 150 peripheral activities. There are also new features: first, it has a more representative global presence, with more major WEB3 projects from Europe and the United States attending than last year; second, the topics of blockchain infrastructure and blockchain application protocols are almost equally discussed, and we can clearly feel the wave of blockchain applications coming. Compared with the beginning of Internet applications in 1995, the "1995 moment" of blockchain applications is coming. The next ten years will be the core moment of the explosion and value discovery of blockchain and WEB3 applications.

Tabi CTO: Tabi's dual flywheel token economics aims to solve the "chicken and egg" problem between Web3 games and users

The "Web3 Insight Summit" conference, jointly organized by ChainCatcher, RootData, and Oak Grove Ventures, was held today at the W Hotel in Hong Kong. During the conference, Tabi CTO Ben shared Tabi's technical innovation and economic model, which is built on Cosmos, a modular game blockchain.Ben mentioned that there is a typical problem in the Web3 gaming industry of "which came first, the chicken or the egg" between users and games. In addition, the scalability, user experience, asset security, game review, and economic model of on-chain games are all issues and challenges that need to be addressed. Tabi solves these problems by providing fast and trustless computing through Omnicomputing and PolymorphismVM, transforming the blockchain's three dilemmas into a unified solution, achieving high throughput, seamless experience, and free-style development of Web2+3 without gas or vouchers. In addition, Tabi's proposed dual flywheel token economics makes the game's economic model more sustainable.The "Web3 Insight Summit" is organized by ChainCatcher and is committed to gathering the most thoughtful and innovative Web3 senior professionals worldwide, outputting more constructive thinking for the industry, presenting more industry insights, and helping Web3 move towards the mainstream.

Laton Ventures launches new $35 million fund to support AI and Web3 gaming industries

Venture capital firm Laton Ventures has announced the launch of a new fund worth $35 million to support the AI and Web3 gaming industry and promote the application of AI and Web3 technology in gaming. It is reported that the fund mainly focuses on projects and startups in the Pre-Seed and seed round stages, and has invested in five game studios in the Turkish, European, and US markets.