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$0.53 24H Price $0.54

XRP Price Live Data

XRP today's live price is $0.54 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $1,126,668,768 USD. XRP has climbed by 0.56% in the last 24 hours. The current ranking is #5, with a live market cap of $29,559,103,048 USD, and a circulating supply of 54,558,598,490 XRP coins.

Market Cap
Volume (24h)
Circulating Supply
54,558,598,490 XRP
Fully Diluted Market Cap
$ 54,178,633,370


Market Analysts Speculate Ripple's XRP Could Evolve Into a Gold-Backed Stablecoin

Market analysts are speculating that Ripple's XRP could potentially become a gold-backed stablecoin, which would differ from traditional USD-pegged stablecoins. Black Swan Capitalist Founder Versan Aljarrah believes that XRP could play a vital role in the development of a gold-backed stablecoin, as institutions like the World Bank and International Monetary Fund have been urging for such a development. Aljarrah cited research conducted by Black Swan Capitalist's financial analyst Vandell and Miles Franklin CEO Andy Schectman, which concluded that XRP is the "key" to a gold-backed stablecoin. However, former Ripple director Sean McBride believes that XRP is more likely to be classified as a payments stablecoin, rather than a traditional stablecoin.

Ripple plans to acquire digital asset platform Standard Custody

Ripple will acquire Standard Custody, a subsidiary of PolySign, and the transaction is awaiting regulatory approval. Ripple President Monica Long said that Standard Custody will enhance Ripple's regulatory toolset through its trust license in the United States.

Federal Judge Grants Ripple's Request for Extension of Time in SEC Lawsuit Discovery Requirements

A federal judge has granted Ripple's request to delay the deadline for remedies-related discovery by a week, which includes providing detailed financial statements and information on post-complaint XRP institutional sales. Ripple has agreed to comply with the order and all SEC requirements, but claims that providing three years of contracts for the sale of XRP is burdensome and will take time. The SEC and Ripple will prepare for legal briefs for proceedings in March and April, with the court deciding on which remedies to impose later. XRP's price has jumped 2% in the past 24 hours, currently trading at $0.52, while the trading volume has decreased by 5% in the last 24 hours.

Ripple lawyers seek to extend deadline for submitting materials to U.S. SEC by one week

According to CoinGape, Ripple's lawyers have written to US judge Sarah Netburn requesting a one-week extension to the deadline for submitting materials, from February 12 to February 20. Although Ripple fully complied with the order, providing financial statements for 2022-2023, institutional sales contracts after the lawsuit, and inquiries about post-lawsuit XRP institutional sales revenue, the company still believes the request is "overly burdensome."

Ripple lawyers seek to delay some discovery deadlines, saying requirements are "too onerous"

On February 7th, Judge Sarah Netburn approved the motion from the US SEC, requiring Ripple to provide financial statements for 2022-2023 and the XRP institutional sales contract after the complaint. Ripple's lawyers have submitted a new motion to Judge Torres. According to the latest court documents, although Ripple fully complied with the order to submit financial statements for 2022-2023, the institutional sales contract after the complaint, and inquiries about institutional sales revenue after the complaint, the company still believes that the request is "overly burdensome" and therefore requests to extend the deadline for remedial discovery evidence from February 12, 2024 to February 20, 2024. The company provided further evidence previously provided to the court, claiming the right to seek an extension of any discovery deadline.

Cointime February 3 News Express

1. Ripple payment service "Ripple Payments" plans to return to the US market and launch targeted solutions

Ripple payment service "Ripple Payments" plans to return to the US market and launch targeted solutions

After leaving the US market for three years, Ripple Payments plans to launch a solution specifically for the US market. Ripple's product marketing director, W. Oliver Segovia, posted on LinkedIn that Ripple will launch a series of product updates, which involve money transfer licenses (MTL) for most states in the United States. It is reported that currently about 90% of Ripple's business is overseas, and this update marks its plan to return to the US market.

Binance CEO: The platform has successfully frozen XRP worth $4.2 million in Ripple’s stolen funds

Binance CEO Richard Teng stated on social media that co-founder of Ripple, Chris Larsen's personal account was hacked for 213 million XRP. The Binance team has successfully frozen the attacker's stolen 4.2 million US dollars worth of XRP. Binance will continue to support the investigation and try to help recover the funds, including closely monitoring the remaining funds in the attacker's external wallet to prevent depositing into Binance. Previously, on January 31st, co-founder of Ripple, Chris Larsen, posted on social media that his personal XRP account (unofficial) was hacked yesterday, and the issue was quickly discovered and notified to the trading platform to freeze the relevant address. Law enforcement agencies have been involved.

Former Ripple Engineering Director: Ripple Lianchuang Chris Larsen did not use multiple signatures or hosting services with multiple signatures or custody services

Former Ripple engineering director Nik Bougalis posted on the X platform that Ripple was hacked yesterday. Its co-founder Chris Larsen is not the first or last person to be robbed of XRP in this way. Multi-signature support requires multiple signatures in a transaction, but Chris Larsen did not use multi-signature or custody services, which is surprising. Key management and security are huge challenges, and existing tools are not always up to the task. Earlier, on-chain analyst ZachXBT revealed that Ripple was hacked and 213 million XRP, worth about $112.5 million, was stolen.

Ripple co-founder confirmed that 213 million XRP was stolen from his personal account yesterday and has contacted law enforcement agencies to freeze the funds

Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen posted on social media that his personal XRP account (unofficial) was stolen yesterday. The issue was quickly discovered and the exchange platform was notified to freeze the relevant addresses. Law enforcement has been involved. Earlier reports stated that blockchain detective ZachXBT posted on social media earlier today that he had detected that Ripple had allegedly been hacked and 213 million XRP (approximately 112 million US dollars) had been stolen. The stolen funds have been laundered through MEXC, Gate, Binance, Kraken, OKX, HTX, HitBTC, and other platforms.

Cointime January 27 News Express

1. Grayscale GBTC total outflow has exceeded US$5 billion

Ripple may be preparing to apply for an XRP-related ETF

On January 27th, Fox Business reporter Eleanor Terret posted on social media that Ripple is looking for a Senior Manager of Business Development in New York, with job requirements related to "promoting ETF plans related to cryptocurrencies," or implying that the company is preparing to apply for an XRP ETF.

The US SEC responded to "Ripple rejected its enforcement motion" and asked Ripple to provide relevant evidence

According to CoinGape's report, the US Securities and Exchange Commission responded to "Ripple's refusal of its motion to compel," stating that its request for Ripple to provide relevant financial statements was procedurally correct. The SEC still requires Ripple to provide two years of audited financial statements, contracts for the sale or transfer of XRP to "non-employee trading counterparties" after the lawsuit was filed, and detailed amounts of "XRP institutional sales proceeds" received after the lawsuit was filed. In addition, the US Securities and Exchange Commission is seeking to penalize Ripple in the XRP lawsuit.

Cointime January 20 News Express

1.The implied volatility of Bitcoin options this week exceeded 97%, which has tripled from the low of about 30% in October last year.

Ripple wants the court to reject the SEC’s motion to force it to disclose further information

Former US federal prosecutor and defense lawyer James K. Filan disclosed on X platform that Ripple has submitted a rebuttal application opposing the US Securities and Exchange Commission's motion to force further information disclosure. Essentially, Ripple is trying to prevent the SEC from reopening evidence disclosure to obtain more information. Ripple believes that this is irrelevant to the outcome of the case and will only delay the litigation process. Ripple hopes that the court will reject the SEC's motion to force further information disclosure.

Ripple grants $1 million to National University of Singapore to boost fintech education

According to Newswise, Ripple has provided a $1 million grant to the FinTech Lab of the National University of Singapore (NUS) School of Computing through its University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI).The funding will support the lab's operations for the next two years and expand Ripple's collaboration with NUS, including building an EVM side chain validator and maintaining XRPL validator.

Ripple CEO: Explore markets outside the US for IPO

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse stated in an interview with CNBC that due to hostility from US regulators, Ripple is exploring an initial public offering (IPO) in markets outside the United States and researching listing in other jurisdictions with clear rules. However, going public is not a top priority for Ripple at the moment, and the company will re-evaluate whether to go public in the United States after the US Securities and Exchange Commission gets a new chairman. Previously, in 2022, Garlinghouse told CNBC that Ripple will explore going public after the lawsuit with the US Securities and Exchange Commission is resolved.

Hong Kong Virtual Asset Consortium removes XRP from global crypto index

Solana took over XRP's position in HKVAC's top 5 cryptocurrency global index, and AVAX replaced Tron, amid market fluctuations in the past 30 days.

Cointime January 13 News Express

1.JPMorgan Chase: The probability that the SEC will classify ETH as a commodity before May is less than 50%

Ripple CTO: No special reason for IPO public listing

Ripple Labs, a cryptocurrency company, is said to be buying back $285 million worth of company stock from early investors and employees. In response to this, Ripple's Chief Technology Officer, David Schwartz, stated on social media that employees are more concerned about their stock options, RSUs, or other liquidity pathways. Ripple does not have a specific reason to conduct an IPO for public trading of its stock, and there is no "real" liquidity market as the equity market of private companies generally lacks liquidity.

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